Thursday, December 16, 2021

As It Comes

Season's greetings friends! I just got back from a few days travel, so I'm shuttering out (literally!) the busy world for a bit. Lit a fire, and put on the softest Christmas background music you can imagine. I wish you could hear it with me.

I'm loving the interlude after visiting the big city which felt like a futuristic movie to me. Glad to be back to my own cozy corners.

It's my year for enjoying other people's decorating (which I am, immensely), and taking a back seat from the flurry. I'm always more into the creature comforts anyway.

One of which is this fantastic treat from Trader Joe's! I was too late picking it up last year. It is crazy delicious with all the flavors of the season built in. I had it alone and warmed up this morning. So delicious and fruity! It's too concentrated straight, so add something citrus or just water. But by all means warm!

Add spirits for a lively celebration with friends. I guarantee it will be a big hit! I'm showing my favorite vintage tumbler here with a couple of new glasses I picked up from a restaurant from my recent trip to commemorate the occasion. They sold them in a set of six, so we all took them home.

I pulled out a few things before I left to get a head start on the decor. It may be as far as I get. But a little goes a long way.

And my shamrock surprised me with a few sweet and cheery blooms to greet me when I got home!

I only have a very few plant friends that never let me down.

I thought I might still dress up this shelf ledge more, but have just a few things stuck on here from my Christmas boxes. But time is running out!

Our crowd shows up more after Christmas, so I am always thinking more Winter and New Year with the decorating anyway. I also like to do it without too much of a shuffle. 

My trumpet vine wreath shriveled while I was away, as expected. I don't mind. I would love it if it faded more too.

It surprised me with a couple of artfully dangling seed pods for drama.

This is the time I usually enjoy tweaking and tucking in small bits as the days move closer to December 25th.

We have a number of holiday birthdays in our family, so there is celebration on top of celebration. It all rolls along so fast. But I always make room for reading my favorite Christmas stories, and of course movies. I may even bake a little something. Or maybe not.

One thing I have slated for this afternoon is pulling out this little evergreen tree. I had high hopes that it would last. But it is heartlessly crisp!

Easy enough since it is small and has only a string of lights. We have a neighborhood tree lot that will be happy to see me turn up a week before Christmas for a fresher little one.

Nice while it lasted with its lone little log cabin ornament.

I hope you are taking time for the small joys!

Love and Joy,


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  1. We have minimal decor here at our place. Necer had that drink before bur do love spiced cider. Merry Christmas to you

  2. Jacqueline: Whether a lot or a little, I could stare at what and how you do it all day. One year, when we had a real tree, we put it outside after Christmas and in March of the following year, it was still good. I was sorry that Christmas didn't come twice a year! Merry Christmas, my friend..xxoJudy

  3. Your posts always brighten my day. Everything is always so calm and peaceful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. So serene and beautiful! Lovely to relax and enjoy the season. xx K

  5. I can't think of a nicer, more calm and peaceful spot to come home to after a busy day or a few days of travel. That fire, the coziness of it all makes me smile, knowing you were tucked in! Your greens and whites are so beautiful together (and three cheers for your shamrock!) I think if I would ever enter your space, I would never want to leave!

  6. The simple decorations are so pretty. Love the new glasses too.
    Now I will be checking out the Wassail punch at Trader Joe's next year.
    Gradually I am learning what to look for and when to look for special TJ treats.
    I rarely shopped there before the pandemic, but my TJ's has done so well managing with the pandemic that I feel safest shopping there now.

  7. Hello There
    I've took a long break and ready to check out your beautiful blog posts
    I just post on instragram but will try post more this year since i am retired and home now, love it



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