Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gathering Teacups

It's time for the burnished colors of autumn. The golds, the coppers, the auburn's, russets, and sienna's. A little gold rimmed china seems perfect for fall. This little demitasse cup and saucer by Spode has just the tone I like for the season. The pattern is "Chatham."
I unpacked a few other glinty French cups and saucers that I had stowed away, and think they are lovely all tumbled together in a vintage wire rack.
A mix of china patterns is much more interesting to me, and when I gather pretty china in bits here and there, and at a great price, it's all the more pleasurable. All of these pieces are from thrift stores, 2.00 to 4.00 ea..
I thought I would share a few new finds from the weekend too. Underneath my teacups is a vintage cotton apron made from a flour sack. I liked the earthy colors and simple design. Two dollars, already washed and ironed. It has a mate in a black cotton print.
At the same market I discovered a nice berry patterned English china teacup in wonderful fall colors to mix with the rest. (14.00)
I'm showing my new cup on top of a single vintage pillowcase that I bought from the same
flea market. It was too pretty to pass up, and will keep good company with the other singles I have in the linen cupboard. ($9.00)
Which one would you choose? (I don't have pattern names for any of the Limoges teacups or saucers shown here. Sorry.) But here are the sweet details just a little bit closer. . . .






Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit!
I hope you're enjoying a little fall color too!


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  1. Such delicate beauty. Luv , luv all the detail. Each one just as precious as the next...
    Perfect all jumbled up in the basket.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Tea cups are my weakness! I collect them myself. Your patterns look so beautiful all mixed together. I love that too! : ) It's so nice to see the colors of Fall. Your table linens look lovely as well!

    Have a great day, Jaqueline!

    Danielle xo

  3. Jacqueline- your dishes are so wonderful!
    I love them in the galvanized wire unexpected. But in a delightful way.
    I'd choose the 'beefier' cup and saucer...with the black and white print on it. The first you showed. Because I like a good sturdy cup! It looks rich...but sturdy!

    have a wonderful wrap-up to the rest of your week. Pat

  4. I couldn't choose they are all so nice. They look so good all tumbled together. xx

  5. Just love the pillowcase. You know, I think I recognise that English tea cup and think that I may have had that in the dim and distant past! Joan

  6. Swooning over your lovely fall teacups!

  7. Love all your fall china pieces. I think an eclectic mix is so much more fun than all matchy matchy. Have a great day.


  8. Love your mix of china cups, Jacqueline. That pillow case is pretty too. You always share such wonderful images that keep us coming back for more! Have a lovely day.


  9. The collection of all those teacups is great I love that they are different. So pretty. I have a collection of teacups too.

  10. O M G. Heart be still.
    You wouldn't believe how long it took me to scroll through your post.
    I have such a good "sickness" for china! --there's no vaccine!

  11. The fall colors are dropping to the ground more frequently around here, Jacqueline! And it has inspired finding deeper, richer items in the cottage to put on display. I *love* the pansy cup and saucer... the colors are so lovely. But the Chatham is really beautiful. I like cups that shape, and black/brown images on china. I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, enjoying your beautiful home.

  12. Loving the collection of tea cups and how they look so perfect against the linens. As for the cup I'd pick - hard choice - but I fancy the one with the berries.

    Beautiful post, once again.

    Enjoy the weather!


  13. What a beautiful post, so delicate!!!

  14. I am a fan of teacups so enjoyed this post with the fall slant. Delightful cups and saucers, and love the linen too!

  15. As always great photography and I am a bone china teacup and vintage linen collector, so right up my alley.

  16. Jacqueline, I agree, it is much more interesting to use a mix of patterns. You have some lovely one here! The Chatham pattern is new to me, and absolutely love it!

  17. Jacqueline,
    Such lovely soft Autumnal hues in your tea cups! I adore all the brown, pink and gold underhues throughout this post! What a lovely pillowcase find! I, too, have to pry myself from the linens when out on an excursion @ the local Antique and Flea Market!!! It's a perfect Fall day for to join me in a cup of Apricot Brandy's delicious!

  18. Thrift stores. Really? Goodness gracious! People just have NO idea what they're giving away!!! What a beautiful collection! I would probably choose the Spode Chatham. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I love the way the gold runs all the way down the handle!

  19. Crazy about the new pillow slip!!! That is fabulous. I love your tea cups too. So soft and soothing. Perfect pieces to sip a relaxing cup of tea. I feel soothed already just being here.. xo marlis

  20. I think teacups have a personality all of their own.
    WHERE do you keep all these dishes and treasures of yours.

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  22. Jacqueline these are all just so sweet! So delicate with their soft colours and gold trim. You are lucky to find such great cups for so little. I think stores here are asking $5. and up for cups and saucers and they aren't even that pretty! Have a lovely day. Pamela

  23. Oh, I love them all and would want them all! How beautiful! And your photography is wonderful! ~Zuni

  24. Just beautiful brown and gold china! I'm a collector of vintage pillow cases and it never fails to surprise me when they are more than the beautiful china pieces.

  25. Teacups are pretty but what caught my eye is that gorgeous buffet or chest in the background!! Looks empire!? Very much like the one Steve and I had for many years. We sold it and I miss it still! Beautiful! Kay

  26. So happy you shared your lovely cup and saucers from your collection! I was pleased to see the beautiful Spode "Chatham" and then recognize it.
    We were on a fall trip this week to Shreveport, Bossier, Minden, Arcadia and Monroe, Louisana to view the fall leaves and do some antiquing. One of the antique shops in Monroe on Antique Alley had the whole set for $675 dollars. Of course, it did not come home with me for the starting price was too high to even make an offer. My husband and I enjoyed visiting the picturesque southern towns. Loved seeing your pretty set and glad you shared it!

    Thanks, Pam

  27. Love your blog...I also love cottage style decor. If you get a chance please stop by my new blog I invite you to join my party Welcome Home Wednesday...thanks Debbie

  28. Oh, that Spode pattern is lovely! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  29. Great collection and assembly of teacups marching in for Fall.
    Ruthie from:


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