Friday, March 29, 2013

Patio Dressing

Over the winter our patio begins the natural process of becoming buried up again in the earth. It might take a hundred years, but it makes good progress in a single season! By spring it resembles a nostalgic movie episode. One where the heroine of the story finds herself wandering through a place long neglected, like the closing image of the movie Fried Green Tomatoes, say, where the train whistles, leaves blow, and a faded cafe sign sways in a chilly breeze. . . . Okay, it doesn't look nearly all that romantic. But it does seem like it might take a film crew to make it right again! A few hours of taking down nature's set makes all the difference. . . .

We still need a few plants here and there, but I can stage a cozy scene for now with a few fresh linens. Cheery as blooms.  

Ages ago I found this lovely round tablecloth already altered for a patio table with an umbrella pole just like mine! 


The tables get moved all around, but for now I have them nested together in the center.

I thought I might cover the wicker table too, but found that I wanted to see the top itself when I place a tray or book on it. I used a doily this time instead.

I find myself referring again and again to the current BH&G issue of Flea Market Style ( that I showed you in a previous post here). Especially the pages by Janet Coon of Shabbyfufu. It's wonderful inspiration, and perfect for perusing on the patio!

My Swedish ivy (above) looking healthy and full again, and taking in some fresh air and sunshine after being indoors since fall.

Newer hefty but soft napkins from William Sonoma work well with a vintage table topper.

Everything here was collected from flea markets.

The settee sports a faded hodgepodge of older and newer cushions. It's so nice to be dressing up the patio for a new season like some Hollywood wardrobe designer! I hope this gig plays for a long time!

Thanks for coming by for the show!


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  1. Wish I could have a cup of coffee in your lovely patio Jacqueline !
    Kisses Olympia

  2. Beautiful♥ Blog♫..;))
    Happy Easter♫..Hugs Gaby..♥

  3. très , très beau
    ce linge est magnifique
    j' aime beaucoup ♥♥♥
    quand on pense à toutes ces petites
    mains qui ont brodés avec patience
    tout ces nappes
    cela reste rêveur
    je vous souhaite de

  4. Pretty pics, Jacqueline. Such an inviting and relaxing spot. Brown and white linen, ticking, etc. is my favorite!

  5. I love the variety of pillows in your chairs! Very pretty patio!!

  6. OMG!*!*!
    **ChiPPy-WHiTe Box** is over the top FaB!*!*! and LoVe your Chair Vignette Area as well...
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  7. Simply soft and inviting. Such a perfect spot to enjoy the day. Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter

  8. Your porch is just lovely. I can hardly wait to start on mine ~

  9. Beautiful. Very serene and refreshing. Makes me want to work on mine! Well maybe I don't- that is why mine doesn't look like this!

  10. Dreaming about being outside, someday soon! Love the linens and how special it makes your outdoor space.

  11. If you see a pale Wisconsinite sitting on your lovely porch...just me!
    Smiles to you,

  12. So beautiful and relaxing. We started digging out our patio yesterday. Gave it a good scrubbing and added a few potted plants. Feels good, doesn't it.

  13. It's too early to get out our deck furnishings but I did get out the two chairs as it's a sunny weekend and I just might like to sit for a few minutes in the sun even though there's a chill in the air (about 45 F). Your patio looks so inviting even without plants yet. I look forward to your patio posts that I know will be coming. Have a blessed Easter. Pamela

  14. Today seems like a good day to get out and give the veranda an overhaul. The wood chips, dust and pine needles have accumulated but an hour or so should see it right. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Thanks for the call out of the Swedish ivy. I was wondering what the name of it was. Loving the vintage box and stand. What wonderful finds. Happy Easter!

  16. Love the serene peaceful look of today's post..lovely!
    Happy Easter Weekend! ❤

  17. Well I guess I had forgotten that patios get buried in albuquerque, too!! Here in Oregon, we actually have had sunshine and warmth for a couple days so I have been out working on cleaning up patio. It has definitely taken more than a few hours--soo much dirt and leaves and debris!! I sure don't remember this kind of mess at the end of winter there! But, then it has been a long time! Anyway I am loving our unusual nice weather. I could get used to this real your photos! Kay

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  19. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous patio, dear friend!!!
    I would love to add linens to our back deck...but here on the Prairie...they would wind up in another State. The wind is never silent here!!! We must tie the cushions down or they visit my neighbors, as in years past!!!
    I do enjoy my morning coffee and evening tea on the deck. The birds have been chirping the most lovely of melodies already this Spring!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely patio! You, dear one, are always an inspiration!!!

  20. Jacqueline, your posts are wonderful inspiration! Stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter. Hope your day is filled with delights......Sarah

  21. Oh, Jacqueline, your patio looks so pretty, waiting for Spring to arrive in earnest. Your linens are always so lovely to peruse and they look wonderful here as you stage them for a comeback. And you've brought to mind a dilemma I've been wrestling... do I paint my wicker or let it chip away. Yours looks so nice, I may leave it!

  22. Your blog is so pretty. I'm glad I found it. Susan @

  23. I love the way you take photos.

    I see your neutral vintage linens or a perfectly placed shot with white flowers in a china chamberpot on a shabbilicious box with a hint of a white chandy and just melt.


    Ever thought about taking all your best photos and making a book, J?

    You should.

    I will buy your first copy and keep in on my coffee table. Seriously. You should consider doing this. You are THAT GOOD.


  24. I love your photo of the Downton Abbey Guirls, I have the same one as my laptop background. So lovely they are in their linen frocks. ♥


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