Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Transferware, Silver, & White Wednesday!

There are a few things that I would want in my life everyday and you're looking at them. Thank goodness that tableware is useful too! But honestly, the everyday stuff I use is just plain white sturdy ironstone of recent manufacture. But we use only vintage silverplate because it is so much more substantial and interesting. You may think that you have seen some of these pieces on the blog before, but they are all recent finds, including the platter. It looks so similar to designs that I already have that I had to compare them to be sure!

This gorgeous sample is very small. An ironstone soap dish. I found two together in a similar size. 

I passed up these lovely silverplate knives the first time I saw them even though they were a fantastic price. Sold individually, they were beautifully displayed together, and I love the look of mixed patterns. They will also be fantastic together on a table. 

I love the graphics of the maker's mark on the back of this soap dish almost as much as what's on the front!

Crazy for monograms. . . .

All on a yummy bed of ivory laces. . . . 

Happy White Wednesday!

I hope it's a beautiful day for you!



  1. OH so pretty, Jacqueline...the soap dish made my jaw drop. Such beautiful linens, too...

  2. Monograms,new brown transfer ware...gorgeous!!!...and beautiful lace. Girl, you do have a fine eye for all the pretty things!!! Mickie

  3. So pretty - I do love the color on the dishes. I even found one piece of brown transferware at a yard sale a few weeks ago - I don't think it is as plentiful out here, but I'm keeping a lookout for it - ever since I first saw it on your blog. Beautiful silver too.

  4. Jackie girl you touch me in ways you couldn't understand, you sweet simple comment that is so understood by have that love for the sea. A beach cottage would be a dream, expensive but perhaps a rental would be a good start for us. It has been on our minds for some time now, and business at the beach is so much more exciting a whole different life.

    The next time you make it to CA. And down to the beach be it Santa Barbara, perhaps a heads up to your when, and I could perhaps make a meet up with you for a short visit not taking up your valued time plans.
    It would be exciting to meet the lady behind all her wonderful laces and linens, and brown transfer wares :)

    Thank you for your visit and comment that joyed my day. I must add, I will have two friends now at the beach that is much closer to me to able myself long weekend stays as often as I want. This is a grand gesture for myself and daughter who share in a life that the salted air gives one.


  5. Oh, I just love your new finds, Jacqueline! The little soap dish has such exquisite detail - like a tiny work of art. The silver is also beautifully detailed and the a cloud in heaven! So lovely! xo Karen

  6. Lovely additions for your beautiful collections!


  7. Jacqueline, the brown transfer ware is lovely. I, too, would have snatched up those piece, and the silverplate.......well, can't believe you left it when you first spied it. Happy it was still there for you on your return. I'm crushing on the wonderful details of these pieces. Any idea of the name of the pattern and maker?
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! I love the silver knives and little soap dish! It all makes my heart skip a beat! Love your White Wednesday!
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. Brown transferware is a favorite of mine too, but I have so little. Nothing like your fab collection. Love the new pieces, especially the soap dish!

  10. Yes, it's true! Yummy! Pretty details on the knives and I have a fondness for small dishes so the soap dish is so sweet... Oh but you know I am drooling over the lace... Mmmmm

  11. Gorgeous new treasures! You sure have a trained and talented eye for discovering these beauties! WOW!

  12. Soap dish and flatware love! I just adore brown transferware :)

  13. I always love your brown transferware. There is something that is both warm and cool about it, elegant yet earthy. Lovely silver, too.

  14. LOVE!! You find such beauties and your pictures make me drool


  15. That looks so beautiful, dear Jacqueline and so romantic! And thank you so much for your lovely comment......that makes my heart sing!

    With love, Jade

  16. The details on the knives is just beautiful! Yes, vintage silver plate costs no more, and sometimes less, than current inexpensive stainless steel flatware that has none of the charm of the silver plate.


  17. I think vintage silverplate is one of my favorites too! Such a pretty combination of the transferware, the silver and lace! Yummy is the perfect word for it all!

  18. So beautiful! When I see your treasures, I feel like I am nodding in agreement at their beauty. I love brown transferware and silver is so lovely. You find the most beautiful linens and photograph things so well. Lovely.

  19. Just beautiful. The knives are scrumptious. Thanks

  20. Hi Jacqueline,
    So nice to cross your path again, it has been awhile now. Loved your White
    Wednesday post, as I have missed the
    link ups they used to have.
    All your pics are stunning as always,
    so enjoyed my visit, and hope you are
    doing well hon,
    blessings, Nellie

  21. What beautiful pieces! I found you via the Scoop! Have a lovely day :)


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