Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flea Market Garden Style

I thought I would share my grocery store flowers with you.

 I also picked up a flea market style magazine that made me want to get styling immediately! 

The roses got the wicker wrapped jar, and the tulips one of my favorite McCoy vases. A page from an old Cavallini & Co. calender gives everything a bit more interest.

We've had this old wicker plant stand stored away for awhile, and it's time to start keeping it company for spring. I'm sure it will be used a lot both inside and outside for the next season or two.

Vintage garden stuff is one of my favorite ways of displaying flea market style.

Nothing could be cheerier!
I got out junking this weekend and turned up some pretty terrific stuff! Can't wait to show you!
 How on earth did we get to the last week of March already?
Hope you have a terrific week!


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  1. I love your beautiful pink flowers, the roses, the tulips are soooo pretty, love the way you styled them

  2. You have the most lovely linens.

    The roses are particularly beautiful.

    I am enjoying some cheap grocery store daffodils right now - love spring flowers!

  3. Love the use of the wicker planter, Jacqueline. The flowers are so pretty and the whole color scheme is wonderful. Hurry and show and tell..Happy Sunday..Judy

  4. superbe
    quelle douceur dans ces tulipes
    d' un si joli rose
    et ce cadre , l' ensemble est parfait
    j' aime beaucoup ♥♥♥
    edith (iris) France

  5. Your wicker stand with the flowers looks so pretty Jacqueline.. a great idea for a little corner outside.
    will be looking for your finds.
    hope all is going well with the little shop !
    March..has flown.. I didnt realize that it was palm sunday yesterday.. and I never forgot that..
    its freezing here.
    happy Monday

  6. So beautifully elegant! Love the softness, and the texture of the wicker! Wonderful Spring look!

  7. What a delightful post, Jacqueline, as I sit here with my coffee watching the snow come down outside! What's with that?? Loving the pinks.
    Mary Aice

  8. I want to see more of your McCoy vase! The pinks are gorgeous, love how you placed them in the wicker planter.

  9. Your post has made my heart sing....
    Smiles, Dottie

  10. What gorgeous flowers! I bet that they smell so wonderful! I love hyacinths - so fragrant! My daughter bought me a pot of tulips recently. Very unusual color, kind of a burnt orange. Duh here forgot to take a picture of them though and they're starting to fade. I'll put the bulebs in the ground for next year! Enjoy! Hugs, Leena

  11. Beautiful photos as always...desperate for spring weather and garden flowers! :)

  12. Your pretty flowers and wicker are just what I needed on this cold and snowy day.

  13. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous vignette and "staging" display in your wicker, dear friend!!! Love your choice in market flowers!!! Precious soft pink hues gently whisper...Spring!
    A friend and I just mentioned the other day over a cup of tea...that it will soon be time to go Garage $aleing together!!! So, of course...I'll be back to see your newest treasures!!!

  14. I love you wicker plant stand. I have to get out more to flea markets. Thanks for the nudge.

  15. The styling for your beautiful pink flowers looks so delightful, especially in the white wicker plant trough along with the old linen. The frame in the last picture did you paint it ? I have one similar that's gold and I feel it looks dated.

  16. Gorgeous styling Jacqueline and beautiful photos as always.

  17. Looks gorgeous Jacqueline! The white wicker is perfect with the pale pink flowers, fab!

  18. I love your pink flowers and the white wicker... As always, your photos are stunning.

  19. I always love seeing pink flowers. Rose and tulips are especially beautiful in pink. Thanks for sharing.

  20. This vignette is just beautiful, Jacqueline! The pink flowers, antique linen, and wicker plant stand just look so lovely together. I am waiting, waiting to be able to "spring up" the house, but until the nights get a bit warmer, I fear all the shawls, coverlets, throws, and firewood will have to keep me company a bit longer.

  21. Reading this beautiful post has made me feel like I was given some flowers! I will be on the look out for that new magazine!

  22. Beautiful tulips! and there is my favorite frame again. I never tire of seeing it!



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