Friday, December 11, 2015

Evergreen And Firelight

We've gone out and gathered a few more greens. I like small living things in pots to add to the table. Little junipers and bits of ivy. If there are still some left when I go back I will add a bit of holly. Any excuse to breathe in that heavenly scent at the nursery this time of year!

The scent dissipates quickly at home as everything dries out. That's why you have to add more!

This all probably feels very familiar to you already. . . Well, welcome back!!!

I did a little change up of the mantel as we are using the fireplace a lot. When the front is covered we get asked, "Do you ever use your fireplace?" And the answer is yes, of course. But not everyone does use a fireplace much. A fire is messy, and trouble, and can be smokey, and wood is expensive. etc.. etc. But everyone loves to sidle up to a good cozy fire!

I thought I would have fresh greens on the mantel, but I found this pine cone garland for now. Crisp evergreens are too depressing, and I do love to use real branches. They just can't last too long. So I may do some up closer to Christmas Eve when the family is all gathered around the fire.

I keep little votives burning night and day whether the fire is lit or not.

I have the scent of evergreen close by just set on a chair while it waits for a table arrangement.

And the red Amaryllis has bloomed already!

Everything ready for an impromptu visit.

I have taken to keeping one or two small logs going throughout the day when we are home and the weather is extra cold. The men like to pile up the logs and make a roaring fire. But a small blaze gives off amazing warmth from the coals and is just as cheery! It's more frugal that way if you want to burn often, and there is simply no cheerier way to start a morning or end a day at Christmastime. . . .

I hope you have a cozy weekend all lined up!

Don't forget to savor the small things. . .

Wonderful that you stopped by again!


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  1. It looks warm, cozy and inviting to me!!!
    Have a blessed Christmas season,

  2. Love your blog Jacqueline! Featuring your fireplace and evergreen post on my Weekend Spotlight!

  3. Just lovely and all cozy looking. I miss a fire place. The home I had years ago had a fire place in it and we use it all the time. Wonderful post. Have a lovely weekend. With love Janice

  4. That pine cone garland is great on your mantel. Too many allergies around this household to have fresh greens -- I really miss them. I'll just imagine that your house smells as wonderful as it looks. Sally

  5. I miss a fireplace too. We have a big one in Switzerland which is great. But we will be in London for Christmas as usual. So to make up we have about 20 sets of fairy lights all around the house (4 sets on the tree!).

  6. Oh Jacqueline what a lovely post! Invokes such a cozy feel~ We are in for some snow this week-end (Colo. Spgs.,)and I will be hunkering down and 'tuckin' in' myself! Enjoy your beautiful home~ Karen O

  7. I'm loving your "impromptu visit" plates! And that pine cone garland is splendid. I do love a fire in a fireplace. Mine is gas and old and I'm afraid to use it so this year I took a cue from Southern Exposure and am using flame lights with some branches. It's very pretty, but I'd really love to settle in right in front of yours!

  8. Merry Christmas Jacqueline to you and your family and wishing you a Happy healthy NewYear. I love your cosy little sitting room. I can even smell the pine from here. We are into Summer and living in Australia we don't have the traditional cosy fireside gathering at Christmas that I remember from my childhood growing up in England. We still have the traditional roast turkey and Christmas pudding but with the air con on. Still it's still nice to gather with family and friends whatever the weather Have a great time xx jeanette

  9. I enjoyed joining you by your warm fire in your cosy home. I love to see flames, we have a wood-burner so it's not quite the same as an open fire seeing the flames, but it does makes the room feel cosy . branches from the fir tree how ever small makes a wonderful Christmassy smell.

  10. Love your touches of greenery and that pinecone garland. Your Amaryllis is just gorgeous. All looks very festive and inviting.


  11. Is there anything more wonder-full than the scents of Christmas? Although I must sadly confess that I do not like sitting beside a hearthfire. I dislike the heat, the crackling, the whole experience of it. But I *wish* I liked it, so maybe that counts? :-)

  12. I love to see the evergreens like this in their natural state. I wish we did not suffer so much from allergies so that we could still have fresh pine Christmas trees in our home. I do usually buy the tiny ones like you have here but have not found just the right one yet. Your home feels like Christmastime to me. Enjoy every bit of it's coziness. xx

  13. I do not have a normal fireplace but have a propane stove for heat. It has glass doors. It is nice and remote control operated! I finished my first tree (fake) despite being ill and have almost finished the second fake one. I am having a party for my women writers group Dec 19th so must get well and get it all done! Still so much to do! You have made a delightful look perfect for making others feel welcome!

  14. So cozy and warm for the season Jacqueline. I love every little detail in your cottage. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. xo

  15. I am seeing more and more fresh greens in Christmas decorating ~ so VERY beautiful!!! Enjoy your weekend, dear Jacqueline!

  16. Jacqueline, such a cozy spot to snuggle up to the fire. The pine cone garland is really beautiful and fits in so well with your pretty cottage. I don't think I've ever caught a glimpse of your ceiling before. It all looks so calm and beautiful..Happy Holidays, Judy

  17. Oh Jacqueline, are you sure your not fibbing to us telling us this is your home rather then you visiting a resort condo for the holidays.
    Seriously if I saw this home of yours all decked out for the holidays for a ski trip holiday your home would be my first exciting pick to hurry and get there and enjoy the holidays in a snowy wonder.
    Love all the cozy relaxed elegance you have created here my dear, as for the real pines, I pondered one for our home, but in its small space the pine scent would take over and we, my daughter and I would be suffering sore throats from the effect of allergies, we do the smaller less scented greens. Your tree farm is amazing under the canopy of wood framing.

    Could it get any better then this here with you, I will wait to see, loved the area shots of your decor, really a wonderment of Christmas to follow.


  18. Beautiful, cozy...Christmas perfect!!
    Mary Alice


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