Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Soft Side of Summer

I always feel like a little celebration is needed at the summer solstice. And maybe this year more than ever. We are learning to appreciate the purpose of simple celebrations that originated during the hardest of times. 

We have been lucky to finally get a visit from some of the people we hold most dear. Something that has become rare and in itself cause for festivity. But somehow the parting again is harder than ever. 

On the upside, the season still feels fresh in this town that can be so hot in summer. The fields and trees are by some means holding onto a springtime hue of green. The sizzling days to come always pass too quickly for me.

It's strange to enter the height of languorous days when there have already been endless weeks of uncommon stillness. At times at least. And, by contrast, dis-ease and unrest at others. But these are our times. Our own days to shape as the moments stream by.

As for me, I am seeking the softer side of summer. I have never been the sunny beach type, though I love how early the sun rises in the morning, and how long it lingers 'til night. I already regret the shortening of the daylight hours again.

So I am holding close the summertime hours. Hugging them tight before they depart again. Knowing they will end as all things do. Basking in the brightest of days of the year before they meander on.

Wishing you many soft summer days to come!



  1. What beautiful photos!

    And what calming words!


    I'm not as able to sink into Soft Summer Days, but do love to notice the Changing Seasons. With Midsummer's Solstice and etc.

    Heat/humidity really "take the starch out of me," as the old saying goes. So I rather dread Summer. But learning to "dooo" in the cooler morning hours, is a huge help. And simply not worrying about, that which does not get done.

    Yes, all I need, to sink into Soft Summer Days, is to deal with Summer, in the most wise way. -smile-

  2. Always enjoy coming to read your lovely words and view beautiful photos. thank you.

  3. Always love a post from you. Your soft summer days are beautiful. I can see on a nice day the summer breeze blowing through your sweet lace curtains. Have a wonderful day today.

  4. Beautiful white hydrangea. Love the lace curtains that seem to blowing in the breeze. I finally got to see my brother and dear twin cousins last week, no hugs just smiles, happy to be together.

  5. The ecru lace piece on the bed took my breath away! I have NEVER seen anything so lovely on a bed! Wow! Your pics all look dreamy
    and lovely!

  6. This IS a soft side. And it feels so cool and light and lovely. I feel better already!

  7. Stunning photos...and yes, reminds me of my grandmother's curtains blowing with the breeze off Lake Michigan! Hugs, Sandi

  8. Que lindas fotos!
    Beautiful photos!

  9. Lovely pictures - full of inspiration!
    Have a beautiful summer :)
    Love from Titti

  10. *Sigh*

    Oh, Jacqueline - I love your vernacular. It is so sincerely romantic and true.



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