Monday, August 12, 2013

Quiet Affinities & White Linen

It's hard for me to imagine, but I know there are those of you whose heart doesn't beat any faster at the sight of vintage eyelet, snowy handmade lace, and cutwork pillow covers. For you, linens are kinda pretty, but not that much to fuss about. . . .

And then there are those of us who share these quiet affinities. The inexplicable awes. The surprising touch points of mutual  appreciation. Even across continents.

Call it google, ogle, or what you will. We connect.

As in some widely broadcast secret code, we get the message.

Linens are us.

The pretty little baby bonnet featured here, and a bundle of darling baby gowns came to me from Jeanette O'Donnell of Australia. She is author of the beautiful blog Heirloom Treasures , which you will want to visit, and a fellow linen lover and wonderful seamstress. If it weren't for our blogs, and our mutual love of linens, we would never have become acquainted. 

Thanks again Jeanette!

Sharing the white linen love . . . 

Cooking, crafting, gardening, or what have you, its so nice sharing the quiet affinities with all of you!
Thanks so much for taking time to stop by!


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  1. These are just beautiful. Love the touch and look of lace and white linens. So pretty.

  2. How beautiful.... you know I am loving your new linens! What a gorgeous tag as well! Enjoy the generous gift of your friendship. Take care.


  3. This last few days, while in Lisbon. I was in a shop that has the most beautiful pillow cases and bed linen.. it made me think of you. Of course not antique..but very very lovely.. These little baby items are so adorable.
    thanks for showing them Jaqueline..
    val x

  4. I seriously want to come spend a day with you just shopping for white linens. You have the most beautiful taste and a knack for finding sweet pieces.

  5. How lovely! These sweet beauties are right at home in Cabin & Cottage. Yes, the blogging world has brought many friends together who might otherwise have never met.
    I'm so happy to have met you! ~ Sarah

  6. what a lovely gift from across the miles! we are so very blessed to make such lasting connections here. ;)

  7. Simply beautiful little treasures. I love blogging and the magnificent people that blog.

  8. What precious gifts you got from your friend.i love love love old linens and lace and what you have there is gorgeous beyond words.
    thank you for sharing.

  9. Gorgeous! And so crisp and delicate. :)

  10. such a pretty gift, jaqueline! the little tag is too cute, too!

  11. A nice gift to receive from a fellow lover of linens. I used a lace bonnet similar to that one on our girls when they were babies and suppose I should have kept it.
    Here's a question for you Jacqueline - would you use thin linen placemats for napkins? I bought the palest pink, what I thought were napkins (another story why I thought they were) from an antique dealer and when I got home to spread them out to wash, couldn't believe I had placemats. Washed and ironed, and folded up like napkins, I think I can pull it off. I should send you a photo of them.

  12. The eyelet is so soft and lovely...It calls to me, too...

  13. Jacqueline,
    Your linens are absolutely exquisite!! And I always love the way you display them. It's always a joy to visit.
    Mary Alice

  14. Hi J,
    Well what a lovley gift!! Yes blogging has found us all many a kindered spirit. I know those beautiful pieces have found the perfect home with you:-)

  15. So pleased you liked them Jacqueline. You know the little rosy tag I bought from Elizabeth at the Porcelain Rose,so it returned home in a way. I love her tags and usually tuck them inside gifts. Enjoy xx jeanette

  16. hello
    une agréable page à regarder
    tout ce beau linge blanc , on ne s'en lasse pas
    tout est délicat et plein de charme
    à bientôt
    edith (iris) France

  17. Such beautiful linens and I adore the beauty of that bonnet. Thanks for sharing.


  18. What a lovely gift; it's nice that those precious things made so long ago are still appreciated !

  19. Beautiful post!! I've only recently fallen in love white linens. I'm embarassed to say I've had a huge stack hidden away in my cedar chest that are from my mom and yiayias. You and a couple others have made me realize the
    magic, the beauty and love in them, thank you!!! I've taken them out and have started using them...some are on tables others are displayed on a bakers rack but I'd like more ways to use or display them. Your photos are beautiful but I dont see how you display them (other than the obvious) Is it possible to do a post on the subject?

  20. Oh what a sweet gift that was, Jacqueline, and so lovely to find a kindred spirit. I am certainly a linen lover, and consider myself a caretaker of the past when it comes to so many beautiful family linens that have come down to me over the years from grandmothers and great aunts. You hold history in your hands when you hold a beautiful linen pillow slip, table linen, or handkerchief. And you are linked to all those women who sewed, embroiderd, tatted, washed, bleached and ironed them all, day after day. Such a precious link!

  21. So true! Brings back such lovely memories. I and choose it ever so often. My son when he was born 4+ yrs ago had almost over 40 sets of white gowns and stash of lace, hand embroidered or 'broidery anglaise (most elegant) sets, that I handed over to my mom to be passed on to the next newborn in the family.
    I have kept his home-coming set though.

  22. Was looking through older posts today. And....... what a surprise to see my gift tags! Jeanette is a beloved customer of mine. LOL! They went all the way across the pond and back!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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