Saturday, November 30, 2013

Old Vanilla, Cream, and Ivory

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was. My daughter hosted this year, and in addition to all the traditional fare, we had bonfires and homemade ice cream in the country. And now the season is officially upon us. . . .

 A recent find, this old ironstone pitcher fits my white theme and launches the decorating in the dining room. It has the same appealing variegated and aged tones of old paper, and so a new wreath is the backdrop here. Done with different materials than the last, the details are shown a little further on.

But first I'm enjoying the vanilla creaminess of this sinuous English ironstone pitcher with its interesting detail and crazing to give it depth and character.

The old silver Christmas balls mix well with the tones that I am loving this Yuletide. The colors have morphed over time into a sort of platinum hue. Or champagne.

The crafting continues, and believe it or not I have yet another tissue paper wreath method still to show you in an upcoming post. But here, the newer wreath is shown below the earlier, larger one. The pages are a little heavier than tissue paper and are more brittle. You can see the difference in the aged colors well here.

I found an old dictionary in this condition. Except for the first few pages, the rest are smooth and ready for crafting. The pages are about 6x9 inches, and I used a smaller than standard size wire clothes hanger. Since the paper is more brittle, I was only able to give each page a half twist to secure it. Even so, I lost a few. But I love the look of the darkened edges of the old paper. (If you missed the directions they are posted here.) 

We pretty much leave shopping off of our Christmas list each year.
(That's the best gift!)
 But I'm loving doing up Christmas this year.
 ( And for me that's not always true.)
 I hope that you are too!


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Thanks so much to Kerryanne for featuring my post from last week!


  1. I am totally loving your Christmas crafts and things and how they're so perfectly put together, Jacqueline!

    Your wreaths are amazing. Wish I were crafty.............

  2. Simply divine!!! LOVE, love, love the ironstone pitcher with its wonderful character!
    Mary Alice

  3. The wreaths are the perfect touch next to that pitcher...what a great find!

    I need to de~autumnize my house and get started myself on Christmas. I'm just loving the peace right now! :)


  4. FELICIDADES¡¡ me ha encantado tu blog y todo tu trabajo, es elegante, fino y con mucha clase.
    ya tienes otra seguidora mas¡¡

  5. I love the silver balls in a white enamel bowl. Another wonderful idea for a white Christmas indoors.

  6. So beautiful and elegant! Happy weekend!

  7. The wreath is beautiful, Jacqueline. I'm looking for an old book to try it. So much more elegant than coffee filters, although I am loving those too. The pitcher is a thing of beauty. Love all the crazing and the graduation of coloring. It all looks so pretty..Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful as well. Happy Weekend..Judy

  8. God your wreaths are both so pretty. I do love the aged colors in the second one, and it's perfect with the pitcher. Now all i want to do is sit and make one... i have half a mind to run to the thrift shop looking for an old book right now!


  9. Beautiful soft, lovely Christmas decor!

  10. Jacqueline,
    This hopeless romantic with a love for all thing vintage is swooning over. . .your vintage silver ornaments!!! I am quite smitten with their patenia. Platimum hue or champagne sounds divine, indeed!!!
    I'll watch for vintage dicitionaries that could work for one of these wreaths...I could have used one in my Christmas decor this year!!!
    Thanks for sharing your vintage finds, dear friend!!!

  11. Love that pitcher! Beautiful pictures. I envy you not having to shop for Christmas, that would definitely put the fun back in the holiday!

  12. So soft and pretty! A very lovely combination of sweet things. Love your wreaths - <3 xo Karen

  13. hello
    un décor simple rien de plus beau
    j'aime les teintes
    edith (iris)

  14. I've been busy decking my halls this weekend and have more to come! It all makes me smile -- I've wanted some holly-jolly for awhile and now that it's here, I can't seem to get enough! These are all lovely!

  15. Hi J,
    Here we go, Christmas is officially on the way!! I love seeing your craft table and imagining you crafting away :-) The new wreath is adorable as in the new vanilla pitcher. I saw a wreath of coffee filters yesterday at a little shop and thought of you :-) We don't shop either and I agree it is the very best gift!
    Hugs and Happy Crafting!

  16. Hi Jacqueline, Pure beauty. Love all your pretty touches. White with the silver is so pretty. The pitcher is gorgeous and I just love your wreath.
    Hope you enjoyed a special Thanksgiving. Have a great week.

  17. Love the ironstone pitcher.
    I made a wreath for my daughter and
    it looks so beautiful on her front door with a black ribbon.

  18. Love the ironstone pitcher and the wreath is so pretty. Can't wait for the tutorial!



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