Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old Romance

I love an old romance. The kind in old books or movies, and in the recesses of memory. I love the romance in old things. Found letters, faded fabrics, fragile lace.

A delicate pink flower pressed between antique pages speaks of old romance. And chippy old plates yellowed and crazed with age.

I kept thinking of the name Lavinia Swire with this post. Lavinia turns up this season in Downton Abbey. (The PBS series.) The name Lavinia Swire just trips off the tongue, and conjures up Edwardian ladies, and tragic love. It makes you want to write a novel just so you can invent a name like hers.


Lavinia would be at home with a rose strewn cloth at tea. This one is of quite a bit later vintage though.

But someone is always pouring tea at Downton. That's reason enough to tune in on a Sunday night. That, and romance. . . .

This is the reverse side of the lady cup.

I hope you're enjoying the season of romance.


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  1. Ah, the very essence of romance...

  2. Ah Downton Abbey, I just watched season one over two nights. I could do it again. The pink tea pot is fabulous. I have been drinking endless cups of Trader Joe's white pomegranate tea. xoxo, olive

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the teacup with the lady painted on it. What a find!


  4. Lovely post, Jacqueline! Your china pieces are just beautiful. I have been hearing wonderful things about Downton Abbey and feel so bad that I have missed it so far. I do plan to catch up!


  5. Something about February, brings romance to the air and Downton Abbey just fits right in!! Yes indeed your tea cup looks like something Lavinia would drink from or maybe the Dowager Duchess...isn't she hilarious! Lovely post. Diane

  6. I'm sure Lavinia would be quite at home at your table. Why I believe even the Dowager Lady herself would approve. Love your blog and can't wait to see if our dear Lady Mary (even though she has a past)will live happly ever after with Matthew.


  7. Very romantic...just beautiful!

  8. Just beautiful! Your teacups and teapots are so pretty. I watched Downton Abbey first episode second season. I love those romantic shows.

  9. What a lovely post Jacqueline! I just melted when I saw that plate with the cookie. Old romance, indeed. And that fine lady on the tea-cup! Such elegance.
    I've been watching this season's Downton Abbey and I'm hooked! It's nice to hear you appreciate it, too. :)

  10. Such pretty (and romantic) always! And the little debbies in the post below are just darling! I haven't watched any DA yet this season...gonna have to get to it.

  11. Your incredible way with words?

    I *highly* encourage you to write that novel.

    I am sincere. You really should.

    I LOVE your posts. You just weave magic in words and visuals, but it is especially the text that just really honestly floors me.

    What a talented lady you are!

  12. Jacqueline,
    What a romantic post, dear friend!
    Your photography of the tea cups is exquisite!
    As a pre~teen, I use to invent romantic fantasies in my head on long drives to see my Grandmother. Perhaps it was because I was confined to the back seat of our automobile...or the hum of the tires on the pavement. My mind would go to a place in the 1800's and I would assume airs of royality. Such foolishness of youth! My mother called me... a hopeless romantic! Does make me wonder, had she encouraged me to pen my fantasies...

  13. This is beautiful. I'm in love with old plates even with crazing. I see that Downton Abbey is on PBS and I didn't realize that. We can pick it up sometimes if we turn the roof antenna (it has a rotor!)so I will try that on Sunday night. I've heard so much about that show on blogs that I want to see it. Maybe now I can. :) Blessings, Pamela

  14. This is the most romantic and darling tea set I have ever seen. I love soft pink and white flowers together. It's so pretty. I also love the little dish the heart cookie is on. This whole post is so beautiful and romantic. LOVE IT!
    Can you come to my house and redo my table? Bring linens and dishes : )

    Thanks Jacqueline!

    Danielle xo

  15. Very beautiful - and romantic :)
    ... love the 'old world' feel!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  16. Love, love, love all your photos in this post...the simplicity of the plain heart-shaped cookie on the china plate is divine (reminds me of my Granmother's china)...♥
    The teacup with the portrait is beautiful, but I quite like the pink and green with the little swag of three sweet!

  17. I certainly am. So love this china,especially the cup with the Victorian lady.
    x jeanetteann

  18. Oh, dear, such an amazing little plate, the roses are soooooooo tender and nice. I would certainly dream of finding something similar. A delightful post, thank you!

  19. These images are so pretty. Coming to you blog is a great way to start my morning. Ahhhh.

  20. Oh sigh..... just so gorgeous is your teapot and tea cup.

  21. Great post! Love that dainty tea cup-- both sides are so pretty. And now you have me craving those Little Debbie pink heart cakes! Have a blessed week, Bess

  22. First of all that cookie is killing me, because I am trying to loose weight for my health and I love cookies LOL

    also that tea pot is so pretty also the tea cup with the lady on it. I have been drinking hot tea more since its cold.

    your pictures are all so pretty

  23. Stopping here is like stepping back in time, Jacqueline. Delicate biscuits, pretty china, roses, lace, fine linens... they all speak Romance! And you've put them together so prettily, with a painter's eye.

  24. What a gorgeous tea post. Your china is exquisite!

  25. Flowers and a heart, what could be better *smile*.


  26. Love the soft, romantic colors -- and gorgeous photography! I'm also a Downton Abbey fan, and I've even liking Lavinia more now that she's come back onto the scene!

  27. What a beautiful post....So elegant! I LOVE the tea cup with the lady in the gorgeous hat!! To die for!


  28. A romantic feel is definitely captured in this post. Your sweet tea pot is truly special as are the lovely little cups.
    Happy Valentine's Day, Jacqueline. ~ sarah

  29. Everything is so beautiful and romantic. I do read Regency period I will go hang my head!

  30. so many pretty images, love the softness of all, incl that cookie, it just needs a bite out of now to look real :)

  31. Your Valentine posts have been just lovely...the pink china with the white blossoms is perfect for the occasion...I also wanted to say how gorgeous the image in your banner is...Happy Valentine's Day!


  32. Jacqueline, your posts are so calming and lovely!

    Happy weekend,

  33. This reminds me of a kinder, gentler time when ladies dressed themselves down, powdered themselves up, corseted themselves to the hilt, wore their hair piled sky high, and gloves were a must. It's beautiful!

  34. Love your romantic dishes! These are the cookies I made for Valentine's Day. Simple sugar cookies without icing in the shape of hearts. They gobbled them up! :)


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