Saturday, November 16, 2013

Going Coastal at Rue de Lillie Antiques

It's every bit as sunny and bright as it appears in these photos of Summerland, California on the Pacific coast near Santa Barbara. Perfect antiquing (or anything) weather. People think it's hot. I'm glad to be back to summer in Summerland if only for a day or two!                  


My favorite stops face the ocean, housed in old cottages, some well over a hundred years old.

All the shops are in transition, making way for Christmas merchandise. The gorgeous French shop Rue de Lillie is no exception. We caught it in full swing of a clearance sale.

Fresh roses greet us at the door, and a spicy scent wafts through the wonderful rooms. Even Mr. Cottage loves to stop here after breakfast and coffee.

Small inspirations dot all the rooms even though the decorating has only just begun.

I'm glad we're on the way back home, as I can't wait to do some of my own re-arranging!

French antiques in a sunny window.

Plentiful French linen, old and new.

Dear, dear Santa! Wrap this up for me!

I like the whimsical portrait front and center here. When I suggest that we have one of our "ancestor" paintings done up the same way, Mr. C. says, tactfully, "I think you are more taken with it than me."

But I did bring home this little joy a la Francais!

A little browsing has certainly gotten me in the mood for more! Don't you love charming little shops this time of year? So many great ideas. As if we needed any more! Haha!

I hope you're having fun too whatever the weather!



  1. I love Summerland too, I often stop there when driving up to see my Sister is Carmel ~ it is so charming. Happy to hear that you had such a good time.

  2. Did you drive there or fly? Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful areas on the west coast. I would love that shop. I love the Sign you got. I want one!

  3. What a lovely shopping trip you must have had. I want Santa to bring me that piece of furniture too. It was exquisite. And who wouldn't enjoy a trip to sunny California? My brother lives in San Diego, but we haven't been able to visit for several years. How I would like a wee bit of that warm California weather right now.

  4. A lovely little shop! I see a few things I'd enjoy having. :) Have fun!

  5. Hi J,
    What a lot of fun! Lots of goodies to see, love your new sign! Lots of beautiful ornaments, I don't see many around here ever... I hope you have soaked up some of that bright happy sun!! We are feeling like full on winter today, brrr.
    I hope you've been a good girl and you can get Santa to deliver on that stunning dresser;-)
    and happy trails...

  6. Love this shop. I could spend hours browsing there. Each pic brings something to inspire. Love the sign you got.

  7. What a gorgeous shop....I wouldn't be able to resist that dresser you love's all so irresistible!

  8. Good Morning! It's been a joy catching up with you from your clever storage to the pretty paper cones to the lovely french shop...thank you for starting my day so prettily!

  9. I have visited Summerland often on the way to Santa Barbara. Beautiful photos from a very charming boutique.

  10. I think Mr. Cottage is ever-more tolerant than Mr. Rick would be! It's a struggle to get him to go into a shop like that with me -- much less alone!

  11. This is my favorite kind of shop! Thanks for sharing the pics. Lots of inspiration. I"m going back for another look!

  12. I love the shops in Summerland. I got a card in the mail about the sale, but I was a good girl and stayed away. I have to spend my money on the family for Christmas gifts.

  13. Oh, how pretty! All that sunshine and white roses, too. Lovely inspiration - I'm in love with all the Christmas baubles. Hope Santa makes your wishes come true. xo Karen

  14. My oldest daughter went to UCSB. I love that area. xo Laura

  15. What a beautiful shop, Jacqueline. No wonder you love it! I love the little sign you took home. And I am in love with that low chest of drawers in natural wood (with the stone split-pediment mirror over it)... I would love to drag that into my kitchen to hold everything. *sigh*

  16. Jacqueline,
    I so~o~o totally agree, dear friend!!! The petite, quaint, unique antique shops are one of my greatest inspirations for Seasonal changes!
    Oh~h~h. . .I do love the soft Christmas decor palette in your photos! So~o~o inspiring!!!

  17. Exactly! There are too many good ideas out there! But now you have me in the mood too...



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