Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Heavenly Little Shop

Seasons greetings friends! One of my favorite rituals of the holidays is window shopping, and I'm guessing that it might be yours too! For me that mostly means vintage.

There is a wonderful little vintage boutique in Albuquerque that has so much of what I love under one roof that I had to start here.

If you're not already in the spirit, a visit to CIELO in Albuquerque will do it for you! Everything here is in such a pleasing collection of styles that it assures you will find something you love. I absolutely adore the soft color combination of this pretty little iron settee, for instance. All the graphics add so much too.

The hardest part is having to resist so many things. But I guess you can leave a nice list for Santa to choose from!

My big loves are chippy furniture and architectural salvage, and there are always lots of old windows and doors here to choose from.

I got a small pair of these wooden stocking stretchers at another market for the first time earlier this year. I've always wanted to decorate for Christmas with them.

And I love this chippy white hardware on an old door.

There are so many ways to decorate with old vintage, and there are loads of great ideas here. One of the things I love most about this shop is the beautiful simplicity in the way things are displayed. It leaves room for your own ideas to form.

I came away with that soulful old wicker bottle on top of this display to add to my collection. (I'm sure Santa can use the help this year! LOL!)

But somebody surely will ask for this amazingly exquisite hand-painted fireplace surround and mantel this Christmas!

I almost missed it tucked away among so many other wonderful things.

Another of the sweetest things I spied was this little twiggy doll furniture with these gorgeous old patchwork cushions in my favorite colors! Gah!!!

And beautiful little old postage stamp quilt to match.

But you already know how crazy I am for old textiles. And this adorable little baby dress is one of the most original examples that I have ever seen with its tatted details at the neck, sleeves, and hem.

Simply gorgeous!!!

Thank you to Celeste Walther for letting me showcase her wonderful little shop, CIELO, near Uptown shopping center in Albuquerque. The FB link is here:

Happy shopping everyone! And be safe out there!

Joy to you and yours,




  1. Thank you for Visiting, Jacqueline, and for sharing these beautiful photos and your impressions of the shop. As always, it was delightful to have you visit. Wishing you a beautiful day today!
    ❤️ Celeste

  2. oooo, thanks for taking us along for the shopping fun, J. What a wonderful shop. I'm in serious need of a vintage shopping trip!

  3. Oh that sheep! Otherwise I will take the chopping boards please x

  4. Oh boy I see lots of eye candy I would love. The Chippy always grabs me! Such a great place thanks for sharing. Hugs. Kris

  5. You would love Aurora, OR. It has lots of antique and decorator and such. They also have a huge store where they sell salvaged irems from old houses before they get torn down and from old barns and such!. It takes a few days to see it all.

  6. I can see why that shop is a favorite! I saw more than a few things I'd want to bring home with me! It really does put one in the holiday mood!

  7. Jacqueline, thanks so much for showing us this beautiful little shop. I can see why you love it so much, it looks a lot like you! It has been so long since I have gone exploring in a little town with beautiful shops and I do miss it. Maybe we will get back to the old days sometime in the future..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  8. Gorgeous! I love going to the antique mall at Christmas just to take pictures. You found some beauties.


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