Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Regrets, I've Had a Few

Another birthday soon and other factors have brought "old" more to mind these days. Mention that you're old and often people want to say, "You're not old! You're just (dot dot dot... fill in the blank).

An old crone. What IS that exactly? I looked it up. Turns out it is either an ugly, unpleasant old woman, or a woman of wisdom and power, depending. Anyway over fifty. FIFTY!! Haha. 

I came across a fun, enlightening, and somewhat irreverent article about the subject from the Telegraph in the UK that I guarantee will make you laugh at least once. If you want to read it  CLICK HERE. But I digress....

In perusing old blog posts I occasionally come across lovely things that, as a long time vintage dealer, I no longer own. I have only small regret for letting go of this double wicker bottle shown above, for example. Conversely, the fabulous vintage frame on the wall was originally gold and never sold. I brought it home, painted it white, and can't imagine living without it! So wise.

I lean more to romance in summer. Flowers, lace and linen, and wicker in particular ring all my happy chimes, inside and out.

And white can really be dressed up to the occasion! Think June weddings. Though I think a lot of tradition has gone by the wayside this year, and maybe without regret on the part of some....

Another wicker bottle I no longer own above. (But I try not to think about it.)

This old Lloyd Loom chair still haunts me a little. I loved it so. I can't remember why I didn't keep it!

It was a big part of a few romantic summer lawn parties.

Strider, our most adventurous and entertaining guest at the party is now also gone. (Deep sigh.)

But I'm so glad I never missed the most astonishing room at Vignettes in San Diego the summer we visited there. I thought I would faint!

And maybe I regret a little not snatching up one or two of these pillows from there at the time. (Probably wise.)

This wicker settee sat in my shop for rather a long time before I made it mine forever. Wicker is not much of a New Mexico thing, you see. It was painted an Adirondak brown and mustard which I loved. But after the paint job in white, Oh lala!!

This crochet throw fits the cushions perfectly and reminds me so of Jeanne D'd'Arc Living Magazine. (I had an online subscription for awhile and think I may now regret letting it lapse.) So romantic!

The linen shams were from an ecstatic trip to Canton and LaurieAnna's in Texas for the first and only time. And I regret that I have not yet made it back!

It lives on my covered patio now.

I still own this lovely Heywood Wakefield wicker table even though it has always been just a little impractical for us. But I am regretfully sure that few others in this town would adequately appreciate its true value.

That little round table cover had to go though. Too fussy and formal for me, even though it was custom made for an umbrella table. 

Now linen and lace indoors is a no brainer! And you can never have enough. I don't mind owning up to being a linen hoarder. Try to take my stashes away and you just might see a little "ugly and unpleasant" alright! Oh me.

Old crone, your cover is blown.

I hope you're all putting some vintage love into your summer!




  1. Oh, Jacqueline...what a lovely post. Though I'm not a purist with my vintage or antiques, I'm like you I regret somethings I let slip through my fingers. I've sold 4 pieces of Wakefield over the years. My mother had a penchant for old wicker, many pieces from family, but she would pick up unusual pieces and unpainted Wakefield. I still have a chair (painted) that was in serious shape we reinforced, and I always sigh when I sit and the curl of the rounded arms just fits a relaxed hand. You always have such lovely posts...I do enjoy them immensely, and I've also let my favorite magazines lapse, but the images are still in my mind of my those I loved! Sandi

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this wander through the past with you Jacqueline... such beauty in every image. Ahh yes, birthdays have a way of making us reflective, but I think perhaps regrets are best handled as momentary thoughts and then let go. Let's hope that all of your pretties found their way to fabulous new homes and now of course, there is room for more gorgeousness in your home my friend.
    Hope you are having an amazing summer!

  3. I well know your feelings of letting things go we wish we’d kept. Hopefully your pretty things are living a happy life with another vintage lover who adores them! 💕

  4. Love girlfriend just always love your posts. Swooning as always through the pics. I have been downsizing the last few years with moving into a smaller place and I regret a few things that have gone to a new home too. Love your white settee and that shop oh my my heart skipped a beat looking at the picture. Have a great day.

  5. Jacqueline, when you love antiques so much that you have a shop so you can offer them to others who love them, there are bound to be some, maybe alot of, regrets. We had a full living room set of Heywood-Wakefield at one time. It was beautiful and all original natural. I would almost give my first born to have it back. It was times like that, I think, that make me a (horder) uhm, collector now. I always enjoy so much seeing all that you have or had. Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. They all were cute items. I sometimes have regrets after getting rid of or passing by items. Cest la vie! Something else is always around the corner.

  7. I am with you on decor regret. I used to be all white, crochet, lace, wicker. But over the last few years I have added some farmhouse. Now I have more farmhouse than white. After seeing your post, I think I am an all white, lacy girl at heart. Maybe some day, I will bring it all back.

  8. Oh my stars! Regrets? Yes I have them. That little round table? Divine! Happy you are keeping it along with the sweet wicker settee. I can never have enough linen. Ever. No regrets there. Summer is such a difficult season here in Central Florida where the nights are frequently as hot and humid as the days. But I try to keep the romance from wilting like my lace table covering. Oh well, it shall revive in the fall!

  9. I loved this post for so many reasons! Just seeing your lovely things is always a plus and a joy. Even the ones that got away. You also made me think about my "ones that got away." Most of those are things I saw in an antique market or show and didn't get -- or the things from my parents' home I wish I'd kept. There are definitely a few of those! Thanks for both the beauty and my own walk down memory lane!

  10. Hello neighbor...still neighbors since we are both still in the same area of town. I LOVE wicker and inherited some from my sister. The longer I live here I realize that adobe and stucco serve as marvelous neutral background for almost any decor. Thank you for this lovely visit and Happy Birthday Wise One...whenever it is. Mary

  11. Loving the wicker. Just saw your Instagram list and had to follow some of them. Swooning!


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