Monday, August 19, 2013

What I Did Last Summer . . . , and a WINNER!

Well, it's not over yet, but it's about time to start looking back again like we did when we wrote those first essays at the beginning of school each year. I must admit that my summers have gotten a lot more exciting than when I was a schoolgirl! But I suppose I am also much more into the simple pleasures of life than I was then. It's fun to wait by the tracks for the local train with a four year old ready for her first ride, for instance. And exciting when it finally arrives!

Everybody sporting their new school shoes. . . .  A whole lot cuter that the saddle oxfords I got to wear! (Half of you have no idea what I'm talking about. . . )

While we're waiting for the next big thing, we have a little time for learning new skills. . . .

A glimpse at what lies just next to the tracks can bring you a fresh perspective on life. But looking just a little beyond can give you big ideas. . . . Our next adventure took us to the very top of that mountain!

Wanna take a flight somewhere with ten of your best friends? Take a ride on the tram!

This time waiting for the tram car to arrive. . . .

Leaving the city behind. . . .

Here's a glimpse of the corner of the world I live in!

Fifteen minutes later, and you inhabit a whole different (and cooler) world. . . .  

(The peak farthest out in the haze out there is where we had our next big adventure camping.)

  It's time to get in those last licks of summer! Like a dripping ice cream cone, it's disappearing fast! Thanks so much for peeking at my summer essay!


* Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my August tablescape! I'm happy to announce that the winner of the beautiful 1994 August Victoria Magazine is Pamela from playingwithmycamera in New Brunswick, CA. I wish I had a copy for each of you! 

Congratulations Pam! 

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  1. Ah, what an adventure, I've never been anywhere like this !

  2. Any adventure with grandkids is fun and special. I don't know if a tram ride would be counted in my books but you did it! I had the opportunity to ride the Peak 2 Peak Tram in Whistler, BC but declined due to my fear of heights. Such a chicken I am. Thanks so much for drawing my name! I'm excited to see this issue. It may take a few weeks to get here but I'll let you know when it does. Hugs. Pam

  3. I too remember saddle shoes and running shoes or sneakers were only ever worn for gym. They're so colourful these days, lucky kids!
    A nice ride up the tram to see some of the scenery below.
    Congrats to Pam, she'll love the magazine.

  4. A wonderful adventure and with such precious company! I wore saddle shoes, too. They were so heavy, but very sturdy. Remember white shoe polish? Lovely views of your beautiful countryside. A first train and tram ride must have been so exciting! xo

  5. Oh, I remember saddle shoes very well. Even wore them as a teen! The only tennis shoes I had were Keds, and I have a pair of Keds on today! Looks like you had some marvelous adventures with the grands! They must have been so excited!

  6. Oh, I so enjoyed this post.

    Your sweet little angel is adorable.

    Love that view, so so different from the world in which I live!

    Congrats to the lucky winner!

    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Such a neat post! And, I know exactly what those saddle oxfords are!

  8. Hi J,
    So Fantastic to get to join you on your day trip! Your corner of the world is so big, you can really see for miles and miles, I always found that intriguing! The tram must be exciting, the longest in the world too, very cool! We just got one at the local sky resort, I think it would be fun for summer, but haven't done it... and speaking of haven't done it, your 4 yr old granddaughter has something on me... I have never ridden on a train :-(
    So much to do!!!

  9. Oh this does look like fun! What beautiful scenery. Yes, I definitely remember saddle oxfords! I remember wanting some, because I had to wear corrective shoes while everyone else wore their s.o.! laurie

  10. What a great adventure. So beautiful to look at your pictures. Great scenery. Ha ha I remember wearing saddle shoes to school with our plaid skirts and navy vests. Oh brings back memories.

  11. such gorgeous views! saddle shoes- brings back my cheerleading days--about 100 yrs ago-ha! congrats to pamela!!

  12. hello
    une très belle aventure
    et un super panorama
    c'est fantastique
    edith(iris) FRANCE

  13. What breathtaking scenery from the air tram. You live in a lovely place.
    Victoria Magazine was one of the best, I used look forward to it.

  14. Ah Jacqueline! What vistas! In all the years I lived there and have visited, I never rode the tram! But what beautiful views! And when did Alb get a train? You really show your girls a good time! They will always remember them, I'm sure. Love, Kay

  15. What a beautiful landscape, Jacqueline! And what fun to take your girlies up in the cable car. They must have been so excited.


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