Friday, November 1, 2013

A Paper Wreath

I just finished my first project of the season. This particular paper wreath is my own invention made in the same way as the smaller tissue paper wreaths we made in grade school. I have learned that not everyone is familiar with the process, so I will show the method in a later post. (**UPDATE**--How-To is found here.)

My version is made from tissue thin antique encyclopedia pages and makes a dramatic statement because of it's size. I love its ruffly softness and ivory color. Its nod to literature, old books and paper ephemera. 

I have also found inspiring paper ideas that I want to try from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
I love the pretty vintage gift wrappings and ornaments.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
I also loved the background of this image before I realized that it is an old chippy tin ceiling tile used in a tablescape.  It's shown below as the base of a centerpiece. Can't wait to try it!

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
I'm still digging out my old ornaments. I have a gold mercury glass string somewhere just like this one to put on display.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
I love this simple and elegant pinecone treatment too.

Image from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.
But I think this is the only way I will see a gorgeous snowy winter garden this year! 

So many beautiful times ahead. . . .
Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Jacqueline!

    However, I stick to beautiful glorious autumn till after Thanksgiving - waaaaay too early for the holidays for this gal yet!

    I think you have the makings of a truly lovely Christmas home - you have all the right talent and items. I anxiously look forward to seeing it - your wreath is a GREAT beginning, it's awesome!

    YOU should be featured in Jeanne d'Arc - it's all so YOU!!


  2. PS

    I would LOVE for you to come visit me this winter, you have the whole north wing to yourself, seriously, you will get over your want of snow really fast, haha.

    I am half kidding and totally serious though, should you ever wish to visit my casa su casa or however they say that - parce-que j'ne said pas, je parle Francais en peu - j'ne parle pas l'Espanole.

    ? Hope I spelled things right, too busy and lazy to bother to look it up and double check. Hugs.

  3. Love this! Would love to have you link it to my Friday Favorites party when you write the tutorial!!!
    love !!!

  4. Beautiful wreath, gorgeous photographs!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Your wreath is beautiful, Jacqueline. And I love this post with it's soft taupe and white images. That magazine certainly is a treasure trove! Wishing you many hours enjoying what's inside, and trying your hand at some of the projects.

  6. The wreath is pretty and will look forward to the post on making it. We never learned how to make one, but they did teach us how to make a tree from a book.

  7. Your wreath is gorgeous, Jacqueline. I love how you used the antique encyclopaedia pages and the full size. So very pretty.

  8. darling wreath--it's so pretty, so fluffy looking:) that magazine is a must! happy weekend!

  9. darling wreath--it's so pretty, so fluffy looking:) that magazine is a must! happy weekend!

  10. Hi J,
    Well I love your big fluffy wreath and jump start on winter décor!! The slip/skirt beneath it is lovely and would make a fab curtain (I thought it was for a second :-) JDA Christmas looks like a perfect way to get In the spirit!! The tablescape has Jacqueline written all over it, if you had said it was yours I would have not doubted it at all!! The busy season is coming, and you have inspired me :-)

  11. I have always wanted to try my hand a making one of these wreaths, and yours has definitely inspired me to do so - it's absolutely lovely. It always amazes me how objects are seen through someone else's eyes. I have old silverware & an old chippy tin ceiling tile, but never thought to combine them for a lovely display. Lots of great ideas from Jeanne D'arc this season.

  12. Such a beautiful post! Restful and serene. Your paper wreath is pretty and i love the pinecone treatments. I'd never heard of this is special I can tell.

  13. So very pretty and what a lovely idea. It is just perfect in your beautiful room. The magazine looks so inspiring - can't wait to see your holiday decor. xo

  14. beautiful linens . . . beautiful wreath . . . beautiful vignettes

  15. Delicious! Like diving into a bowl of Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream...without those pesky calories!

  16. Always à beautiful experience when I visit. Love all the peace and calm you create all year long, in fact you make us feel as if you will be knee deep in snow with all your winter inspiration of holiday cheer.
    I too would love to live in and on a Jeanne d' arc living page with the homes filled to greet the mornings with Fresh snow, and snow filled holidays.
    I lived where it snow regularly during the winter months, but now in Calif very little falls but a tease or two that last hours to a day then the ugly mug in attends us.

    Thank you beautiful for filling a Weekend for me with your inspiring beauty.
    Off to steam clean some floors, I think this is the last time before I replace these couple of rooms with wood.
    See you soon beautiful and all the beauty you create.


  17. This wreath is gorgeous, I love it and all the softness of these pictures. Your posts always highlight my days!!


  18. I would love a wreath like yours. I am anxiously awaiting the tutorial. Do think we will ever see your photos in JDA magazine. I think they are just what they are looking for.

  19. I love how your paper wreath turned does look so fluffy! I just received my copy of Jeanne d'Arc and am anxious to sit down and enjoy it.
    Mary Alice

  20. That is a beautiful wreath ... looking forward to how you did it.
    Enjoyed all your pictures.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. You did a wonderful job on the vintage paper wreath!

  22. Gorgeous wreath. Love it and I have created many using the old tissue style of flowers. I make them currently using vintage patterns.
    Wonderful pics and the jdArc is a favorite.

  23. Jacqueline your wreath is gorgeous! I love how large and full it is. I made a smaller similar looking one last year. I'm sure not as soft as yours. I cut book pages into 4" squares and covered a small form. Still it's pretty cute and one of my favorite wreaths. That book looks wonderful. You shared so many beautiful images. I need to find a copy.

  24. Jacqueline,
    Adore the paper wreath!
    I'll be watching for your tutorial!
    The magazine images are so~o~o inspiring!!! I, too, am ready to begin the Christmas decorating! I do mine early...then sit back and enjoy while sipping hot cocoa!!!
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!

  25. Love, love, love... definitely adding one of these to my 'must do list' this Christmas.
    I'm thrilled to be featuring this post at Shabbilicious Friday today Jacqueline.
    Hugs - Kerryanne

  26. What gorgeous vignettes - that wreath is perfection - we're moving in 2 weeks into a real fixer upper - I'm in a panic attack about decorating this year lol
    Will have to live vicariously through blog land maybe - but oh I so want this wreath!!!


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