Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Mantel

Welcome to December, the most beautiful month of the year for decorating! It's always fun to try something new, and this year it's a vintage hand-crochet mantel scarf. 

  I envy those of you who have something ample to decorate over your winter fireplaces. Our ledge is only six inches deep! But I feel lucky to have found an old cloth made especially for the purpose that makes me feel a warm connection to history. On the other hand, my husband says the trim reminds him of icicles!

I didn't spend a lot of time researching, but it seems that the purpose of a mantel cloth has only ever been for making the hearth more homey, cozy, and pretty. Of all times for something old-fashioned, for me it is Christmastime. Maybe we will prop all our cards up here like the Victorians did! 

Not much else has changed in the room, but a little fringe, a string of lights, and a bit of green has made all the difference to welcome a new season.

It's no trouble to whisk a few things away when we need to, and I'm looking forward to all month long gathering friends and loved ones near the fire. That includes you!  

Thanks so much for your visit!
I hope the new month is off to a wonderful start for you . . . .


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  1. Jacqueline your Mantle looks so charming.LOVE the lace with your Christmas greens and a twinkle of light.Pure perfection!

  2. Very pretty! The crochet scarf does look a bit like ice dripping! I love how you use the big bowl for your Christmas cards, wonderful idea!


  3. That is really a beautiful Mantle Scarf... Looks lovely...
    Happy Sunday...
    Ciao for now...

  4. Oh so sweet and lovely... I love the open book which I am thinking is a bible.. Great inspiration for my next mantle change except I will have to angle it atop the ,angle and I have a sweet altered art religious piece I create last year that will marry with it... Humm. Great reason why I love blogging and touches of inspiration... enjoy..

  5. Oh my, how beautiful, Jacqueline. Love the green with the light.
    I missed your to last posts. The pink decorated table are just gorgeous and I love that church. There is so much beauty in all of it, that I can`t say it all.

    Hugs from me

  6. So elegant! Your room is gorgeous!!

  7. Your mantle is so sweetly done up for Christmas. Your new scarf looks perfect for this new season. The rest of the room is so pretty, too, and so inviting. Happy December to you!

  8. I love the cozy mantel, and the new scarf is just perfect!

  9. It looks very pretty and cozy. I love the old commode pot on the chair. ;)

  10. Very pretty Jacqueline. This is similar to what I did. Something simple but so pretty. Your white glows much better than mine though.

  11. I love your Mantle Jacqueline.. it looks so so cosy . Your lounge too.
    Thank you for the invite.. i wish that i could pop over!
    It is a lovely month to decorate. My decorations this year will be simple.. The whole family will be at my eldest son's home.
    lovely photos.

  12. I just love your tastes~!

    Your mantel is perfectly lovely and cosy.

  13. It looks lovely and peaceful, which I love!

  14. Very pretty Jacqueline. I love how soft and pretty everything looks. Your photos are amazing.


  15. Your mantel is most beautiful, Jacqueline! Your mirror is lovely and your snaps are always gorgeous.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. This looks lovely and very restful! Love it!

  17. Simple is beautiful! That's it! Thank you!

  18. So beautiful, Jacqueline! The lace edge is exquisite, and you are working your magic with whites, as usual. Gorgeous.

  19. Jacqueline ~ Your mantel is so simple and yet so elegant and inviting. Just wonderful. I absolutely adore it ~

  20. This going to be a wonderful season. Your mantle looks wonderful and so welcoming. A comfy, cozy room for entertaining.

  21. This looks so pretty! I love anything with lace and antique lace is the best. The combination you have put together says Christmas in such an elegant yet simple way. Beautiful.

  22. Your pretty mantel adds so much warmth to your cozy room this time of year. You find the prettiest linens!
    Mary Alice

  23. How beautiful this is. I love greenery and lights...and I am gonna use a pretty bowl for MY cards, too. Great idea.:)

  24. It looks as if the scarf was custom made for your beautiful mantle. It's lovely, Jacqueline. You have the prettiest collection of linen and lace. I love the white with evergreen.

  25. So,love,love the mirror!!!

  26. Absolutely beautiful! Your mantel cloth is lovely, and it reminds me of icicles, too.

  27. Just stunning. I love the pot with the cards.


  28. Your mantel is gorgeous! Your pictures are always so relaxing, as your home must be. I love visiting.

  29. Hi Jacqueline. My crazy "protector" McAfee kept telling me not to come on your site because they found it, what, not worthy? After a few days of that I just got fed up and clicked you anyway, it shows you what links I will go through to see your Christmas decorations! Beautiful mantle. So charming and satisfying as usual. I'm going back to your other posts that I've missed now..Happy Monday..Judy

  30. Your beautiful mantel just makes me smile, Jacqueline! Love the mantel scarf and the delicate crochet and the greenery and the open book on the hearth.

  31. Simple, and absolutely beautiful! I've been looking at my mantel thinking... hmmmmm, so many things one could do, so many bloggers with amazing mantels... and now when i see this, i know just what to do. Keep it simple, and add the beautiful greenery! Thanks!


  32. Your mantle is just gorgeous! So homey and inviting. The vignette reflected in the mirror is just heaven!

  33. Jacqueline,
    I felt the warmth of your friendship and your fireplace today during my visit, dear friend!
    How serene with the vintage mantle cloth and the greenery lit to welcome in this Christmas Season!
    Exquisite, indeed!

  34. What a gorgeous vintage mantel scarf. It does look like icicles. So pretty and unique!


  35. Simply perfect. Love, love, love it.


  36. Jacqueline.. be thankful for your 6 inches on the mantel! My crew has been putting up a mantel - we don't have one- for two years. aaah.. so much fun. I love the mantel cloth though.. the crochet trim is beautiful. Gorgeous with only the green and the lights! xo marlis

  37. Your mantle looks lovely, Jacqueline. The white cloth and greenery are so perfect for Christmas. And I love the cards displayed in the transferware chamber pot! Wishing you a wonderful December.


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