Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Winter Mantel

Hello friends! We are well into the new year already. And I did finally need to look at something new. 

I like how much a little snippet of linen can change a room. A few of the same elements are still here, but the look is a little more crisp than the ecru lace I had on the mantel for Christmas. 

I am thinking of garden themes already, and I know I am not alone. I'll be pulling in a few vintage garden objects as time goes on. 

I'm thinking of what I want to fill up my cement garden urns besides the obvious. (I'm not so great with live house plants even though live green is what I prefer.) For the moment, I have a few fire starters tucked in.

I also kept my nests out as another hint of spring. That's about as fussy as I want things to be for now.

I can hardly seem to keep the days straight!

 But I hope you're having a great weekend already.

So nice that you stopped by!



  1. so pretty and serene. love the touches on the mantel, especially the little nests!

  2. The runner is lovely. It has a very wintry look, and of course I love the little nests, too!


  3. After the past week of snow and ice, I also am looking forward to spring. You inspire me to go dig out my white basket from storage and put something spring like or twigs in it. I love tucking nests about too. Looking forward to stopping by the antique mall in May in Albuquerque.

  4. Gorgeous and perfect as always, Jacqueline!

  5. I think the best part of blogging, is I have forced myself to dig in my linen stashes. Your cutwork is a beautiful piece, and certainly 'dresses' that mantle. Lace, needlework isn't appreciated as much as it should be. All those hours someone poured into simple thread and fabric to make magic. Which is what this piece does for your room. Love it, thanks for sharing, Sand

  6. Such a beautiful winter here with you Jacqueline,
    I love the winter months dusted in white, and your mantel and linens are perfectly you.
    Enjoy January and all it inspires indoors and outdoors.


  7. Oh Jacqueline, this is really beautiful! In fact I just went back through the posts I've missed here and they are ALL gorgeous! Have a really wonderful winter my dear!

  8. This is so pretty! It always amazes me how much work went into a piece like this and that somebody in the 'family' gave it up for adoption. I always think of the person who put in countless hours to create such a treasure. Glad it ended up with someone who loves it and still uses it to create beauty in the home. Sending hugs xo Karen

  9. Pretty in white! Such a nice setting to relax in!


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