Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Elephant's Trunk Flea

I'm so glad we got a chance to visit the Elephant's Trunk! My son David lives not far from the area in CT, and has been telling me about it for years. It was a perfect warm clear day. We wandered in mid-day and still had plenty to pick from. The prices, in general, were much better than my usual markets back home in Albuquerque. And of course I saw items rare to find in my region too. I snapped a few pics of my favorites. . . .










 Ceramic jardinier.

 A pair of nice big French mirrors.
The buy of the day? David scored a pair of repro Walter von Nessen, Pattyn lamps. Something that's been on his bucket list for a long time. Originals are priced in the thousands. We bargained for about twenty-five percent off the asking price, and won! These are from LA and were used as props in a movie. We have to find out which one! Not what I would choose, perhaps, but they look sensational with his Modern Era decor!

 I found an antique matelasse cover ($20), blue transferware plates from France (seven for five dollars! really! --that can happen late in the day), and a few cabinet cards.
 Such a fun weekend!
Hope yours was too!


  1. What a fun place and awesome

    So happy for your both!

  2. Jacqueline, looks like a great market. Quite a nice selection, sounds like you got some good stuff. What are you on a world tour?..Have fun and Happy Monday..Judy

  3. Wow, what amazing things they had. I never find things like that at our flea markets.


  4. This whole experience would have fit me "like a glove" - at least the parts you captured photographically! The white ironstone and white iron yard pieces are SO beautiful.

    (I love the autumn colors in the background of that last picture, too.)

  5. i would have filled a TRUCK! oh many lovely tresors! anxious to see your matelasse coverlet, plates and cabinet cards!!! you really scored BIG! ;)

  6. Love all the white ironstone and especially those red and white linens. Looks like a great show and it's obvious you had fun.

  7. I love this, all the photos are great. I love all the metal and those windows. I would've had a great time.


  8. Oh my. i love the white ironstone teapots! Gorgeous!! It looks like a fun flea market and I'm glad you found some things to take home. Those modern lights remind me of the air raid sirens that used to be on light posts back in the 60's for some reason. ;)

  9. I love it all. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy. Looks like a wonderful place to shop.

  10. I love the tea pots/coffee pots. You draw me in with your beautiful posts and I want to be where you are.

  11. Wow ~ looks like it was full of treasures. Love the ironstone and the linens ~ looks like you had such fun ;-)

  12. I want to go junking in the USA!!! We don't have enough good old stuff in Canada!

  13. Looks like a great place, I love outdoor flea markets. I'm sure I wouldn't have gone home empty handed.
    Thanks for sharing. Come visit me sometime. Gina

  14. so much to look out! I would have trouble deciding what to buy!

  15. I'd be in heaven walking around there.
    Those old Christmas balls are wonderful. Reminds me of all the intricate and beautiful ones my grandmother had. Then gave to my mom.
    Hmmm...I wonder if I can talk her into giving them to me.

  16. Oh boy I'd be spending the grocery money for the next year at that market. Groan. So much awesome stuff. I'd have a hard time choosing what I'd really have to have if I could go there.
    We live in Western CO and I don't see nearly the good stuff I found when we lived in Western KY (Bowling Green area).
    I get disgusted here, the prices are outrageous also. Even our local thrift store is getting too high for some of what they're offering now.
    What few antique stores here aren't open that often and I've yet to see an outdoor market like the one you went to. We've been here for over 8 yrs. Feeling very antique/vintage deprived.

  17. Looks like there were MANY things you LoVe!.!.! Those windows were amazing!!!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  18. Wonderful bargains, Jacqueline! (I love those small pink-floral teacups...) So glad you had good weather! It really was a good weekend here for being outdoors during the day. Take care!

  19. Oh wow! What a market! So many wonderful finds! How do you choose? I love the christmas orniments. I would have been all over those : )

    Danielle xo

  20. What great finds Jaqueline.. I would love to visit one of those markets.
    Your hubby must have been pleased with his lamps.. they are really cool.
    All the photos are nice. I like the wrought iron work.
    I have just found two very old burgular bars with a design.. i forgot i had.. i am going to re sand and paint them ..
    wishing you a happy week

  21. I've been dreaming of making it to the Elephant's Trunk for the last three years. Maybe next May.



  22. This is on my road trip list...thanks for sharing these great pictures!


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