Sunday, November 10, 2013

Old Fashioned Storage for Tinsel & Trims

I love an old fashioned Christmas celebration, and like things to look old fashioned too. I've been doing some old fashioned crafting, so this is what the top of my dining room table looks like right now.

I like to pretend to keep things tidy and good looking in the middle of the house, so when I brought home a slew of ribbons and trims (half off at Hobby Lobby!) I was poking around looking for a convenient place to keep them handy.

I'm not kidding you. This set of  vintage sewing machine drawers was already sitting in the middle of the table ready to be taken to the shop booth. I had to talk Mr. Cottage out of swiping it, because old wooden boxes are one of his all time favorite things. But just look how perfect it is for my spools!

Who would mind something this good looking hanging around?

I like the look of piles of supplies. Some of them come with nice labels, and others need a smidgen of help. Especially for a photo. (I was going to write "glitter" on my new jar label, but we can see perfectly well what's in there!)

Now my "workshop" is all set up and ready for gift wrapping and small projects. Easy to whisk away too!

I don't know about you, but I find it easier to pick up something and work on it if it's in plain sight. Especially if I have only a few minutes. And this makes it just a little easier to leave out.

Oh such lively times ahead!
 I hope you're off to a great new week!


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  1. Good Evening, I did get a hint that you like things to be piles of plenty. I love to see towels, linens,paper etc in stacks. Very satisfying. I love journals too but as soon as I write in them the magic seems to disappear. I do not feel that about any one else writing in a journal or diary.
    Thanks for sharing once again and finding such lovely combinations of things.
    Regards Janine

  2. I have a whole room with all my bits and can always shut the door if I get visitors so having things out always works well for me.

  3. I do like to have things out for inspiration and I love your idea of using the old sewing machine drawers! Looks like you are working on something very sweet - I love your paper rose <3 My Mr. loves old wooden boxes, too. Can't wait to see what lovelies you create. xo Karen

  4. Ooh! that takes me way back to my very first sewing machine handed on to me from my grandmother, it was a foot treadle in the wooden table top style, wish I'd kept the drawers., your set looks so nice sitting on your table with those crystal knobs and all the lovely ribbons ready for crafting.Don't put it away, you could even sneak a little vase with pretty flowers in the drawer.I love your styling.

  5. I love your idea!
    You are my inspiration!
    Whish you a nice week

  6. beaucoup d'inspirations
    pour des objets tout simple
    vous devriez venir à la maison
    pour ranger tout mon désordre
    bonne journée sous la pluie
    edith (iris)

  7. What a sweet idea...and a sparkly one too. :) I have a set of those drawers ,but I have paintbrushes in mine and other things. I like your idea much better. Must redo mine.

  8. oohh so much sparkle and pretty!! I love getting ready for the holidays.

  9. Piles of supplies are both inspiring and beautiful to me too...and just like you...I need things out in plain sight! Love your sewing drawers...and all sorts of boxes for stashing supplies and collections! Great photos as usual! Enjoy...L

  10. You could pitch about anything down and it would look good - you are so coordinated. I love your choices. I have the exact machine drawers minus the frame. Right now they are displayed in the kitchen standing on end with something tall and skinny inside.


  11. Hi Jacqueline,
    Piles of inspiration!! Love it and love your sewing drawers filled with ribbon. They fit perfectly. I use mine in many ways too but holding these spools is perfect.
    Your photos are always amazing. Magazine worthy for sure.
    Have a great week.

  12. What a beautiful piece and so useful.

    With your talents, I am positive that you could turn a pile of supplies into a lovely vignette.

  13. Lovely post... love sewing machine drawers for storage. The stacked ones are great.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Jax's there is not a thing you create that I am not in love with or inspired to find and do for myself over here.
    Love how organized you are, how everything is in its place for the right time and moment.

    Thank you for sharing another inspiring to do!
    And thank you dear sweet friend for taking the time to visit me.
    I am most excited to see how you decorate over the holidays.

    See you and your creative beauty soon.


  15. I love the look of vintage sewing machine drawers too, and they're so fun to use as well!
    Mary Alice

  16. A great idea Jacqueline. And only you can make old sewing machine drawers look fabulous! :) I'm trying to get myself motivated to decorate as I usually do on this date but it isn't happening yet. Have a great week.

  17. Jacqueline,
    I too have a set of drawers but mine are in my guest bath holding some of my favorite magazines. Right now, you can't see the top of my kitchen table for all the crafting stuff! Went to HL and loaded up on ribbon at half off too, they had some great stuff!

  18. Now that's sweet storage. Beautiful!

  19. I love all the wonderful sewing machine drawers, they are the coolest things, I love your blog and love the pictures, but I have to tell you, when I click on your sight, I love that picture of you in the top right side, you just look so nice and engaging, like a nice person anyone would want to know...I always feel comfortable when I see it...goofy huh...I bet I am not the only person who says that....Come on over for a visit...Phyllis

  20. I hate foraging around for things, so yes, I love to keep things handy. The drawers were a perfect solution. So pretty. xo Laura

  21. Hi J,
    It's beginning to look a little like Christmas your way, all that fun sparkly goodness!! I love the way those spools fit in the treadle drawer, I will remember that!!
    Happy crafting!

  22. The drawers do work so perfectly. I love old drawers of any kind. So much more character than a plastic container or box. I love the added bit of twine around the glitter. Can't wait to see what wondefuls you make!

  23. I have the entire lower level of my house for my studio ! I have piles of treasures and project everywhere.
    My family that visits thinks it's all junk
    I have a ribbon door and lots of glitter ready to be dashed on something
    I love your wooden drawers

  24. Great idea! I have just recently come across some old sewing machine cabinet drawers with lovely porcelain knobs...the cabinet was beyond repair but the drawers are in good shape. I knew I would find a purpose for them. Thanks for this great idea!

  25. Oh, Jacqueline, old drawers of any size make the most wonderful containers! I love the way your work table looks... all ready to make merry and make things beautiful! When I see old furniture by the side of the road, I will occasionally take the drawers to use at home to hold "things". (A set of deep bottom drawers from an old oak desk are perfect for standing my collection of Victoria Magazines.) Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  26. I LOVE the sewing machine drawers. At first glance, I thought how it reminded me of my grandmother's sewing machine. Then when I read it was part of a sewing machine ... Wish I'd thought of this when my grandmother died, but I was too young to be THAT clever!

  27. Now i know you think i'm a stalker for commenting on so many posts in a row!
    I have this basket for my pretty papers and ribbons and tissue and burlap... and it is a MESS! I was just eying it all the other day thinking that the whole thing needed rethinking. The little boxes you are using are just perfect. It is such gorgeous rich wood, and has a great little compact shape too...



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