Saturday, March 24, 2012

weekend wanderings

I'm just sharing a little of my weekend wanderings today. A little visiting, a little shopping. a little dinner out, and a little star gazing. . . . 

A little later I'll be hanging out with MAD MEN. . . . So, what else is new?
How has your weekend blossomed so far?
Hope you get time for some bliss!



  1. Well those wanderings of yours certainly DID take you - all of us-straight to BLISS, my heavens, Jaqueline, how absolutely stunning those photos are.

    Heaven on Earth, truly.

    How blessed we are to see that, wow, I am humbled for certain.

    Have a truly wonderful remainder of weekend.

  2. Jacqueline: Aren't those beautiful. Is the very last one yours? It looks like your style. I'll meet you in front of the TV for Mad Men. So glad it's back on..Happy Sunday, Judy

  3. Dear Jacqueline, to start my day, with your weekend wanderings is about as tranquil and serene as it gets.

    I can't quite get over the first photograph. I am a great believer in getting up and getting out to see what nature is offering up to us each day. I'd love to wake up to this scene this is just spectacular.


  4. Jacqueline, what simply fantastic photos of your wonderings.
    Your post is beautiful.
    happy Sunday.
    Sun shining ,out for lunch today, preparing for a new week.

  5. I love the wisteria as long as I am not the one pruning it.

  6. Hi, Jacqueline! Haw are you? My name is Lucia and I love your posts.
    Have a nice sunday.

  7. Aren't those photos gorgeous. I am loving all of the beautiful trees here this year. Everything seemed to pop out at the same time. I think it is the prettiest spring I ever remember.

  8. Lots of yard work is what I have done and need to do some more.

  9. That first image is hauntingly beautiful! I wish I had the photography skills to produce work like that. I drive past a little lake on my way to work every day. We've had such unusually warm weather in MN that the lake has a mist rising up off the ice in the early morning when the sun comes up. I'm often tempted to stop and take a picture, but I know it wouldn't truly capture the beauty of it, and I'd probably cause a car accident with the limited visibility!

  10. Lindas imagens!!!!

  11. Your wanderings made my relaxed day more tranquil. How beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us.


  12. The images are beautiful and make for a spectacular weekend wandering.
    Is the last photo yours? It's beautiful.
    It's raining here in southern California this weekend so I'm inside cleaning and reading.
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  13. These are just stunning images! You had my favorite kind of weekend! A little shopping, eating and visiting! We were in DC and saw the end of the cherry blossoms blooming around the tidal basin. Breathtaking!!!!!

  14. Beautiful! Spring is certainly in the air!

  15. Your pictures are so lovely, Jacqueline. Isn't Spring just the best time of year? You are ahead of us here in New England, although not by much. We have tulip trees, forsythia, apple blossom, ornamental pear, and even a few cherry trees in bloom. My weekend was spent clearing out the front garden beds. Bliss and aching knees!


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