Monday, February 20, 2012

Between Seasons

We're on the threshold of ragged winter and the greening spring, and the light has changed in my rooms. I love the shorter nights. There's no going back now. . . .  I'm in a fever for spring

Until recently, my fireplace screen, made from a tin tile mounted on plywood, has been parked on a shelf for the winter to free up the hearth for fires. Now it's back where it belongs.

These days we're enjoying a mix of the rustic and the refined. Chippy and worn against smooth and shiny. Old and rusty on top of snowy white linen. Gilt frames and iron urns. It's a mixed up season. May as well go with it!

A few twinkle lights left up to glow in the heart of the house like a fire. . . .

A bouquet of shapely shells on the hearth.

I'm feeling madder than a March hare. In February. But that's been the way this year has gone. I'm off to do some leaping around. After all, it's leap year too!
I hope your week is smashing!


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  1. i am ready for spring, too. your photos are so serene and beautiful.


  2. I'm ready too.Love the white and rust.

  3. I love all your beautiful pictures! I'm ready for spring too! I need sunshine.


  4. These last weeks of winter are always the hardest to bear, especially when the weather is so mild. I stood in a sunny doorway yesterday, longing to putter around in the soft soil of the garden. But I know it's too soon and winter may have a few more surprises in store!

  5. I am ready for spring too, only in my mind and house but, on the outside it's cold and there's snow and ice around. Your in between season decor is lovely as aways. You have such a great decorating 'eye'! Have a great week. Hugs, Pamela

  6. i too have just put away the last vestiges of our very mild winter here (i actually missed all the snow!) Spring is in the air and I am anxious to see the buds in bloom. your vignettes make me long for summer as well and those laid back days spent by the ocean!

  7. Your pictures make me feel like it is the end of winter...just a little left. I wish that were true here in the Midwest!

    Beautiful photos as always, Jacqueline!


  8. Your photos are wonderful, love the natural elements added! I am waiting or spring too!

  9. Love so much the rusty white.

    Hugs Bente

  10. Don't tell me winter is over!!! I haven't had enough of it, yet. Send me an Albq. low -- that's when we get the most snow. Sally

  11. Love your birdcage with the twinkly lights! I might have to go put lights in something now.

  12. Such pretty photos! I'm more than ready for spring!


  13. Gorgeous photos and vingettes. Everything looks beautiful!

  14. The shells with the rusty container make me ever so happy.

  15. Even though we still have snow, I too have spring fever. I love your oval mirror over your fireplace and it's got me wanting to switch out my very masculine craftsman style mirror for a honey toned oval mirror hanging in a spare bedroom. Hmmmmm. Thanks for inspiring!

  16. your fireplace is so soft and pretty!
    love the lights in the birdcage--i'll bet its gorgeous at night:)

  17. Beautful pics!!!! I am ready for spring but we still have a little ways to go!

  18. Hi J,
    Yes I feel it too, the limbo... I wanna move forward! I do love seeing I am not the only one who couldn't part with twinkle lights... yet :-)
    Your white mantle is quiet and serene... lovely and peaceful...

  19. Very cool stuff here. I have a few favorites...well, can you have more then one favorite.
    does that make it a favorite???

    Love the white linens
    the old and chippy
    the sea shells
    and I guess, actually MY FAVORITE is the stack of books, with the big open book on top of them
    I LOVE BOOKS. Love love that

  20. Beautiful pictures. It reminds me of a cute cozy beach house.
    Ah, can't wait for spring

  21. I hope yours is too Jacqueline. Love those pics.

    xx jeanetteann

  22. como sempre suas imagens são linda e de uma delicadeza imensurável

  23. I too am ready for spring.. we had a doozy of a dust storm yesterday.. a sign of things to come! We, however, are still building fires in the fireplace, I can't cover mine yet.. yours looks absolutely lovely.. xo marlis

  24. It looks beautiful. I am always a fan on the combination of the rough and the refined. Have a great day!


  25. I can't wait for spring either. I never noticed those big beams on your ceiling those!

  26. It all looks so beautiful, Jacqueline!
    This has been such a strange winter. Hardly any snow (so far) but very cold temps.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  27. I'm ready for spring and your eye candy lightened up a very grey day here! ~ Maureen

  28. I just love the simplicity of all your pics in this post...Really enjoyed my visit...Please stop by my new blog for a peak!!! Blessings Lori

  29. Where have you been all my life?? Oh my gosh. Your newest follower. Found your because I joined in on WW!



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