Friday, October 7, 2011

The Door Stoop

October weekend. It sounds so lovely, but I can hardly believe the words as they are spoken. Already!

I've taken the plunge and placed a couple of dignified pumpkins at my doorstep. There are so many simple and beautiful dooryards in small European villages. Larger cities, even, where the homeowner has given thoughtful care to what a visitor or passerby might take in as they approach.

A good sweep is enough to make me feel proud! I usually don't add much to the potted plant and a few inevitable water cans by the front door.

The hickory walking stick is usually kept just inside, with a few others. And a couple of fishing baskets. Together with a rusty old tackle box they can give an impression of a life I only wish I lived. I was probably five the last time I went "fishing."

But we are always ready for a saunter down an autumn lane with a pair of binoculars in tow to take in the glories of a fine October. . . . 

Mr. Cottage has come in just now with the mail to exclaim that the first Sandhill Cranes have arrived!
 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. You have collected some seriously beautiful pumpkins to show us. All of these new (old) varieties are so georgous! Very nice.(-:

  2. Hi Jacqueline,

    I love your doorway decorations. I do think that European doorways look so inviting -- a look I'm striving for here. I noticed your comment about the cranes. I'm taking a photography class, and our instructor goes to New Mexico to photograph the sandhill cranes. He says they are his favorite birds. Have a great weekend!


  3. What a beautiful display! I love the wicker creel and the wire basket; my grandparents had stacks of those on their farm for apple-picking in the orchard. I wish I had some of them now!

  4. white ones are my favorite, my mom always got them for me. The white just fits in your decor!

  5. Hi Jacqueline,

    This is GORGEOUS, so very dreamy. You've done a wonderful job, especially at inspiring me. ;)

    Much love,

  6. The photos are so beautiful. You captured the feeling of the day perfectly!

  7. Although I mainly decorate in bold and vibrant colors the neutrals can be so relaxing. Your doorway decorations are beautiful. You inspired me to do a doorway vignette of some kind. Joni

  8. such a perfect welcome, i gotta get out and get me some punkins too, we have a fabulous farm stand with every kind every known to man~

  9. Many times I've crossed that exact threshold. I have always felt the sense of that adventurous life you lead... regardless of however long it's been since you've gone fishing.

  10. Hi J,
    Love your chubby white pupmkin nesting in it's mossy nest, a delightful doorfront.
    Although your sandhill cranes are much fancier, just this morning I noticed our little junco's have returned. They know it's fall, even if I am in a wee bit of denial :-)

  11. This is a wonderful post. Gave me some good ideas for fall.

  12. Those pumpkins are so pretty. The white one looks at home in the wire basket.

  13. Jacqueline,

    You have the most intriguing blog! Love your spectacular way with the everyday...

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  14. Beautiful pumpkins! I love how you have used that darling basket, too! I bet your front porch looks very inviting!!


  15. So lovely, Jacqueline...the photo of the shell on the plate is so sweet and simple, I just love it!

  16. Hi,
    What can I say, as always simply beautiful. Simplicity can sometimes be so sweet!

  17. A beautiful Autumn welcome at your door Jacqueline. It's perfectly inviting.

  18. Love your style! The pumpkin in the wire basket looks awesome! The dried plant looks perfect with your setting! Great look overall!

  19. Your welcoming porch looks simply beautiful,love it. x jeanetteann

  20. Looove the natural, monochromatic color schemes! So peaceful, so cottage. :)
    Glad I found you on the show off your cottage link party.

    Come check out my cottage some time!


  21. Your whites are divine. andrea@townandprairie

  22. Lovely decor, you've done a great job. Thanks for linking up at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  23. I adore the fishing baskets. They remind me of lazy, hazy summer days.


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