Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teacup Therapy

It's been awhile since I celebrated tea. But the first afternoons on the lawn in late spring bring out the fanciful in me.

It seems that I need to add to my meager stash of frilly cups and so I had my radar out the last time I visited shops near my daughter a little south of here and off the beaten path.

These flowery examples are what turned up. This lavender one looks to be Limoges, but has no mark.

My daughter gave the heads up for this one. I thought it looked a little regal, and sure enough, it's called Princess Anne!

A beautiful pale blue.

In spring the linen layers sway in the breeze like flags signaling to gather at the table.

A decorative corner brushes the lawn.

A new pink rimmed saucer has joined the jumble of china for tea.

I have it paired for now with my large rose teacup by Paragon. The reigning queen of the tea cupboard.

At first I thought this all white bone china cup and saucer was Limoges. But it turned out to be too pretty to snub, and a keeper!

On a whim, I brought home these pretty meringues from The market (Trader Joes). There are recipes for making a variety of desserts with them. I think I will try frozen strawberries in their juice over them. I had never had them before! Spun of egg white and sugar, they taste like crispy marshmallows to me just as they are. 

Just setting a pretty tea table gives me a lift! 

May has so many celebrations ahead! The end of the school. Graduation. Recitals and concerts. Weddings, showers, and so on. A little tea seems like the perfect thing. But really. Who needs a reason?

Hope it's a lovely week for you!

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, beautiful tea cups to set for a lovely tea. Your pics are an inspiration. Enjoy the season and a cup of tea!!
    Hugs, CM

  2. Very pretty tea cups, love how they are all different but go so well together. And such beautiful table cloth. All perfect for a tea table setting.

  3. What a lovely setting, Jacqueline.
    The teacups and saucers are delicate, and so dreamy. I love the soft pink of the rose with your inviting table of goodies.

  4. I love seeing your tea time treats. Very pretty cups and I have been meaning to try those meringues at Trader Joe's. Yumm!

  5. These are so lovely. You are lucky, I can't find tea cups like this anywhere. They simply don't sell in my part of the world. The predominant style here is minimalist. I've sought them for years, with no luck - except in the very expensive British import shops, and sometimes in hospice stores (but I wouldnt use those to drink from.)

  6. Oh, sooo pretty, just what I need on a rainy day! Your Rose cup is the star, I am always glad to get a look at it cause it is such a beauty, and I like the new mix that has joined the party too!
    lacey linens on the grass... dreamy!!
    What a sweet time!

  7. I always feel calm from looking at your posts. This one is no exception. :) My favorite is the lavender cup and saucer. So pretty. Deb

  8. OOhhhh Jacqueline, what pretty cups and saucers.
    A few months ago, I recalled a story to my 6 yr old GrandBella about having tea with my granddad ( my Punjabi granddad so it was Chai) at 4:30 everyday I spent with him. So after the story, she asked rather sweetly if her and I could continue the tradition. And so it began... Monday to Thursday 4:30 we do tea. I have been on the lookout for new delicate cups and some new teapots... You are inspiring me to try a little harder!
    LUV your posts!!

  9. Love your setting. The Paragon cup with the rose is my favourite

  10. teacups...roses...linens...meringues...perfection!

  11. What is it about tea cups? so pretty

  12. One of my faves of your posts -- what's not to love here? Tea and beautiful china, yummy meringues, all sorts of prettiness! You'll love the berries over the meringues. They're pretty easy to make in the southwest -- less humidity! Once it gets summer, it gets tougher to make them (usually VERY easy) in summer. Often make Pavlova with the meringue, berries and a cloud of whipped cream for Easter.

    The Princess Anne cup is a treasure. VERY beautiful and VERY unusual. A friend and I are planning a tea party at the end of the month. I hope our table is as pretty as yours!

  13. A beautiful post today Jacqueline. I am a teetotaler myself and tea is my drink of choice, so I just adore beautiful tea cups. Love your new acquisitions...the lavender one is my choice, so fill me up! Aaahh tea on the lawn...what could be better.

  14. Hi Jacqueline...what a gorgeous teacup post! My Tuesday Cuppa Tea meme is still open if you are interested. I couldn't choose a favorite, and your photos are gorgeous, as usual!

  15. If I had your china and linens, it would be tea time all the time. Always, everything is so beautiful, Jacqueline.

    I do joke around about bringing round the dessert cart when we watch a movie, and tea has (for me) become something new to enjoy in the afternoons.

    Your weather looks amazing! We are still getting snow off and on here... I am so ready for warmer, sunny days!

    Enjoy yours,

  16. Hi Jacqueline,
    I always love seeing your pretty pictures. So much beautiful inspiration. Love your teacups they are gorgeous. Enjoy the beautiful week ahead.

  17. These are so very pretty. I like the soft purple one with the embossed saucer. Lovely post Jacqueline.

  18. I love the Princess Anne! Your photos are lovely!

  19. Gorgeous post and so many pretty tea cups! I love all of the soft colours and vintage linens. <3

  20. Oh, so lovely, Jacqueline! The cups and saucers and lace all make me swoon. A perfect way to set a table on a lovely warm day out on the lawn. Thanks for sharing your pretties with us.


  21. Hello Jacqueline,
    I am coming right over for a cup of tea. Those cups are beautiful. I will take my tea in any cup you offer.
    Continued joy as the week progresses
    Helen xx

  22. Ahhh! So Lovely and dreamy!! Your lace cloths are just beautiful, as, of course, are the teacups and saucers. I have many, many teacups but have never been a tea drinker (well, except for iced tea in the south growing up). Maybe I'll have to search for a tea I like because the idea of tea time sounds lovely.
    Tomorrow we're going to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, if it's not raining. Wish you could come go with us!!

  23. Lovely teacups and saucers in this post! My favorite is the pattern with the full blown rose. Your photos are masterful and artistic. Hope you take a peek of my vintage china tea table post this week! Thanks for sharing your beautiful table!


  24. A lovely tea table - so inviting and romantic! The new china is just beautiful - so delicate. The sweet linens and gorgeous rose complete the scene and those meringues are wonderful! I love the idea of using strawberries with them. It's so nice to enjoy some peaceful moments outdoors. Hugs xo Karen

  25. How lovely! I especially love the cup with the rose on the interior! The meringues look delicious...

  26. So pretty, and the meringues look almost as delicious as the teacups! ;)

  27. You always make everything so pleasing to look at. The linens and tea cups are all beautiful! I hope springtime has been great there!

  28. Your teacups are beautiful! I love your phrase teacup therapy. I may steal it for my byline! That is seriously a cute title! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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