Monday, November 1, 2010

Country Blues

What could be more country than denim blue and white? I chose this theme for our little Shasta trailer because it's my hubby's favorite color and seemed a bit more rugged for a few days on the road. The large square pillows are Ralph Lauren and the quilt in the foreground is a family heirloom. I made up the ticking stripe curtains.

But rugged doesn't mean you can't stow along a few fun and diversionary things like my old issues of Victoria magazine, and a few interesting books. Inspiration doesn't stop just because you're on the trail!

While we don't take along the Johnson Bros Asiatic Pheasant china, we always have pretty vintage linens tucked away in the drawers.

But once we're back at home, the denim blue transferware still says "country" to me, and works well with my vintage blue rose tablecoth...

or any variety of white linens I want to show off with it.

Country blue transfers easily from being very informal and unfussy to being more dressed up.

I do tend to take a bit more care with my vintage country French transferware large bowled cup and saucer. Not quite as large as a French latte bowl, its large size offers a nice double cup of joe or hot chocolate.

Its marks and pattern never fail to give me a sense of faraway travels through time and space.

Wishing you a Country Blue Monday! Thanks for stopping by!
Ciao! for now!


I'm joining Sally for Blue Monday
and Kathy for Victoria-A Return to Loveliness at A Delightsome Life


  1. I love blues and whites together and the feel and look of all stages of denim.
    I have never seen it put together so well! Love it and camping in your Shasta must be so much fun...and romantic.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Yep, these are my kinda colors.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday, Jacqueline.

  3. Hi Jacqueline, Lovey as can be!! The lighting on the plate stack is dreamy, I am craving a little dappled sunshine today:-) Your tablecloth is enough to cheer up any day!! Happy trails to you :-)

  4. O wow, very elegant stone wares. I like the classic designs in it. Is it victorian? Very high valued items.

  5. Love your blues! Very pretty. I also love anything Johnson Brothers!

  6. Men always seem to prefer blue. Or brown. I do love my blues. Reminds me of the clear sky, as I like to be outside. Your blues are just lovely. The dinnerware is heavenly!

  7. My heart skips when I see your beautiful stuff. Lovely!
    Trick or Treat

  8. you can never go wrong with these colors

  9. I love your blue and white theme today. Especially the pillows. And the dishes are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. I always love looking at your blog.

  10. Such pretty blues and I love the denim shams in the first pic.

  11. Jacqueline, blue and white is always a winning combination. To toss in a bit of denim only sweetens the pot! Beautiful post! ~ Sarah

  12. such beautiful setting Jacqui! look so cozy and I am drooling at your photos! I really love when you set your table with blue & white! just lovely..

  13. Hello Jacqueline!
    How lovely of you to decorate with your husband and yourself in mind. Blue and White is the perfect combination to please both. Love the dishes - I am fascinated at the continuing of the design on the bottom. Always take a few Victorias with me when traveling - makes it special and grounds me at the same time!
    Thanks so much for joining me at A Return to Loveliness with such a marvelous post,

  14. I like the linens on your table today and your dishes are pretty too. Blue and white are a nice combination.

  15. I love blue and white together, so of course I love everything. Looks like you mixed girlie with the florals and lace really well with the strips and denim. Very nice.


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