Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Amber Hours

We went to an annual "kick off the season" party last Sunday. The kind of affair where you get to see friends and acquaintances you haven't seen for awhile, mixed in with a lot of folks you've never seen before and likely won't see again.

But the parties I like to attend the best are the same ones I like most to give. Intimate lingering affairs with good food and great conversation.

Candlelight is a must. And so is keeping it simple. But the key to making it memorable is to add a little glamour.

Small gestures, like dimming the lights, playing the right music, and bringing out a few indulgences make the most basic settings transcendant.

A white French linen table runner over a sumptuous layer underneath is a good place to start. Bringing out the silver is a good second. And a bit of cut glass adds the dazzle that takes it all the way to third base.

Everyone responds well to a cozy amber glow, and the talk just flows.

I added a little suggestion of the season with glittery cards from Cavallini and Co. at each place, and tossed in a few silver balls to up the ante.

Serving plates are my plain white cafe ironstone topped with vintage creamware bowls.  Let the guests be the star of the show.

Napkins are from Pottery Barn and translate into so many different settings. But I think a simple table shows them off best.

So I'd love to know how often you go to or give a dinner like this. Would this work for you during the holidays?

Bon Appetit!
Thanks so much for coming by!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. This table is really beautiful. I especially love the glassware and the place card in the bowl.

    You are so right about dimming the lights and having the right ambience. It just makes a difference and makes it a bit more special.

    I know that the guests at that table felt special!

  2. Beautiful! Love it! We also used post cards very much like those in your setting! Love your blog, We'll be back!

    Dana and Daisy

  3. Beautiful, Jacqueline! I love the way the candle light reflects off your crystal, the light does look amber. I also like the way you used the cards and the PB napkins are sweet!

    This is definitely a table for good company!


  4. Jacqueline, absolutey stunning and understated elegance. Love it ,Kathysue

  5. Beautiful table! How did I miss those napkins at Pottery Barn?!

  6. So pretty and elegant! I love all the silver and crystal! The cards are really beautiful!

  7. Jacqueline --
    Why shout when a whisper is so effective! Your understated post is so lovely and it makes me want to pull up a chair and talk till the wee hours.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  8. Hi Jacqueline, Very itimate, the soft glow... stunning! The candlesticks with silver balls? a great cenetrpiece, so clever!

  9. I could spend hours at a table like this and wouldn't mind at all if the food tasted like cardboard.
    Hugs- Tete

  10. This tablescape has such a lovely, intimate feeling, Jacqueline...I would LOVE to be at this dinner!

  11. Simply beautiful ~ love everything about it. And what are those darling little chairs I see?

  12. congratulations tablescape is simple, but very nice.

  13. A very beautiful table setting. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    Anne xx

  14. Sending you a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Road! I'm popping over from Yvonne's Stone Gable blog. Your post is just lovely, I love the sepia color of your photos and the elegance of your table. I'm planning a cocktail party for December 11th and am still thinking about the tablescape. Like you, we love using candles - and playing just the right music is key. This year I'm cheating a bit by ordering the food from a local restaurant due to by work schedule, but will be cooking for another more intimate dinner party the following week. That menu hasn't been finalized but it's for a smaller group of friends so it should be easier. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful table! Ciao, bella!

  15. Just beautiful Jacqueline! The table setting is so warm and welcoming it makes me wish I had been invited to such a dinner!
    Lovely photos and I have to say the little glittered bird was perfect for the season!
    Tina xo

  16. Hi:)
    Magical moments & stylish decoration. Your table looks beautiful.

    much love

  17. Hello! Im your newest follower and CRAAAAAAAAZY about your blog! Everything is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all the candlelight...I would LOVE it if you came to visit my blog and 14 days of xmas trees...and i have a giveaway you might like :)
    Im so glad i found you...i will no doubt be spending shameful amounts of time here :O

    blessings xoxokara

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  18. This is so pretty and calming. I could just see having wonderful conversations sitting at this table.

  19. Small, intimate, good friends, good that's my kind of party! I want to come over too!

  20. You have a magical touch with all of your beautiful place settings (I've spent a while reading a lot of your posts!) You have quite an extensive collection! The candle light makes it sooo dreamy! I love it all!

  21. Your tablesetting is absolutely perfect!!I hope you do more of these simple settings -even everything from the music you played to the menu -the cards in the bowls are so pretty

  22. Beautifully blended tablescape of so many pretty things to admire.

  23. Well, I almost never give these type of parties and almost never go to them either, but I LOVE IT!!!! Everything was so perfect. You say simple, but it is obvious that not one detail got by you. Well done!


  24. This is a perfect holiday table...

  25. This is my kind of party!!
    Love the glittery cards, nice touch.
    Happy Holidays

  26. Just beautiful! I love the elegant silver and crystal together~ what a gorgeous table setting and I love the dimmed lighting as well- it really adds so much! Thanks so much for sharing at my party this week! :)

  27. Love what you did with the candlesticks. Is that a Christmas ball on top of them? very clever. M.

  28. Very, very nice! I know what you mean about giving the kind of parties you like to attend...those are the ones that are most meaningful and the most fun to put together!


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