Monday, November 8, 2010

A Place for Solitude

"When from our better selves we have too long been parted... how gracious, how benign, is Solitude." These words from the poet William Wordsworth begin the chapters from Victoria's Intimate Home.

I wasn't able to get many of the Victoria books when they were first published, but I have come across enough of them in resale shops and yard sales so that I now have quite a few. They remain as inspiring and beautiful as ever.

It's no longer such a challenge to find a quiet corner, and of course so many of us now have whole rooms to ourselves. But I have dedicated a spot here in my guest room nursery by popping up a small table and placing a few of my favorite things on it.

One of those things is a small tureen I inherited from my husband's mother who turns ninety in a couple of months. This little beauty always sat on the kitchen table of her big house with pens and stamps in it. She referred to it as her office, and always sat there to pay bills. 

Jane's Father bestowed a pair of these on her for her wedding over sixty-five years ago. I'm thrilled to have one of them and to carry on the tradition! I'll always love having a pretty and quiet place to tuck away and dream somewhere.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Ciao! for now!


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  1. That is beautiful Jacqueline. I did my post on that book last week. That book really spoke to me and I like that quote you choose too. Beautiful tureen. I can just envision a woman sitting at the kitchen table paying bills out of that. Very neat memory.

  2. That piece is simply breath taking.

  3. Beautiful post-again! I am trying not to be envious of that soup tureen.


  4. Just beautiful!! Love the story that goes with the gorgeous tureen- how lucky you are to have that treasure! Beautiful setting -it looks like a very inviting quiet corner! :)

  5. Solitude....such a beautiful word and so perfect for the pictures, your quote, and your post. Solitude is something that I almost "crave" at this point in my life....and something that I can rarely find........unless of course you count the time that I spend reading/viewing your peaceful blog.

  6. What a lovely post...a real treat!!All the best,Chrissy

  7. What a beautiful presentation! Those heirlooms are so special and pretty!

    I have enjoyed browsing through your lovely blog!


  8. lovely share - thank you!
    and for visiting & chatting with me at FHC! Welcome..

  9. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jacqueline.

  10. Wow, very classy plates Looks victorian. Impressive.

    Please check out My Blue Monday post here Thanks!

  11. Jacqueline, Beautiful photos and I love your transferware tureen and plate.
    Hugs, Sherry

  12. From one Jacqueline to another, this is absolutely stunning. I felt so rested just visiting. It was so calming. My spot to pay bills is nothing like this restful spot, no wonder I don't like to pay them! Nice TTT post.

  13. How very beautiful...precious and charming.....cleo

  14. My youngest children have started school this year and I've been surprised by enjoying solitude. I was worried I'd feel lonely and perhaps I did for the first day or so. And then I noticed tghat I rather like a bit of extra time by myself!!

    I love that quote.

    And your tureen is beautiful. How special that it's an inheritance.


  15. Hello Jacqueline.
    This is lovely - we do need moments of quiet to reset ourselves. I just love that tureen - so beautiful and that it holds special memories.
    Just gorgeous!
    Thank you for joining me again at A Return to Loveliness
    Always a pleasure,

  16. I love hearing the stories of provenance on pieces and yours is just beautiful. A good book, quiet corner and the perfect pen...does life get any sweeter?

  17. Jacqueline, your tureen is beautiful and so are the lacy edges on the linens and the charger/tray! The paper knife must be old, too. Beautiful post. Linda

  18. Oh wow, this is so pretty. Love your gorgeous china and the silver tray. Everything is arranged so beautifully. Like a picture from a magazine. Love it. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  19. Your intimate spot is so lovely, just exudes peace and quiet! How wonderful to have such beautiful old family pieces!

  20. Well you certainly got my attention with your beautiful display. I'm in love with your tureen and of course anytime someone shows silver I swoon. Anything handed down is such a treasure. Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. Hi JQ, You have created a lovely nook to hybernate and dream:-)) The soup tureen is a real beauty, and so nice to have a persoanl history :-)) I marvel at the simplicity that an "office" can be stored in a small space... The secretary in my parlor was my Grandmothers " office" just the little cubbies held it all... a years worth of receipts, bills, envelopes, stamps, etc... I long for that simplicity!
    Have a great day!!

  22. I'm late to this one, but, Jacqueline, I just had to join in with everyone else who has commented, and say this was just so wonderfully beautiful and peaceful. And I needed it!!!
    So thanks!
    Love, Kay

  23. love these, delicate blues.

    awards for you. Happy Thanksgiving! xx


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