Wednesday, November 13, 2013

paper cones

It's just an accident that the tempo for my paper Christmas cone is "Agitato", the Italian term for music to be played quickly, with agitation and excitement. But what better a description for the way the holiday season itself plays out?

I didn't really notice what was written on my snippet of sheet music at first because I was busy tearing paper like a fourth grader. It's what I'm into this season. Eagerly playing with paper scraps for a few quick and easy projects, and with even a bit of agitation thrown in. Agitato! But the end result is that I think I have designed my prototype for a perfectly splendid holiday paper cone.

I owe the French/Nordic tradition of Jeanne d'Arc Living publications for the inspiration this year. I thought I only loved the look, but it turns out that there is this highly appealing folksy approach and simplicity about it. The projects are as relaxed and easy as a paper cone. And best of all? . . . . You  cannot  get  it  wrong. . . 

Mine started like this. Very plain. A sheet of card stock paper rolled into a cone shape. Stapled at the top and taped at the bottom. I covered mine with player piano paper from a roll, and tied a ribbon around the middle to keep the cone from gaping half way down, but a spot of glue from a glue gun would take care of that.

Trims are from the bridal department of the craft store because I like white and wanted something fancy.

A scrap of tulle ribbon.

Mr. Cottage loved it with the evergreen sprigs in it and tried to dissuade me from making it any fancier, but it didn't photograph well enough. (Agitation.) And I had something glitzier in mind! (Excitment!)

Tinsel, a snippet of stamped paper, a bit of vintage sheet music, and voila! I can't wait to make a hundred different more! Just think of the wonderful vintage trinkets and treats you could tuck inside!

A little French lace makes the perfect backdrop. . .

I hope you're up to something cheery too!
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  1. Jacqueline, This is gorgeous and such a great idea! I need to pin this! Have a great evening!!

  2. It's beautiful! I have always loved tussie-mussies.

  3. these are so pretty!! love the piano player roll and sheet music!

  4. Where DO you come up with these fabulous creations? I love this too, but must share that I just happen to have and old beaten up encyclopedia that soon will be a wreath. Thanks for sharing your
    ' genius ' creativity.
    Life is So Exciting Here

  5. Love this!
    I made the wreath today and loving it. I couldn't find light weight paper, but it worked anyway. Now trying to find some lighter weight paper for more. My family doesn't think tearing up a bible would be appropriate, smiling! Don't you think it work well for a church craft day?

  6. Hi J,
    splendid indeed!! pure delight!! So old fashioned.... Love that sweet birdie stamp :-) and the little French gown, Ooh la la...

  7. Soooo beatifull and romantic...Like it much:) I'm your new follower:)Have a smily day:)Marinela

  8. Oh My good its so beautiful, so lovely!
    Thanks for alla of this lovely photos
    Have a nice week

  9. Jacqueline your cones are gorgeous. Love how they turned out. So dainty and pretty with the roller sheet music.
    I saw these too and was inspired. Now I really would like to create some after seeing your beauties.
    You are one talented girl and oh so amazing with your camera.
    Have Fun.

  10. It speaks of simplicity and purity. Well, maybe a little agitation, too. I like it!

  11. So special and so easy to make! Thank you Jacqueline , you are really unique!

  12. how serendipitous to find that perfect placement of words on your pretty paper cone! all so lovely jacqueline! i am still drooling over all the inspiration in the "waiting for xmas" issue of JDL. those cones are perfection! i need to make a few of my own. now to find some "serendipity" of my own...;);)

  13. Jacqueline this is absolutely gorgeous!
    Love it! You did a beautiful job on it, and I love how you have the sheer white dress as a background.
    So lovely...and the green perfects it!
    Following in friendship now ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah ;)

  14. the dress is so very charming, and the cute cone looks lovely against it:) happy weekend!!

  15. So dreamy! What is it about old sheet music that just makes everything look prettier?


  16. Oh That makes me want to make one of those now LOl
    I need to complete what i'm working on now, my santos
    you always have the prettiest completed projects

  17. Just beautiful Jacqueline! Your cone turned out amazing, and I love the extra touches you added at the end - although it looks great in its' simple form, too. I loved seeing that article in the Nov. issue of JDL, too. The cones are so pretty - it's on my list of projects. Happy decorating to you!

  18. Thank you so much Jacqueline, beautiful, simple and romantic..I love it

  19. Those are darling! What a wonderful idea for holding little Christmas goodies too:)

  20. These are just beautiful and I like the sparkle around he edges!


  21. I love it! I think cones are wonderful for Christmas decor too. I have these large plaster cones I like to get out every season and fill them different ways. I love how you glitzed it up Jacqueline. So pretty.
    sending hugs...

  22. Oh those are beautiful! I made a few of those this year too.I hung mine from our kitchen Christmas tree :-)

  23. The simplicity of the paper cone is what makes it so special. Lovely!

  24. Love your sweet cones. That gorgeous lace is truly the perfect back drop!

  25. So pretty! You are so creative - I love the vintage sweetness of this. xo Karen

  26. ...a most lovely paper cone!
    the way you have photographed it is just beautiful! adore the gorgeous little batiste baby gowns bathed in light...
    xo, Rosemary

  27. Your cone is so pretty, Jacqueline. I featured a cone as well but mine is tin. Love the darling baby gown behind it too. Thanks for sharing.


  28. What a gorgeous craft item!

    It looks so perfect in your pretty world, Jacqueline.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. Jacqueline,
    Oh, dear friend, if you only knew how many times I have attempted to make a paper cone and failed!!! It's true! "Mr. Ed" states,"I'm too much of a perfectionist." Perhaps he's correct. . .but yours is utterly perfect!!!
    Maybe, just maybe, now that you've inspired me with this exquisite paper cone, I'll try, try again!!!
    Ah~h~h. . .

  30. simply delightful, Jeanne d'Arc Living is such a fabulous source of inspiration, thanks for sharing yours

  31. Jackie girl i too am Loving it here. Also a fan of JDA living I look for inspiration as well letting it influence my design style as well.

    It's going to be a real treat visiting you over the holidays.


  32. Lovely, Jacqueline. This is perfect for your beautiful cottage.

  33. I adore these cones, Jacqueline! I can picture them filled with cookies and sweets, hanging from every possible doorknob, shutter catch, and fireplace hook... what a delightful way to give goodies to the little ones! You really do inspire me. :) (And I think Agitato is precisely how we'll all be feeling since the placement of Thanksgiving on this year's calendar means there are only 3.5 weeks until Christmas once the last turkey sandwich is eaten!?)

  34. Perfect in every way Jacqueline.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  35. I LOVE your paper cone... it is perfect. The way it all came together is darling. I think it is a cuter idea than stockings!



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