Monday, June 29, 2020

Romancing Garden Antiques

I am missing poking around in shops. Aside from linens, my next favorite thing to collect is garden antiques. Can anyone explain to me the almost universal appeal of metal flower frogs? They are now used for many things, but almost never for arranging flowers.

And almost any old metal container looks charming with plants plopped in. Who would have dreamed, back in the day, that a simple milk can would be so desired an object in the future? 

But it isn't just vintage garden objects that have charm for me. New earthy pots do too. Even (or especially) in white. I really love the ones that Magnolia does. Their Abby Ceramic pots with numbers and lettering figure very big in my garden object fantasies.  You can see them here. The one above is from a visit to G. Wolff pottery in CT.

Lately I have struggled to keep all of my potted flowers and herbs alive since the really hot weather hit. Why can't my geraniums look like the ones I saw all over Italy? Enormous! I don't have a disciplined watering schedule, which is of course essential. I only have a dalliance with gardening, not a committed relationship. (That little cement urn above is one of my insane favorites.)

As for plants, I have to stick to the tried and true. Ivy. Rosemary. But even these need the love. I do keep full watering cans and buckets everywhere that get topped off at the end of each watering session. This saves the inevitable plant desperate for a timely drink of water when I happen to saunter wincingly by.

I can't tell you how many angel vine plants I have tried to keep. I should have them close by on a leash at all times.

I staged this display at our front gate one day in the name of garden romance. This wooden gate and the ivy covered wall often inspire me to fanciful thoughts of other times and places. 

In fact, this view may have had undue influence over our decision to choose this home in the first place.

As for other times and places, these old goods will have to serve as muse for the time being. But vintage objects seem to meet that purpose very well.

Are you finding inspiration? 

Such a need to escape these days. 

I hope you are indulging a few small pleasures.

Peace to you,



  1. Love your garden gate vignette. That is fabulous. Ahhhhh so beautiful. Love all your garden pots, urns etc. They are all so gorgeous. Lovely as always Jacqueline. Happy 4th.

  2. You always show beauty Jacqueline. I think Geraniums do well in Italy and France because of climate. They're always beautiful when reading or watching a show.

    You always share treasures.


  3. That Woolf pot is a treasure. I remember when you posted about that trip and a tad of envy. All the vignettes are beautiful. You are right about the flower frogs -- I don't know what it is, but everyone loves them. (Me too!)

  4. Your garden gate setting sure has a mood to it - well done.

    Sorry about the angel vine - it doesn't like bright light - perhaps that is what happens?

    Tomorrow we are going to fill the wee pool we have. I will sit in it, alone, and imagine it is a nice deep in ground pool that I could do laps in.

    These days I am still sequestered and feeling blue. I miss my grand.

    Trying to cope with this relentless solitude.


  5. Strolling through my favorite antique mall is my sanity place to go, so have definitely missed it. Finally I went about a week ago just because I needed it. I went early and there was hardly anyone around. How wonderful to stroll for about 1/2 hour. I did come home with a sweet wicker little table and 3 stoneware white plates. I do love garden vintage/antiques and have a collection of galvanized watering cans and flower frogs. Love all you share including your staged settings.

  6. So very happy to have found your inspirational site! I think I was born vintage, my Grand Mama from England. How I treasure the memories of my time with her on she and my Grand Papa’s farm in Western Idaho...still my favorite place to go! I’ll look forward to visiting you shall I return to your area, in the meantime visiting your intriguing site...🙏💜🤗


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