Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitchen Antiques In Black & White

Fun weekend! I mean, pretty low key fun. Not Disneyland or anything. We made a few floaty tissue pom poms, and found a few fabulous things junking.  But hey, I'm pretty low maintenance. . . .

My favorite first! Mother-of-pearl and silver, cut crystal shakers. Happiness in a bottle! Or two! 

Child's play.

Maia's turned out looking like a rose!

Those button top shakers with a Big Ben by Westclock. Tick tock.

Artist at work.

Black & white ironstone transferware tray. Fun find!

One dollar's worth of happiness.

Antique tin mold. Such a lovely.

Monkey Ward's Family Scale! (Did your Dad call MW that too?)

I'm not sure whether to weigh my hours or time my sugar! Sew some salt? But that's just me in the chicken. I mean kitchen. And (hiccup) no, FYI, we didn't get into the cooking sherry. . . .

I hope you had a little fun this weekend too!
Have a great week!


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  1. Love the black and white scales. I've never seen the mother of pearl in a shaker. Wow!

  2. Love all your black and white kitchen finds. Aren't $1 finds so fun?
    Great photos...:)

  3. haha, what a happy post!

    And what awesome treasures you found and for great prices! Yay!

    Those paper flowers are lovely, as is that sweet pea making them.

    Happiness throughout makes the post the best! I am so glad you had a nice weekend!!

  4. Yep, my dad did call it Monkey Wards. :)
    Love the black and white transferware!

  5. What pretty things! I love all the black and white, like the scale and the ironstone tray.

  6. Adore your paper roses, they are gorgeous and all the great treasures. Love those sort of feel good days where there is no pressure. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  7. Jacqueline: I love that cut work on the shaker. You sure know how to have fun for cheap! The flowers are beautiful and whimsical. I can just hear my grandmother saying. Monkey Wards! How funny and what a great memory. Thanks..Happy Monday..Judy

  8. Those Mother of pearl and silver shakers are wonderful. I'd love to know how to make the paper flowers, very elegant.


  9. looks like heaps of fun had by all. Very pretty tissue flowers and great finds
    x jeaentteann

  10. Dear Jacqueline,
    How I would love to learn how to make those lovely white paper flowers. All such fun.
    Your salt and pepper shakers are lovley
    I liked the old jelly mold- I think it is a jelly mold!
    Nice black and white theme.
    enjoyed this blog
    Happy Monday

  11. Funny! I have that same chicken...ah, kitchen scale in green, but yours is in way better condition. Yes, it was Monkey Wards, just like Wally World of today.

    The tissue flowers are so pretty!

  12. Those shakers are gorgeous. Never seen any like them. Beautiful pom poms. Looks like a fun relaxed weekend.

  13. Love all of your new found goodies and the tissue flowers are lovely. We have a rose here called The Confederate rose and the flower looks just like a tissue rose. I remember making these in school at recess. You brought back nice memories.

  14. Fun finds for sure! Your shakers are really interesting. I've never seen them with porcelain tops. Very cool tissue flowers....creative!

  15. Oh what wonderful finds Jacqueline! I love the shakers and the transfer ware plate!
    Those gorgeous tissue flowers bring back some wonderful childhood memories! Great post to start the week off!
    Tina xo

  16. Great finds.Love that scale and shakers too.What pretty flowers.How did you make those?

  17. That scale... what a find! If you open the cooking sherry... pour me some too... just for medicinal purposes!

  18. So pretty and the paper flowers are delightful. Just the kind of weekend I love. :)
    Wishing you a lovely new week, Jacqueline!

  19. Nice pictures. I like the black and white.


  20. Love love that black and white scale. Yep, monkey wards!

  21. I love the salt and pepper shakers. It looks like you had a fun time making tissue paper flowers with someone special. It's very cold here today so I'm indoors out of the wind. I'd rather be raking the yard!

  22. Wow, you got some great finds. Love all the black and white. That tin mold is fabulous.

  23. Beautiful photos. Just lovely! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the visit and sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Wishing you a grand evening. Toodles, Kathryn

  24. I am bonkers over the little alarm clock, all old alarm clocks make me dizzy. Fun, fun finds.

  25. ha ha...the cooking sherry.
    LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. I mean LOVE THEM. I have been on the look out for something like that, but so far no luck.

    Those paper flower/pom poms are darling.

  26. Hi J,
    Well low key is my favorite and this looks fun! Good finds and loved ones :-)
    Sweet Maia and her sweet paper flowers are darling! I have never seen Salt and Peppers with MOP button tops, these are amazing, now I have something else to add to my "I gotta find one of those!" list :-)

  27. Interesting finds! The shakers are quite unique. And the pom poms are lovely. Maia's one does look like a big rose.

  28. Yes~ my dad called it MONKEY WARDS. So funny, I had to scroll back and read it again...just to make sure I read it right! {snicker}

    as for the paper flowers, I just taught my daughter how to make those from my grand-daughters 3rd birthday party. My daughter didn't know how-- we practiced on white paper (saving the green and yellow for the real deal)
    I put my white one in my newly redecorated bathroom!
    It got sweet compliments today--
    have a good one~Pat

  29. Oh this is my kind of the classic black and whites!!

  30. What GREAT finds from the weekend. I've never seen a black and white scale like that....very cool! And those shakers are beautiful. Sounds like a fun weekend to me!
    Mary Alice

  31. Thanks for sharing these photos, Jacqueline. The paper flower is lovely, and your 'finds' look wonderful grouped together that way. (The S&P shakers are my favorite, too!) Simple pleasures are the best, always.

  32. This looks great! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Visiting you from Wow Us Wednesdays.


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