Monday, August 5, 2013

Vintage Chenille For An Easy Change

Sometimes one little find will make my day, like this sweet white on white embroidered table topper (four dollars). There are a couple more views of it below, but I also found a dreamy soft chenille coverlet in pale peach for my summer bed.

Small changes can make a big difference in a room, and I think that is never more true than with bed linens. I don't wait for a change in the season either. The cover gets changed often because all summer long a sheet and a feather light chenille like this coverlet is all we need. (You are also seeing the reverse of the new Laura Ashley pillow I recently showed in another post here, and below.)

The bed most recently looked like this, with a lightweight floral quilt.

And the bed is often covered in white, as in this sculptured chenille that I sold awhile back to someone who gave it to her ninety year old mother for her birthday.

(Yes, it was hard to let go of.)

The detail reminds me of my new linen topper! I love white mixed with pale soft colors for a bedroom in summer. . . .

The textures and swirls in the design keep the look soft, but interesting. 

You can see a tiny bit of wear at the top, which is okay with me. But even in very worn condition, an old chenille can be stitched into other fun things.

Overall this one is in wonderful shape.

A good generous size with a nice drop too!

A chenille wardrobe for your bed is all you need to keep things looking fresh, and you can often find them at a good price. This one in very good condition from a thrift store was twenty dollars.

We still have plenty of summer ahead even though everyone is getting ready for school. August can be our hottest month here, but not yet! We're still getting the monsoons. A delicious rain last night.

Hope you're off to a great week, my friends!



  1. I'm thankful for the monsoons, too; but the farmers are harvesting melons so don't want the rain now. Love the color of your latest chenille. Sally

  2. so pretty,jacquline:) years ago i had a soft pink spread that i used for a shower curtain--thanks for jogging that memory:) have a great week!

  3. I agree. That looks so warm and comforting without looking too hot! I got rid of mine years ago ...but now I'm sorry!! Joan

  4. The peach chenille spread is quite the find. I am soaking a white one today that I bought on Saturday. It always makes me happy to come across one here or on my own. xo, olive

  5. Wonderful find, Jacqueline!

    Your bed looks so inviting...I soooo could take a nap now!

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Oh my goodness! This is so soft and lovely. Chenille is beautiful, and perfection for summer, i think! :). And the color is.. well.. perfect too!

  7. Jacqueline, How did you ever get rid of that gorgeous, gorgeous white chenille spread? Oh my, it is fabulous! Love the peach colored one, too, and, of course, the quilt. I love soft, cozy, beautiful bedding! Sweet dreams!

  8. Hi J,
    Well you are still making fabulous finds!! The sales here have dried up (and so has the rain, Hmmm?) Yummy Chenille and a very nice price, I haven't looked at chenille in years cause it was sooo spendy, maybe I need to look again! Lovely embroidery piece too... lucky you!!

  9. My mum had a bedspread like this one I remember it well.

  10. Brings back childhood memories for me Jacqueline. I'm pretty sure I had a pale pink one very similar to that last one. Hope they never go out of fashion.

  11. Love when you share brings me right back to my childhood summers on cape cod at my Nana's!!
    Just beautiful!

  12. I love chenille bedspreads and have quite a collection of old and new.

    Great post as usual!

  13. hello
    quelle belle broderie
    et toutes ces couleurs roses tendre
    une belle collection
    on est toujours très content
    lorsque l'on fait de si belles
    edith (iris) France

  14. What pretty lines...the floral pillow is so pretty and the chenille brings back many childhood memories.

  15. Those linens are lovely Jacqueline. The white topper is my favorite and what a great bargain.


  16. I got both of the white chenille bedspread from my childhood bedroom. I used one of them to make backings for pillows, but I still have a full spread. I am slowly creating things with my attic finds and the chenille bedspread will definitely be used soon.

    Why can't I find lovely pieces like you do? Well, I do find them, but NEVER for a good price.

  17. Such a lovely collection of linens. Love the white table topper!

  18. Chenille was quite popular for a time but I was glad to get rid of our bedspread as a newlywed. Guess I should have packed it away. :-) While at a big antique show, a lady was buying 3-4 chenille bedspreads from a vendor to use as throws and covers on furniture. ($65 each)
    Perhaps it will make a comeback with new ones created although your peach one still looks pretty fluffy.

  19. Oh, your bed linens are soooo pretty! Do you rent out rooms? It looks so soft and cozy. I would never want to get out of bed! xo

  20. Beautiful spread, Jacqueline! The pale peach looks perfect in that room with those pillows. I have some old twin-sized chenille spreads that I use in the guest room. (And you reminded me that I had a chenille bathrobe as a child!) I envy you the rain you had... we've had glorious cool, sunny weather for two weeks but, alas! no rain and the garden is the worse for it.


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