Thursday, August 22, 2013

Monument Valley For A Change of Scene

We left town at two p.m. and arrived by sunset (or moonrise, depending on how you look at it.) I had no idea that Monument Valley, Arizona was less than a days drive away from Albuquerque.

Might as well be on the other side of the moon it is so otherworldly. I haven't heard so many different accents since the last time I visited Disneyland. Seems this national park has more international visitors than U. S. patrons. 

But all superlatives are as useless as a cell phone in this landscape no matter what language you speak.

This famous hotel is called simply "The View" in some grand understatement. 

The hotel appropriately blends into the scenery itself.

Look familiar? Many films have been shot here. For now we're leaving that all behind. . . . 

Happy trails . . . .
I miss visiting with you!
Be back soon.



  1. Gorgeous photos. The park, the sky, the drive-would love to visit.

  2. How NEAT!

    That is a place I will probably never get to experience in person, so it is nice you shared - thanks!

    Have a delightful weekend.

  3. Wow, its an amazing place..
    reminds me of scenes from the cowboy films ..
    I feel the hotel is out of place...should be just natural nature . Great photos Jacqueline.
    A very different trip.
    thanks for taking us there..

  4. That is amazing scenery !!!!

    I bet it is breath taking in person
    there is places like that right here in United States I have never heard of or seen

    your picture were very good

  5. What a beautiful place! I would love to visit some day. It's just so different than anything where we live. The hotel looks like part of the landscape. I love the photo of the moonrise. Thanks for sharing your visit there.

  6. Darling Jacqueline this landscape is incredible! I hope one day in my life I can cross the ocean and admire this beauty! Thank you for share

  7. Stunning, stark and desolate....would love to visit.....thanks for the tour!!!

  8. Oh wow! That is otherworldly, and quite beautiful! Where in the heck are you,??? somewhere out west i presume. I'm trying to catch up on posts here, so i'll find out soon!


  9. Jacqueline
    Your stunning photos brought tears to my eyes. My dear son whom I lost at the age of 27, two years ago lived in Surprise AZ. We have talked of so many places in AZ we still wanted to visit ( our home state is IN) and now he is gone. One of the places we also looked forward to returning to was Albuquerque, which would have been last Spring. We passed through in March of 2006 when Mikie moved to Az and we drove cross country, the place is incredible! Thank you again for the picturesque views, they warmed my heart thinking of what could have been. I so hope one day to return to New Mexico to savor the beauty and the memories. Have a blessed weekend! Lori Kolecki

  10. It has always been beautiful the times I've been there. I would not like to visit when it has just recently rained. But, the colors are so vivid & like nothing you have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Well, OH WOW!!! Isn't Mother Nature Grand!!! Stunning! Beautiful pics, whatta sky/moon!!!! So did you ride the ponies? You are having a great summer!!

  12. That is incredible! Thank you for sharing this photographs.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  13. Beautiful - words can't describe the beauty and peaceful landscape. Thanks for sharing.

  14. This is incredible scenery. I have not been to this part of AZ. It is one of the most unique of the states.
    We vacationed for ten years at a ranch in Wickenburg AZ and I have wonderful memories of horseback riding in the desert

    Helen xx

  15. I haven't been to Monument Valley since I was a child on family vacations. Thanks for sharing these incredible images. Travel safely and enjoy the adventure.

  16. Beautiful!
    I would love visiting here.

  17. I love the little colt.

    What a great little trip.

  18. What a wonderful little trip you have taken us on! The scenery is beautiful - breathtaking! Love the horses and the moon shot, too. xo

  19. Gorgeous! We visited Sedona a few years back, and it was just amazing.
    Your photos are incredible. Enjoy!

  20. Otherworldy! Wonderful pictures.

  21. Truly amazing. Such stunning natural beauty. Thank you for bringing us along.

  22. Fantastic, a definite must see! It's now on my list. Great shots, BTW!

  23. Those images are just stunning, Jacueline! How lucky you are to have seen it in person. Truly breathtaking! Wishing you a safe and happy journey.


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