Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Refuge In White

The weekend folds itself up for ordinary business in much the same way that it unfolded.

Everything is tidied up and put back into order.

There is solace in the place quieting itself again, and in the ritual of marking the days until it becomes lively again. 

We have begun the comfortable evolution of our summer ways.

After the miles of meals and busy clutter of people in the house, I take refuge in the softness of white.

A lacy tablecloth pleases my senses, and a few gathered things cheer my heart. They make me think of pound cake and lemonade under the backyard canopy. . . .

Time for fresh flowers to fill a big jug. 

Maybe it's this dried lemon, but all I can think of is lemon desserts! 

So lovely that there are weeks and weeks ahead for all that. . . .

I hope this last week of May is a beautiful one for you!

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  1. Your post is certainly beautiful. I suspect you are looking forward to some pound cake and lemonade with your girls and the summer teas ahead. Sounds delightful! Happy end of May!

  2. Everything looks and sounds lovely! Those little flower pot napkins rings have my heart beating wildly. Do you remember where you found them?

    Happy (almost)Summer!

    Jane x

  3. So very pretty! I love the charm and brightness of all your lovely whites. A perfect way to begin summer ... sounds like some wonderful days ahead! xo Karen

  4. Peaceful beauty of whites....always a treat to visit you, Jacqueline!

  5. I enjoy the images you create. Soft and calm- always. Those little clay pot napkin holders are the best!

  6. Beautiful layers of white Jacqueline. So peaceful and calm.
    Love the flower pot napkin holders. And, I love the lace!!
    Have a great last week of May.
    Hugs, CM

  7. We sighed a breath of relief Monday night when the house was all quiet again. Love having company, but love the quiet and the fact that no one wants to eat every 10 minutes!!!! Sally

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  9. The softness of your whites, Jacqueline, is always inspiring... and creates a great sense of peacefulness. Always a delight to visit Cabin & Cottage!

  10. Jacqueline,
    Once May opens her wonders of warming weather, here on the Prairie, my thoughts go directly to my MoMa's Lemon Cake!!! It was my Dad's absolute favorite!!! This year, the first year they have both been gone, I still followed the tradition of making that homemade Lemon Cake that MoMa cut from the Kansas City Star recipe section eons ago!!!
    Your photography alone could summon me out~of~doors on this gorgeous May Day!!!
    The crocheted lace tablecloth is exquisite!!!
    I adore those little shabby "terra cotta" pot napkin holders!!!
    Here's wishing all your May Days roll smoothly in the amazing days of June, dear friend!!!

  11. Your hutch is so beautiful! Love you table with the lace and lovely white stoneware. Jo

  12. Only you could put out dried lemons and have them look so darned spectacular! Really, it's all perfect. And of course I swooned at the brown transferware and the fabulous flower pot/napkin rings!

  13. What a great vintage atmosphere:-)
    I love the laces and the napkin rings made of flower pots - brilliant idea:-)
    Greetings from Poland:-)

  14. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! And yes, lemonade sounds great! I just made some a few days ago and froze it in little half pint jars. Yummy as it melts into a delicious slush on a warm day.

  15. I love it all! Thanks for sharing all this loveliness =)

  16. Whenever I visit here I get a sense of peace in my soul.
    I scroll slowly through your lovely images, and breath them in....
    Enjoy your day, Jacqueline.


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