Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bringing the Plants Back In

I first showed you my potted Swedish ivy when I brought it home from the front of my vintage shop. 

It had suffered from passersby plucking off cuttings to the point that it kept getting smaller and smaller.

This is what it looked like then, two summers ago. I wrote about it here.

When I showed it here again last fall it had begun to fill out again.

By last summer on the patio it was almost back to its old self.

When the temperatures dipped below freezing overnight a couple of days ago we scrambled out to rescue the potted plants to winter over inside. I knew that the ivy had bloomed a bit the last I had paid attention in the warm weather.

But I was surprised at the ton of growth that had happened in just the last few weeks. Seems the Swedish ivy was loving the cooler temperatures of fall!

Pretty orchid-like delicate blooms cover the vines.

I saw the next morning that one of the vines had broken off. But Swedish Ivy roots quickly in a jar of water and starts up again very easily. Now it's ready for a good plucking! I wish I could give you all a little snippet. . . .

Now I have to go find a good spot for it to hang out for a few months. I always seem to forget about that when the plants come back in again! But it's feeling a bit like springtime again indoors. Thank goodness for such a forgiving plant.

I hope you're enjoying an extra hour today!
Thanks for spending some of it with me.
Now I'm off to do a bit of catching up with you. . . .



  1. Your ivy is beautiful and I'm very impressed with the health and growth you've had since it got cooler here. I'm had so much trouble with outdoor potted plants in this climate; I'm just not getting it right. Maybe I should try some of this ivy too!

  2. I only have a few stragglers left outside...
    Already indoors are several Geraniums, Spikes and Begonias....
    Your Swedish ivy is lovely...
    Great job!

    Enjoy your week ♥

    Linda :o)

  3. Your Swedish ivy is lovely and now looks very healthy, I'm afraid I would be amongst those plant cutting thieves, I often nip a little bit off plants I like,,,,sorry !! Do you know
    what the botanical name is for the Swedish ivy ? If so could you let me know, I'd love to have that plant here in France.Thank you Jacqueline.

  4. I would love a snippet! It's beautiful :)

  5. What kind of indoor light does the ivy require? And do you know anything about wintering-over geraniums or mums?

  6. That ivy is so pretty. I don't have too many container gardens but My Mom really had a lot when I was growing up. It would take us so long to bring them in.

  7. I wish you could give me a snippet of that beautiful ivy, too! Is it native to your area? I love petite, flowy plants for indoors. We lugged in our plants about 2 weeks ago while it was still a bit warm...I had to re~pot a few and wanted to consider it done. My patio looks so bare and the house so crowded! lol!


  8. Had a swedish ivy plant years ago, yes they are pretty especially yours.

  9. I think that's funny that passersby would take snippets off your plant. I used to have a Swedish Ivy years ago. It was one of my first house plants after we got married but I got tired of it and all plants indoors. I have only a Hoya plant hanging from the ceiling and it doesn't bloom much. Your's looks very healthy and quite large. It's nice to see all the pretty blossoms on it.

  10. My mom always liked and grew Swedish Ivory...yours is beautiful.

  11. Oh that's so interesting!

    The leaves look a bit like strawberry leaves!

    Glad you "saved" this wonderful plant, Jacqueline!

  12. Jacqueline,
    Your plant is gorgeous. It is amazing what a change in weather can do. I love your header it is so pretty. Have a great start to your week.

  13. Beautiful photos, Jacqueline!
    Have a nice day, RW & SK

  14. What a lovely flower. I must look for some Swedish ivy for my house and yard.

  15. I had forgotten how much I like swedish ivy. I'm going to set about finding myself one....too bad your porch wasn't a bit closer...I could grab a small cutting on my way by.

  16. Oh my, Jacqueline! How lovely your ivy is. I can see why it's been plucked so much.

  17. Hi J,
    My my how she has grown!! It's a beautiful plant, and sweet flowers, I've never grown one. I only bring in cuttings for garden plants each fall to save having to buy "premium" plants in the spring and I am horrible at remembering to take care of them, haha!
    Happy Monday:-)

  18. I couldn't believe all the GREEN in this post, Jacqueline, and thought I must have mistakenly clicked on a summer or spring entry! That ivy certainly is beautiful. In all my years of having one (a long time ago) I don't think mine every bloomed. In fact, I didn't know they DID! I brought my plants in several weeks ago and it is nice to see a little green around the house, especially when the thermometer says it's 21 degrees outside! (I'm sure the are happy, too!)


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