Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish Linen & Lace

I'm thinking of the Irish Poets and storytellers today. Of my grandfather John Henry Kelley. I'm remembering a wonderful evening at the labyrinthine Quays Pub in Galway, and a day at Martello Tower in Dublin on Bloomsday. Of one unforgettable day we walked ten miles round trip to the Cliffs of Moer and back to our B&B in Doolin. Having traveled all that way, I wanted to have a look over the edge, so I crawled out and peered over while lying on my belly. (The wind is known to carry people over.) I got vertigo anyway.

I love all things Irish. But especially an Irish accent, Fisherman knits, and tweed Irish caps. And of course, top of the list, beautiful Irish linen and lace. . . .

May the road always rise up to meet you!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!



  1. What beautiful items - I have alot of crochet collars but that top is stunning!

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  3. What sweet memories you have, except for the vertigo!!! The linens are beautiful........

  4. What beautiful Irish lace and linen you have. I remember my mother having an Irish linen table cloth when I was young, she only used it for special occasions. My sister & I had to iron it. I vowed that when I was married & had my own house I would never have linen table cloths. Now I love to see them, but still hate ironing them.
    Lovely post, enjoy your St Patrick's day

  5. Oh my friend, this is gorgeous; such beautiful Irish crochet pieces and embroidered linen, each one is totally lovely. Happy St. Pat's and have a great week too.

  6. Dear Jacqueline,
    They are treasures-all!
    Happy St Patrick's Day,
    Ruthie from:

  7. I wish I had some beautiful Irish linens to go along with my Waterford. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  8. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you Jacqueline. Beautiful Irish linens and laces. Your trip sounds wonderful.

  9. Beautiful handwork and story. Would you please come over and share at my design blog hop?


  10. Gorgeous Irish linens and lace. A trip to the isle is on my bucket list but I wouldn't be looking over any cliffs.
    Happy St. Patrick's day.

  11. Everything is so pretty...and to have lovely memories of Ireland as well! This must be your holiday!

  12. Jacqueline,
    Inspirational post with all the beautiful linen and lace, dear friend!!!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you, also!
    Have a marvelous week ahead!

  13. What a lovely post! I do so love Irish crochet. You have some marvelous Irish treasures!

  14. Your lace is so pretty. Happy Saint Patrick's day and have a lovely week.

  15. you manage to find the most glorious linens.

  16. That is just brilliant!!!! Im not surprised that you love it, truly spectacular pieces! :)


  17. très joli travail d' aiguilles
    pour ce col et le gilet
    Irlande est un très beau pays
    je viens de sortir un billet
    sur mon autre blog
    sur "les poètes des lacs "
    si vous aimez la poésie , je vous
    invite à me rendre visite
    à bientôt

  18. What beautiful lace, oh my, I adore the little lace top, its gorgeous. I have inherited a lot of lace things from my mother but am not a lacy person myself. However, she crocheted the most beautiful lace bedspread but unfortunately after years of storage it has a few marks on it so I am planning to dye it a blue/grey to use in my bedroom. I hope this doesn't sound disastrous but it's a way I can stil use it and also sort of upcycle it, what do you think?

    Lee :)

  19. To Lee:

    I've seen it done. I think it's a great idea!

  20. Oh my goodness, that one linen piece with the little clovers is soooo sweet, and so pretty posed with the small silver spoons. What a great photo! I CANNOT even imagine standing anywhere near those cliffs! My stomach falls just looking at photos of them!


  21. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Jacqueline! The lace and linen in your photographs is so beautiful. I love damask napkins, especially as they age and grow soft and floppy with a lovely sheen. Your Irish memories are real treasures!

  22. Gorgeous posts = the linens and the silver AND the china! Love all of it!
    Thank you for my Sunday morning treat!


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