Friday, May 15, 2015

Showing Off the Roses

There's a reason why there is the popular phrase "take time to smell the roses." It's because the roses just last only so long!

Some of our roses grow in an area in which we rarely sit. But I decided to fix that by dragging over a small seating area to enjoy the bushes at their peak.

It started to rain just after I got these shots and I had to grab cushions and run. But there is shade here in the early morning and again in the evening. The perfect times to pause and savor the good things in life. I just wish there were roses all year round! (Does that make me a "half empty" kind of person???)

These knock out roses have really gone to town and really are a knock out!

The creamy David Austin, Litchfield Angel roses we planted a couple of years ago are thriving too.

The draping roses make me want to lie down on the grass here. But any excuse to lie down on the grass is fine! Haha!

I found this terrific vintage lawn chair just yesterday. There's always a cushion or two around to make things comfy.

I also thought it was a fine time to show a few laces that turned up lately for me. Roses and laces go together like tea and scones!

This gorgeous long runner with Irish lace has a few obvious repairs, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it in any setting.

The breeze from the approaching storm helps me show off this wonderful Victorian lace curtain panel with roses of its own. 

A jumble of small pieces makes a lacy display.

Among the pile are a couple of laces made with skinny knitting needles like this long mantle cloth I found. Always an awesome find.

The pale pinks here and in the top photo are Bride's Dream, David Austin roses. My absolute current favorite.

Roses in bloom make me so happy!
I hope it's a cheery weekend for you too!
And don't forget to take time to smell the roses!


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  1. Oh, how beautifully dreamy, Jacqueline. I see a lace white small round tablecloth on that little tea table - and a nice brisk tea in the early morning when it is cool and I wish I were there in that perfect tea time spot with you!


  2. Just beautiful! Love those pink roses! Have a great weekend!

  3. To find knitted lace is always a treat. I've made it with those tiny, tiny knitting needles; and believe me, it's not easy. Thanks for showing it off!! Sally

  4. So pretty in pink and white. What a lovely spot to sit and drink in the beauty and scent of the roses. Happy Weekend.

  5. Pure prettiness, Jacqueline! I love your iron furniture and sundial...and the beautiful roses and linens!

  6. Oh Yum Yum!!!
    Wonderful!! You have been holding out, gorgeous roses!! LOVE the Brides Dream and have never heard of it!
    Love the new chair too, chairs are on this seasons hunting list :-) You find a never ending supply of fabulous laces, so beautiful!
    Your weekend looks perfect and laying in the grass sounds perfect too :-)


  7. Hello Jacqueline, Wonderful, the roses are beautiful and the laces are gorgeous and the new chair looks perfect in your garden....nice weekend en greetz from Marjon

  8. So beautiful,I love your roses.Your laces are amazing,I always hunt for them too.I´m pretty sure you can enjoy your weekend in your new seating area.Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. What a beautiful retreat. Those Bride's dream roses are gorgeous, as is all of that incredible lace!

  10. Your roses are beautiful! I brought a wild rose up from the property to enjoy up close... it only blooms over a period of 2 days a year. I also planted a Morden Blush two years ago... I do love roses, but up here (like you) we have to savor them when they are in bloom, because they only last a short time.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Good Morning Jacqueline. Your pictures and roses are stunning. Love the lace with the roses so beautiful.
    Happy Saturday.

  12. Oh so pretty! Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  13. What a gorgeous, perfect post! You know I LOVE roses, lacy linens, and pretty white outdoor furniture!!!! Wish I could be there!

  14. Half empty rose person...Never, you're sitting pretty amidst them!!!
    Love the new sitting area and all of those luscious linens. Have a wonderful new week ~ Mickie.

  15. Such a beautiful area and I wish I could come over and sit right here with you and soak it all up!

    Simply breathtaking roses.


  16. Beautiful roses and lace. Have a super weekend


  17. Roses just delight the soul. Your roses are just beautiful. Also love the lacey finds and the chair too.

  18. Idę tam, gdzie róże - to moja wielka miłość zawsze tu zaglądam bo wiem, że tu je na pewno znajdę i będę mogła nacieszyć swoje oczy pięknymi koronkami - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  19. What a beautiful place to pass away the time and drink in all the beauty of the roses. You made it a little haven. Enjoy

  20. Your roses are magnificent! They seem almost as large as peonies and I suspect even more fragrant. The color is like a dream and perfect with your lovely vintage. Much joy to you this lovely spring day!

  21. What a beautiful seating area! I love, love, love those gorgeous white roses.

  22. Oh my...what glorious roses, Jacqueline! Combined with the lovely lace, it's like Heaven on earth.
    Such a beautiful post!
    Happy Sunday to you.

  23. This is the most delightful seating area you've created, lovely and dreamy!! Love the lattice against the wall.
    Mary Alice

  24. Hi Jacqueline, your roses are gorgeous and the sitting area so inviting for a perfect spring time day. When it's not raining. We've been water logged here for weeks. We needed it, but now it's enough.
    I was thinking like you and shared my pinks today too.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, CM

  25. Your roses are so pretty ~ love the colors ~ and your styling is lovely too.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  26. Your roses are gorgeous. Missed this beautiful post. I was in San Francisco for a week.


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