Monday, December 6, 2021

The Christmas Hearth

Hello friends! It seems like time to get my fireplace hearth and mantel ready for colder weather. As I was out walking yesterday, I thought what a lovely warm fall day it felt like. But it's the first week of December!  I think temps are dropping a bit in Albuquerque this week, so I will be thinking of starting a fire soon. Nothing makes the Christmas season cozier.

Years ago we covered the fireplace opening with an easily removable plywood and tin tile insert. The surround is black metal with glass doors that looks fine while a fire is going, but not so great otherwise. During fire season the hearth stays pretty clear with items that are easy to move.

Faux evergreen garland is my standard choice for holiday decor on the narrow mantel. I always have a mirror above, but I am trying out a green wreath here this time. The first thing I noticed was less light at night without the reflection. I will try to get used to it, but I could also have both together. For now I'm enjoying the simplicity.

The chair on the left is a wooden framed recliner in a dark leather. It's a "make do" from another house that is quite comfortable and very popular with everybody. Doesn't photograph well. So has a cozy furry throw added for now.

We were enjoying candles on the mantel, so now they will perch on the hearth for a while.

A little versatile chippy painted table is useful for so many tasks and easy for a quick change up if I want.

This is the most used room in the house, and also small, so I like to keep it a little spare visually. It will soon be full of visiting family!

I have a small collection of white knit gloves that I love to get out at Christmas to cozy things up too. Always on the hunt for more. Great for hanging or tucking things inside. I never hang stockings any more though! The fleece on the built in seat or "banco," as it is called in NM, is great for a sit by the fire. The fireplace bricks are plastered and painted adobe in this pueblo style home.

I took those frames away and ended up putting them back! Empty vintage frames are one of my favorite things. The little antique painting was a recent find at a flea market for a dollar and a quarter. The London jug is only fabulous and makes my heart happy. Makes a good door stop too! To the right is a handy large white ironstone jar with firestarters, matches, and a little whisk broom inside. Ready to go!

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So glad you stopped by!

 I hope you are enjoying making home life cozy too!

Love and Joy come to you,




  1. I love when you said they make your heart happy. I love your mantel -- it's really pretty -- elegant and simple and so welcoming. The wreath looks terrific there. it's simply delightful.

  2. Your room is so calm and inviting. I love all the shades and textures of white. We are in a new house this year and have decorated with less emphasis on Christmas and more on the winter season. As I get older I'm looking more for serenity and less for holiday busy-ness. Just another stage of life.

  3. Oh Jaqueline your fireplace mantel is so beautiful. Love the chippy and neutrals all together my kind of love too. Glad you this makes your heart happy. Beautiful.
    xoxo Kris

  4. I always love your posts. Your fireplace is beautiful.


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