Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Visit to Bountiful

You have to know exactly where you're going on Abbot Kinney Blvd. to find Sue Balmforth's shop, Bountiful, in Venice, CA.

That's because she doesn't hang a sign with her shop name outside. But she doesn't have to. Her steady clients, sometimes famous, know the way well.

But if you're searching for Bountiful, the artful piles of vintage out front serve as a beakon. Sign enough. It's been a hot summer in LA. Too sunny for my point and shoot the day I visited.
But that's okay too, because it gets you ready for something even more dazzling inside! That . . . and a dizzy pill . . . .


Your eyes are not deceiving you . . .

The shop girl told us the cake stand inventory was low. We were only worried about what might happen if we were to sneeze suddenly! (Maybe that's what the vintage hard hat is for!)
Whatever you are in need of, you will need to look high. . . and low. The inventory is jam packed beneath tables, and even hanging from the ceilings. 
And oh what lovely stuff!















Oh bountiful, Bountiful!
 I dare you not to look back over your shoulder when you finally tumble back out onto the street!
 But believe it or not, there's more to come. . . .
 Part two follows soon!
Hope you're havin' a great day!




  1. OH. MY. Lanta!

    I am stunned shocked and amazed - there are SO many Pin-ready photos there, Jaqueline!

    And the prices? Another shock of the not-so-good variety - wow, well everything costs most out there, but seriously? Yikes. That would never fly here but sure is awesome to drool over!

    I can barely standing waiting for part two- part one was AWESOME!!

    I keep scrolling back up to see those amazing wares she has, WOW!!

  2. Oops spelled your name wrong above, so sorry.

    It is just beautiful no matter how it is spelled though!

  3. Goodness gracious! What eye candy!! How on earth do they keep up with the inventory? Can't wait for part 2!

  4. Holy Moly! What an incredible place! You made me laugh out loud about sneezing and the hardhats. I'm clumsy, i think i'd be afraid to walk in there, i might walk out owing them $10,000.00 for broken items... either way i'm pretty sure i couldn't resist. Do you live near the best shops in the whole wide world or what!!? I want those chairs and that chippy door...!


  5. Oh my! Do they have every pedestal cake stand ever made? What a collection! And pricey? yikes! Some beautiful things there - especially the wicker chairs with the striped cloth covered pads. Definitely a fun place to visit.

  6. Holy Moley Me Oh My!? The woman stacks things like something out of a Dr. Seuss story. *And those California prices. Jeesh!* But goodness, what beautiful things she has. Dizzy does not begin to describe it, Jacqueline! Were your eyes like cartoon pinwheels when you left? Mine would be!

  7. I always planned on going there when I lived in San Diego, but somehow never made it. Thanks for the peek inside!


  8. WOW! Wow the eye candy! Wow the colours! Wow the chippy iron! Wow the beautiful glassware! Wow the prices! Wow, I wish I was there!

  9. I just LOVE this place:)) Enjoy!! I wish I could go!!! /Maria

  10. Wow, what a fabulous, over the top shop! I'd love to visit there one day.


  11. Jacqueline: WOW, Bountiful is right!! The only thing I can think of is I hope she carries good earthquake insurance!! Is Downton Abbey still on? I watched all that Netflix has to offer and thought I heard it was back on TV,but I can't find it. PBS station??..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. I would NOT walk in there! O.O Beautiful as it is, I would destroy the shop! lol But it definetly is strange and BEAUTIFUL!


  13. Holy Cow! What a Place!!! How long would it take???


  14. Always wanted to see Bountiful! Thank you for sharing...incredible. <3

  15. OMG!!! all I kept saying to myself as I was looking at the photos. That is a store I would LOVE to visit. There are some things in there that I can get cheap at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore or a local thrift shop. Thank goodness that I know how to hunt for bargains.

  16. Wowee. That shop is certainly appropriately named. Living in a neighboring city, I can't help but think about earthquake (:

  17. Goodness. An amazing collection of goods, but I definitely need a dizzy pill and my jaw has dropped over the prices. No wonder I sell so many things to people in California.


  18. I bet you felt like Alice in Wonderland! I just have to wonder how in the world they dust the stuff!!

  19. It is even more full than when I went a few years ago but what incredible treasures she has in every nook! I was lucky enough to meet Sue and her pups on my wonderful visit to Bountiful....thanks for sharing!

  20. OMG!!! This place is unbelievable!! I would love to have that near me. It is filled to the brim with great items.


  21. So beautiful!!! Oh I could get lost in that store! And I would be very happy too! Such inspiration! So what did you get? Please share :-)

  22. Wowsers...what a place. I wouldn't take kids in there!

  23. Wow...just Wow! I've been a fan of Bountiful for many years. Thanks for the tour!

  24. "Dizzy pill" ha ha!
    You sure know where to shop. I would love to carry your bags sometime. Thanks again for the adventure, looking forward to part 2.

  25. Where on earth did all those cake pedestals come from? Bountiful indeed!

  26. Wow...thanks for taking me browsing, less of a chance to knock something over! Sure is bountiful!

  27. Wowie-wow do I wish I was there!
    And all those lamps--I'm a borderline hoarder, so you KNOW I want those too! They're specTACular!

  28. Oh my heavens!!!
    That is ONE amazing place!!!
    I could get lost in there and PLEASE do not come looking for me!


    Thanks for sharing.
    On my list for my next trip out to LA!


  29. Thanks for posting your visit to Bountiful. I have been curious about this shop. I enjoyed the peek inside.


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