Sunday, May 10, 2015

Up at the Villa

It's always a treat to get an invitation to visit Santa Barbara and the gorgeous home of my husband's sister and her husband. I have shown some of the interior before from previous stays, but this time I couldn't stop getting shots of the surroundings in bloom.

Marcia always scoffs somewhat at my use of the term "villa", but their home has the aura of a grand country house in Tuscany. Even in the harsh drought they are contending with, the approach is breathtaking. 

These shots were taken at midday and don't do all the color true justice. (Their workrooms and guest house are in the foreground.)

The beautiful drive up the hill shows the wonderful variety of plantings by Richard, a master gardener.

By the time you reach the top of the drive you are completely transported.

The walk along the welcoming entrance way also has wonderful views.

Lily in her paddock.

In fact, there are spectacular views from all around the house.

This sensational Cecile Brunner climbing rose, which now covers the balconys of the guest house, was planted only a year and a half ago.

Richard has a "man cave" here, and Marcia also has her art studio situated down here where she paints and throws pots.

Enormous oaks embrace the house.

And of course, I couldn't visit Santa Barbara without popping into my favorite shop, The Antiques Center Mall.

Guess what I always seem to gravitate to!

I bought a few beautiful linens and this wonderful little dish as a souvenir of my lovely visit.

I missed you all and all of the parties this week, and have comments and emails to catch up to.
But thank you for the wonderful remarks on my last post and on my exciting magazine feature! Also thanks to Kerryanne of Shabby Art Boutique for featuring my blog at Shabbilicious Friday last week!

Nice to get away, and always so nice to come back home.

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!


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  1. what beautiful pictures a paradise in spring thanks for sharing come see us at

  2. Hello Jacqueline
    There is a peaceful, harmonies atmosphere about your relative's home. I love all the images and even in the light of high noon, one can feel the scents of California.
    Welcome home
    Helen xx

  3. Wow, how do they keep so many flowers thriving during such a terrible drought? Beautiful place.

  4. It is truly a lovely place, you are lucky to spend time there.

  5. what a lovely home and grounds. It sure looks like a villa to me!

  6. So pretty! Love all the different flowers and the whole lush look of the landscaping. Blessings! Bess

  7. The gardens and the property are fabulous -- what pretty horses and what a view!

    And when I first saw that little dish at the top and bottom of your post, I thought how much I loved it. I'm glad it came home with you!

  8. Oh Jacqueline, I know exactly how you feel about Santa Barbara, and I too have a few favorite shops. And what a home sweet home away from home, love the santa Barbara tiled roof, the pavers, that salmon colored stucco extérior the beautiful grounds ad that amazing lantern.

    When can we all visit, and move in :)


    Happy Mothers Day my dear.

  9. What a beautiful place your sister lives in. Santa Barbara is one of the two places I've visited in California, and I'd love to go back. I hope your sister and BIL are able to keep their garden going during the drought. It looks like much of what they have is drought resistant.

  10. Her home does look like a villa. The gardens are just beautiful. The homes and surrounding area here is just gorgeous. I haven't gone through here for a long time, but I do remember it's beauty in past trips.

  11. What an absolutely gorgeous spot!

  12. It's not surprising you enjoyed your visit so much Jacqueline,It's so beautiful the house and garden.

  13. Beautiful gardens, the grounds evoke calm and tranquility. Beautiful Lily adds to the naturalness. A few days there and I would not want to leave! Patty/NS

  14. Beautifully done! I love Santa Barbara. This is one of your prettiest posts!

  15. An incredibly beautiful home and garden, Jacqueline, and I so understand why you call it 'The Villa'! I lived in CA for 16 years, and miss the travels we often made from northern to southern CA on the Pacific Coast Highway. Along with the amazing restaurants and shopping! :) So glad you enjoyed your visit.

  16. Hi Jacqueline, what a beautiful setting and this does have the look of a charming villa.
    Love the roses all around and the dishes near the end with the touch of aqua with brown is simply gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week.
    Hugs, CM

  17. Hi J,
    It must be nice to be home. But what an amazing get-a-way!! An Eden in a drought no less, amazing... lush, I could wander all day!!! Oaks and Palm trees remind me of my childhood :-)
    Cecile Brunner is dreamy, and so perfectly placed! Beautiful!

  18. Oh Jacqueline!!! How utterly beautiful!! And a horse named Lily, so peacefully grazing in her paddock! So serene and lush and wonderful!! I'm quite envious!! Think I'd never want to leave!

  19. So beautiful - thank you for the mini-escape! We love Santa Barbara too. What a special home and property... so glad you shared it with us! :) ~julie

  20. Marcia's home is beautiful! The exterior and all the plantings are breathtaking Jacqueline. I can see why you love your stays there.
    I really loved your mayday post too! and I'm so excited about your article!!!

  21. Good morning, Jacqueline ~
    Thank you so very much for taking the time to share the name of the pattern of your dishes that I love so very much! I see that they have a few over at have a beautiful day today!

  22. Hi Jacqueline, that certainly looks like a villa to me. What a beautiful property and the gardens are just wonderful..Santa Barbara is really a gorgeous part of the country. All you new treasures are lovely..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  23. I completely agree with the term "villa" - this definitely is a villa! It reminds me of Tuscany as well. What a lovely house - pardon, villa. I wouldn't mind living in one. It certainly fits the Santa Barbara area - this kind of shingles you can also find on the mission. So very beautiful!

  24. A beautiful home and property! The views are so nice along with all the flowers, trees and shrubs. It would be a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the warm California sunshine!


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