Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Again

One of the wonderful things about travel and seeing something new is how it makes the details of your own life stand out. Crossing the threshold to home, everything seems just as you left it, but it can never be the same.
When I come back from a journey, I return to the scene of my flawed life with a sense of renewal. The invisible becomes again visible. I'm often filled with inspiration as my foray into the bigger world leaves its mark.
This time I am inspired by a beautiful fall in New England. The colors have reached into my soul and painted a vision there. It helps that I visited people that I love, and that for once nothing went wrong along the way! It all stacked up perfectly. No delayed flights, dings to the rental car, or lost baggage.
It's further helpful to have toured a home or two from a genteel time, and a homey sensibility. Standing inside the very rooms of genius and beauty leaves a trace on you that you want to carry with you always. But unfortunately (or fortunately) this kind of inspiration has a certain shelf life, and you have to feed it again and again.
The travel souvenir developed to fulfil this very purpose. This time I brought home these transferware dinner plates from an antiques shop along a Vermont byway in the hills. They are already busy finding  their places among my things.


The minute I saw this page from Country Living Magazine waiting in my mailbox I couldn't wait to unpack, and lay things on the table.

Before I left, I thought I would pass on this little tea tray to someone else, but it welcomed me home more than anything else sitting here waiting on my dining table.
How could I have missed before that it was painted long ago by someone named Rain?

So I'm settling in. Letting the afterglow wash over me before the mundane sets in. There are bills to pay. Calls to make. The stepping into my routine once again, which carries its own blessing.

But for now the beautiful details stand out. Life is sharper. I'm mulling over lines about apple picking time, and roads traveled, and Yankees from Connecticut and such. It's all stewing warmly and deeply, and emanating a pleasing savor. . . .


Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by with a word while I was tramping around in the woods! I'm looking forward to getting back to you all.
Good to be home.



  1. Great finds, but there really is no place like home:-)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  2. So glad you arrived back safely, Jacqueline.

    You have such a good sense and sensibility about you - and I love the way you write, it always brings me peace and joy.

  3. Boy, I know exactly what you mean about traveling and coming home truly defines home sweet home every time.

  4. From the sounds of each entry, you had such a wonderful and enriching time, Jacqueline! Isn't it lovely how travel gives us new eyes for our own little corner of the world? Things we want to change, or things we might have changed but now appreciate. I'm glad you had safe travels and brought home such beautiful memories, both tangible and in your heart. Enjoy getting settled in!

  5. Lovely things....there are just never enough I love the tea set with the beige and lit brown and roses so wonderfully beautiful...It's always nice to come back home...Happy Weekend with love Janice

  6. Jacqueline. Welcome home. You have such an eloquence about you and the beautiful pieces you picked up on your trip fit your style perfectly. It' good to have you back..Happy Friday..Judy

  7. Welcomed home dear Jacqueline!
    Isn't wonderful to be back home and place our gorgeous finds to live with us and your finds couldn't be any more stunning! Have a terrific weekend back in the nest.

  8. Jacqueline,
    Welcome home,dear friend!
    Your notes of travels were filled with gorgeous photos...but now that you're home again...I'm enjoying the sharing of your treasured finds!!! The photo of the rose cup and saucer with the transfereware plate nearly took my breath away! Once you've rested and put the laundry away...we must have tea!!!

  9. Such a beautifully written post Jacqueline. I love the transfer ware dishes you found and the tray is very pretty. Enjoy the weekend surrounded by your favourite things. Blessings, Pamela

  10. What a gorgeous post. I just love brown transferware. Yes. Yes, I do. So many dreamy things here.

  11. I LOVE the transferware you found on your trip! I have always wanted to see New England in the fall. I bet your got some great photos.

  12. You have so many beautiful pieces. What treasures! Enjoy your New England Fall.

  13. Welcome home. your china is lovely,and what a pretty tray. x

  14. What a beautiful post and your finds are gorgeous,but as Dorothy said, there's no place like home.

    Welcome back.

  15. The "Quail" exquisite!
    Such a perfect Autumn story you tell today, Jacqueline. Welcome home!

  16. Such beautiful photography and your writings make me sit up and take notice. How precious is that little tray? Oh my, it is a keeper.
    The post before with all the lovely pictures of Vermont take my breath away. Autumn leaves and New England architecture with a trip to Robert Frost's home to boot. Glad we could be a part of it. We made a trip all the way to Maine one early fall and I will never forget it.
    Ruthie from:

  17. Good morning,
    I enjoy your blog very much. I've been inspired by it. 4 years ago, I took an early retirement and moved to Costa Rica. I'd been an antique dealer off and on for over 20 years specializing in china and glass. I had a HUGE collection of beautiful china, dinnerware and glassware... I sold everything I had. Everything.
    I moved back to the states last year and had to refurnish my house that never sold while it was on the market. I decided to go with a simple white theme and I've enjoyed the search very much. Collecting is in my DNA. I miss some of things, but then I hope someone enjoys them as much as I did. I love your "eye". Best regards, Jude Butterfly

  18. I really enjoyed your travel posts. Welcome Home Jacqueline! I love to travel too but there is no place like HOME. No matter how much I enjoy the places I visit I always look forward to returning home.

  19. Sounds like a wonderful trip, Jacqueline, at a beautiful time of year in New England. Home always looks so good again when we've been away, doesn't it? Your dishes are gorgeous!
    Mary Alice

  20. Hi J,
    WEll it sounds like you had a GREAT journey! Your all a glow in sweet hominess today... lovely, lovely post! Oh and speaking of lovely - rosy transferware, DELICIOUS:-) Thanks for the morning shot of happy:-)
    Hugs and I am glad your home:-)

  21. What a beautiful post.
    No matter how pleasant the journey there is no place like home.
    Great finds. love them all.

  22. Makes me wish I had some really pretty dishes. I've never been a fancy dish person but your dishes are exquisite. Your little tray is so pretty and different. Is it old? Don't think I've ever seen one quite like it.
    Once I find something I treasure I can't let go of it. I tend to change out things I love depending on my theme or idea of how I'm going to use it so keep treasures.


  23. glad you had a nice trip
    I am always glad to get home from a trip
    love the cups with the pheasants
    I have one lone cup like that no saucer , its just setting on my desk for me to admire

  24. Such a lovely respite and to find it all stacked up perfectly. You write as eloquently as your wares. I'm so loving the Quails.
    Beauty holding us me here a bit longer.

  25. What beautiful finds. They are just stunning and your presentation is exquisite. I love your story telling. Thank you for sharing..I am your newest follower. Visiting from

  26. Hello Jacqueline,
    Welcome home! You write as eloquently as you photograph. LOVE your china! One photo in particular left me swooning! This is such a warm and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us and have a lovely day.


  27. Happy your home safe and sound and with such lovely treasures. xo

  28. Welcome back and it sounds like you came away with a great sense of contentment! Love your pictures and tea cups! The tray is sweet too and it looks perfect in the setting you created!

  29. As always, I love your brown transferware and as you know, your collection inspired me to start my own. Love those teacups - just beautiful. Thank you once again for sharing. I don't usually get mine out until November because November is the month that seems most brown and white to me - at least here in Ohio it is. Soon, I'll be enjoying mine too, but until then, I'll gaze at your lovely collection.

  30. Beautiful, Jacqueline. I have some of the Furnivals Quail in brown. It's lovely........Sarah

  31. Sounds like a lovely trip! Love these cups and dishes!!!

  32. I am glad to see you home! However, I am a Connecticut yankee strayed off to Texas, so I am glad to hear all about your travels!
    Blessings to you,


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