Monday, December 2, 2013

Simple Gift Wrap Tips & Tidbits

I have spent many a Christmas Eve wrapping presents into the wee hours and falling asleep with the job undone. When you have children still at home, it can be a production. But I'm just talking about the fun kind!

There are really inexpensive ways to get the job done. The beautiful cards here, for instance, were two dollars a box at the thrift store. I make tags and banners and ornaments out of them.

The hobby shop had these pretty boxes on super sale. I put a few small gifts into it for my daughter's family to enjoy in the weeks before Christmas, ie., books, advent calendars, etc.. 

Little by little things are tucked inside until I'm ready to send it on.

These little muslin bags (from the bridal aisle of the craft store--about five bucks for a dozen) make a quick and fun bag for small gifts or an easy advent calendar. Just stamp or tag them with numbers, dress them up any way you like, and tuck goodies inside.

This beautiful white on white design wrapping paper is also from the thrift store. It works for all occasions and can be dressed up with colored trims. It's fun to stamp on too. (I stock up on different white and kraft papers because I like the look.)

I have a little vintage booth, so I buy tags in bulk from a retail store supply outlet. You can too. The price looks big when you buy so many at once, but it's actually cheaper than buying them anywhere else.

I did indulge myself with a few new rubber stamps this year. But the gold flecked thread was a thrift store buy (probably less than a dollar) that I have used for tags for a couple of years now. A LOT of tags.

Old book pages are fun to use. (Mine is from a dictionary.) 

A couple of years ago I was lucky to find a box of one thousand large doilies at the thrift store for less than five dollars. Endless possibilities.

The Christmas scene here is on a letter sized envelope from the office supply.

The tissue I'm using in the box is left over from department store purchases. Rumpled is in now! :0)

I have plenty of regular Christmas wrap when I just need to get the job done (like on those many past Christmas Eve's). But this is more fun! 

So there's my cheapo tips and tidbits for the season!
 Happy wrapping!

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Art and Sand said...

Wrapping the presents is all part of Christmas for me. Shopping for the perfect gifts, wrapping them and then watching the recipient open them is what i love about the holiday. said...

Some great ideas here Jaqueline,
I stopped wrapping gifts when the children became married and left home.. I just get things for the grandchilden.. and then we all give a small thing if we are together on christmas day.
kind wishes val

amy of four corners design said...

great ideas here...I love the white on white wrapping paper - and your use of doilies is wonderful!

Pat Cantwell said...

Oh, dear friend. . .such kindred spirits are we!!!I have tons of doilies, enveloples, kraft paper, scrapbook paper, white paper, blank tags, scraps of card stock, cotton string, garden twine, jute!!! Although my rubber stamp collection is's amazing!!! . . .and there's more, so much more!!! I formerly owned my own Handmade Cards with a Vintage Flair business and I kept all the inventory!!!
I love all the tips and tidbits you shared!!! The last two years there have been no store bought bows or gift tags here on the Prairie!!!
Have a great week creating marvelous gift packaging and tags! That's a wrap!

must love junk said...

So many beautiful ideas! I love your little bird stamp and how you've used it! :)

Debra Oliver said...

love your wonderful ideas! so simple but so much "pretty"!!

Lady Pamela said...

Such valuable tips here. So many that I have never seen before. Thanks so much for sharing.

helen tilston said...

Hello Jacquesine

I love your creativity and the thought you put into wrapping your gifts.
Beautiful work


Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful tidbits of paper etc. You must have a very unique thrift store there as I've never seen these sort of things here. I used to be a Christmas Eve gift wrapper. I think all mothers are at some time. ;) I have used brown wrap before and stamped it. I must get out my rubber stamps. Thanks for the tips.

lynn said...

i love wrapping presents! lovely ideas--the little muslin bags are a fav of mine to use! tfs, jacqueline!

Jeanie said...

All of these are terrific tips -- some I already do and some new ones, too. Everything looks so pretty. I believe the wrapping should be as special as the gift and I know anyone who receives yours will know that's the case!

Kay said...

Jacqueline, you must be the luckiest thrift store shopper ever!!! And the most creative gift wrapper, too! Lovely post with beautiful photos.

Debbie Lynne Malison said...

Just so pretty and elegant!!

Marilyn said...

You have some very pretty ideas here and ones I may just use. Thanks!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful packages and wonderful ideas. I love the simple tags that are rubber stamped.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jacqueline you put such thought into the things that you do and it really shows. I am finding out about all kinds of new things from blogging and I'm loving all of it..Happy Monday..Judy

Fågel Blå said...

Wow its so lovely!
many nice gifts!
Whish you a nice week

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

I love that look you've achieved Jacqueline. Nice ideas. :)

iris said...

c'est très beau
simplicité du papier
la couleur
cela donne beaucoup d'idées
et peu couteuses
merci du partage

Pondside said...

Such good tips, Jacqueline - thank you! I like your bird stamp very much - I must look for something with that sort of spirit!

Cynthia said...

What gorgeous things you have done, that box is a beauty. Love the tags.


chateau chic said...

These are wonderful tips and ideas on making packages so much more special!!
Mary Alice

Beatrice Euphemie said...

How very pretty, Jacqueline! You have put a very personal and special touch to these inexpensive finds and made them quite enchanting. So lovely for your lucky recipients! Hugs xo Karen

Bella said...

Hi J,
All wrapped up, and pretty as can be! I always enjoy your doily uses, WOW a thousand, endless inspiration, seriously!!! I am also smitten with that tweet birdie stamp!!

Linda said...

Such a labour of love! How I would feel as though the luckiest woman on earth to be on your 'good list' at Christmastime...I am feeling more inspired than ever now.
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

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