Monday, April 1, 2013

French Dogs & Demijohns

Maybe you know Rachel Hale from her book, The French Cat. Likely you have seen her beautiful photos around online. Her delightful new book, The French Dog, has just been released. I discovered it at Anthropologie.

And what do French dogs have that others don't?

Why France of course! I love dog photography, but the scenes of the cafes, shops, and country houses of France make these images even more spectacular!

My French mood must have led me to the junk shop where I found a couple of demijohns today. (And I do mean junk!)

A couple of these old beauties were sitting in the doorway of a shop far off the beaten track. They have wonderful patina, and are the largest I have seen around here at twenty inches high.

"How much?"  I asked, almost holding my breath. (Seven dollars for one, ten for the other. Well, who would bargain for a better price than that?)

Here they are with a few others in my collection (which now suddenly seems way more respectable!).

I love the two separate weaves of this one with three handles.

Shiver me timbers! So much excitement for one day!
And I have lots of catching up to do after the long weekend.

Welcome to April!

Hope you're enjoying the new week.


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Patty Wiles said...

the demijohns are so pretty!

elizabeth said...

Such great finds for such a great price!

AntiqueChase said...

THose prices!!! oh my gawd!

Dianne said...

Good work! Sometimes it really pays off to hit the really out of the way places. You got rewarded and the prizes are just wonderful. Dianne

Sarah said...

What a wonderful find! I love the textures on these woven pieces. We have a few that we found in France over the years, but ours are all small ones. Easy to get in a suitcase! '-) I've never seen a double one.
Off to Round Top Antiques tomorrow. I'm sure there will be some their, but not at those amazing prices. '-)
Happy April, my friend.......Sarah
Oh, love that book. Will have to get a copy.

jean said...

Love the bottles! Goodness, you got them for great prices. The dog photos from the book are wonderful but, I just about died when I saw the Jack Russells, my favorite dogs. My Jackie (yep, that was his name) died four years ago and I still miss him like it was yesterday.

Olga said...

Great finds! And the book seems fun. I just love that pictures of the dog looking out of the window.


Happy to discover your blog (I'm your newest French follower LE CHEMIN DU BONHEUR) which is just in the way I like !!! Love also your roses chinas !
xoxo from PARIS in the sun to day

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Sounds like a book I must have Jacqueline. It has all of my favourite things... France, dogs, photography and books. I'll be checking it out for sure.

ImSoVintage said...

Those are two of the most amazing demijohns I have ever seen. Congrats.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Love old demijohns! Yours are wonderful...great find! :)

Pamela Gordon said...

I love the dog photos. And, I love the demijohns. I've never seen one for real. Your double one is really unique. You found some great things on the weekend. I hope you have a super week!

Haworth said...

Those demijohns are wonderful finds, Jacqueline, and your collection looks beautiful on your table. I've never heard of Rachel Hale but those photos are adorable. (I love how dogs are allowed in pubs and cafés throughout Europe.) Happy April!

Maggie Ann said...

You just have so much fun! And the dogs are so cute....I like them very much. Except when I consider the work of having one here. We had a boxer years ago....the cutest puppy on earth, but when that rebel grew up!!! Not the same docile cutie!

On Crooked Creek said...

Whew! I've been playing "catch~up", too, dear friend!!!
Great texture in your newest addition to your collection of demi~johns!!!
Have a marvelous week!!!

val's alentejo said...

What great finds. I love demijons.
My mother had a collection..years ago, you could get them in bottle green and added to a corner decor.
Your shop is coming along Jacqueline.
love the chandelier.
Happy April

lynn said...

love the sweet pups and baskets!--great collection!

SizzleandZoom said...

A wonderful collection. Looks great! I have to catch up with The French Cat.

Linda said...

How do I spell GORGEOUS? Jacqueline's collection!
I am excited, too! haha
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Jacqueline. What a great assortment of demi-johns you have. All the brown wicker is such a compliment to your whites. Love dog books and pictures. They all just have a special look being from France and all..Happy Wednesday..Judy

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

OMG- your really found treasures there, Jacqueline, WOW!

They go for $75+ online, whooo hoo!

I hate I gave away one about 8 years ago to an acquaintance. It was huge. I want it back now, haha. JK, but I think about it now and then.

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