Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Leaves

 In the bucolic countryside of Bethany, Connecticut you will find Whitlock's Book Barn featuring rare and used books. The sign at the front door of an actual old barn reads, "Set yourself free."  And it's easy to do just that when you tread across the uneven floors among the many book stacks. The planks creak like an old ship, as though you are traversing time through a sea of leather bound volumes. There are weathered maps and prints by which to navigate, but you will get lost anyway.  

You might expect to find old worm holes in a setting such as this. And watermarks of all types await discovery among the pages. Some by intent, impressed upon fine laid sheaves in a book like this one. Or on a few brittle leaves water painted by endless days spent pressed in a damp old attic, or an abandoned old locker, and stained by the mists of time.
But you might not expect to find cosmic romance among the tomes, or the poetry of happenstance colliding with rhymed couplets on a page of lyrical lines. . . .

 You might not dream to find a hidden valentine. . . .
(No-name Limoges teacup.) 

It was my son David who chanced upon the sheaf of poems and who shared it after leafing through its pages on our recent visit to the book barn. He held it open in the autumn light at the window sill as I took a few quick photographs. His field and profession is art, so he's used to the pages of the universe opening up for him. But we left it there for someone else to find. Maybe on some happy day, late in the afternoon, in fall. . . .
Another valentine that my husband and I discovered on our recent drive through the gorgeous colors of New England is Paul McCartney's new release of old classics. You may have seen him featured recently on PBS. We played it over and over as we wound our way around the countryside. Our favorite song is a new one that McCartney himself composed called "My Valentine." The whole album is mellow and jazzy, and perfect for a quiet evening by the fire. You might like it.
Our thoughts are turned to many friends and loved ones now under threat in this beautiful part of the country. Hold tight. Our love and prayers are with you. . . .


  1. Beautiful post....and tea-cup.

  2. Lovely images. The book barn sounds like a wonderful place to visit ... taking one back to other places in time. Wishing you a wonderful new week.

  3. Lovely pictures, and I especially love that incredibly beautiful teacup.

    Have a wonderful week, Jacqueline.

  4. Jacqueline, just the place you would wish to get lost in. Every time I get a first glimpse of your dried roses, I think it a bowl of butter or wonderful sugar icing. They are so beautiful and I love the tea cup..Happy Monday..Judy

  5. Sheer poetry in your images alone. Beautiful post, Jacqueline..........Sarah

  6. Love your post, the flowers and the teacup! :D So beautiful and quaint!


  7. such poetical words you write Jaqueline..
    this is a lovely post.
    How nice it was to travel with you through the countryside and visit this wonderful book store.
    fascinating ..
    Love is ever lasting.
    I too join in with you wishing all your friends there on the eastern seaboard be strong and stay safe.
    xx val

  8. Beautiful tea cup. Mr and I love a evening listening to Frank Sinatra, we may have to check our Sir Paul.

  9. Beautiful post, Jacueline, Very romantic. I could get lost in a book barn. Our library has a Book Cottage with used books. My heaven will surely have endless china and a book cottage.
    Ruthie from:

  10. As always, your images are gorgeous Jacqueline! Lovely teacup and dried roses.

  11. Love this post...just so lovely, and I love how you write, and your beautiful images!

    Praying for all those in harm's way. We sure get the hurricanes here in central FL but not with other storms wrapped up in them.


  12. Lovely, lovely post. And your photos? Dreamy.
    Thank you for whisking us away to such a beautiful place, Jacqueline!

  13. Great photos! That tea cup is so pretty :)

  14. I could get lost in that book barn.

  15. I could just imagine this magical place - love old barns and ones filled with books would just be enchanting - what a completely delightful find and sweet of you to leave it behind to share with another - beautiful teacup, photos and story!
    Absolutely lovely,

  16. how sweet is that little worm hole heart!! Beautiful post!

  17. I love old books, you never know what treasures lie within. Great post


  18. such a unique and sweet find in the most unlikely of places. Beautiful post and thank you so much for the well wishes. xo

  19. It's amazing how powerful that photo of the page in the book with the two words "in love" is.


  20. Jacqueline, your photos are always so lovely. They are right up my alley of things I find so appealing. Love especially the white roses.

  21. Jacqueline,
    The hopeless romantic in me was right there with you on finding a hidden valentine in the book, dear friend! Your thoughts for those in the wrath of Sandy's storm was precious!

  22. How lovely those old books are! I will never be able to appreciate the electronic books as much as I do real paper and the smell of covers and binding.
    The Limoges teacup is beautiful; quiet elegance with softed muted posies.
    I loved your blue post below too!

    I have been glued to the TV since last night watching and praying for my friends along the east coast of the US. We here in the Maritimes are just receiving cloudy skies and wind at the moment. I am thankful for that.
    Thanks for your visit and enjoy your week.


  23. So soft and sweet. Such a beautiful teacup too...the book is precious.
    I love that song by Paul McCartney too- I bought that CD earlier this year because I liked it so much.
    It's devastating what has happened to people on the East Coast. I'm sure we all share in our prayers for them all.

  24. White Roses, Old Books, Limoges China and LOVE, all is good and all is lovely!

  25. Lovely images, Jacqueline, and such beautiful prose. I have yet to visit the Book Barn, although a Connecticut friend has said it's one of her favorite places. What a splendid book that is! I can almost feel those pages under my fingers in your exquisite photo.


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