Monday, May 18, 2015

Feeling Dainty

There should always be something pretty to start off with on Monday, don't you think? I was so pleased with the way this doily came out after freshening it up that I wanted to show it to you.

It's large. More of a runner, and done with a soft cotton, almost yarn-like, thread. The pattern is made with two knitting needles rather than crocheted with one hook which is more typical. The beautiful pattern emerged after a gentle washing and drying flat.

A dainty teacup named Clare is helping to show it off too!

I am working in the workshop/nursery this morning and so it's never lonely. . .

Clare is a recent find, and can't wait to meet the girls for a summer tea party!

The cup and saucer have a sweet flared shape just like a little ladies' skirt.

And a lovely limoges cookie tray makes it also a perfect tea for one!

I hope the week has had a beautiful start for you!
So nice that you stopped by!



  1. What a lovely way to start the week! Beautiful in every way.

  2. I love Limoges. I used to collect a few pieces here and there but I moved and lost some boxes and my collection is gone. Clare is very pretty.

  3. The Limoges china is timeless and always looks so beautiful with your lace cloths

    Helen xx

  4. Clare - a lovely pattern and beautiful name. Your girls are going to have tea in great style.

  5. Thank you for a great start for the week by sharing your pretties with us Jacqueline!

  6. Oh my!! I can't imagine making that runner. I looked at it for a long time -- couldn't figure out some of the stitches. A treasure, for sure!! Sally

  7. The runner is quite lovely and unusual...the pattern is so pretty!

  8. Definitely a pretty way to start the day! The lace piece is so pretty. Love the pretty china tea set. I recently visited my mom and set a table for Mother's Day. I borrowed things from around the house for the tablescape. Later I put things away and rolled up the tablecloth. After it was laundered at home I discovered one of the lace doilies had gotten wrapped in the tablecloth. It's a small round one and seems to be made very much like your piece.

  9. I do love cups and saucers. One can never have too many. Your doily is amazing too!

  10. Beautiful!
    I have never seen a doily knitted, what a special find! Pretty new cup too, nice with that bright cranberry bedding! and the Limoges... wonderful!!
    Happy New Week!

  11. I also have never seen a knitted doily or runner like that. The pattern is so unusual and interesting, beautiful!!

    There are lovely knitted doilies and such at this site.

  13. You do dainty very well! All lovely!

  14. Hi Jacqueline, dainty and sweet with a lovely flower pattern. Love this tea cup. So pretty with the sweet tray.
    The crocheted runner just warms my heart. I have and live with all the treasures my grandmother crocheted. They make everyday special.
    Hugs, CM

  15. So pretty. Your dainty Clare cup is too sweet. Love the doilies. Have a great week.

  16. Clare is a beauty. Enjoy


  17. Dainty teacups and lacey table coverings do make for a special tea time.

  18. The doilies are wonderful,you can never ever have enough of those.I like your teacup but I so love your cookie tray.It´s gorgeous with all them tiny roses on it.
    Have a great week.

  19. Dainty describes that sweet teacup perfectly! Love its colors. I'm in awe of the time and talent it took to create that beautiful knitted doily/runner. It is truly a work of art. Really enjoyed this post, Jacqueline! Blessings for a lovely week. Bess

  20. What a lovely doily! One can never have too many. Pretty teacup too and I love your Limoges tray! A very pretty start to the week. Enjoy yours.


  21. beautiful teacup and doily. I am hoping to have the nieces for the Mad Tea party this summer. I can't wait to see your grandchildren at tea! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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