Friday, February 24, 2012

Confessions of a Bill Payer

You're probably friends with your phone book. And the yellow pages are your favorite color. But yellow is not the color of courage. And I always look at the phone book with a jaundiced eye.

I'll just get comfortable on the couch here, and admit that I am not alone in this. I know a few folks that aren't crazy for business calls either. And that is what the big fat book is all about! Doctors, lawyers, leaky pipes, and broken windows. Car repairs, power outages, billing errors, tax questions. . . . Your friends are already in your cell phone. A phone book is not about friends. 

To lighten things up I make pretty new ones, and even recycled this one from last year's edition.

A pretty phone book cover is the equivalent of looking away from a doctor's needle. Or taking a deep breath before calling the plumber. Since it has to be readily available, it may as well look good! (And wait! I just remembered all those PIZZA places listed in there!)

I like to spread out in the safe zone to take care of business. For me, that's the kitchen table all surrounded by cozy stuff.

A friendly platter can make a good writing surface. And it's good to look at while you're listening to loud musak piped into your ear and wasting good blogging time.  (sigh) . . .

It's a small thing. But I wrestle with the pages enough times in a year to make it worth my while. Anyway, I was able to put off that phone call that much longer! ;) Now, lets look in the P's. . . .

I hope your weekend is way more fun!

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  1. Cute post! Your phone book looks pretty now and a thing of beauty is a joy forever!!!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Gorgeous cover. Hope all turns out well.

  3. Now that's much kinder than shoving it in a drawer where noboby can see (or find) it.

  4. Your cover is so pretty! I never thought of making one for my phone book are so clever :o)

  5. Even the phone book can't escape your magic touch! This reminds me that mine is falling apart...time for a new one! And I am sorely tempted to make my own cover!! ;-D


  6. What a wonderful phone book cover! Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  7. wow..never in a milliona gazillion years would I have thought to put a lovely cover over my phone book.
    Actually, come to think of it.....We don't even have one of those BIG yellow page books I used to get delivered to my home in Salt Lake City.

    We just have the local county's phone book...It's pretty small.

    I used to know how to do a book cover, YEARS ago, but I don't think I remember now.

    yours is LOVELY. Life is so much sweeter when we can surround our lives with pretty things.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I hate the way the yellow pages look on my phone book. UGLY!

  9. That is a great idea! My elderly mom would love that as she doesn't have a computer...and all her business is done by phone. I will have to try this! (Beautiful fabric BTW)

  10. What a great idea. I don't even keep the phone book when it comes. We don't use them anymore. I google numbers.

  11. What a great idea! I wouldn't mind dragging out my phone book if it looked as pretty as yours. So clever.

  12. Cute post! Happy Pink Saturday, Jacqueline. ~ Sarah

  13. Never thought of doing that. I just stick it away in the cupboard.
    x jeanetteann

  14. Love that phonebook cover. Also your post uner, is so beautiful.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hugs from here

  15. LOVE THAT COVER! How absolutely fabulous!


  16. Your phone book cover is gorgeous. I like your idea.

    I tend to Google numbers, but J still keeps the big yellow pages, here at home and the lake. Maybe I could do a version just for him. Hmmm, now you have me thinking!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  17. This is just fabulous -- and I never thought of it before, but you're spot on about something pretty (that isn't all that fun) is akin to looking away from the doctor's needle! I really love the colors you chose and how darned pretty it is! Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

    -- jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

  18. What a clever idea and so pretty! I just hide my phone books in an old school desk.

  19. What a good idea and you photograped it so beautifully.

    Have a happy weekend.

  20. I like this look! I've even been know to cover up ugly tissue boxes!


  21. What a lovely blog you have here. so glad I've found you!
    Love your phone book cover: it's so romantic and great to look at.

  22. Happy Pink Saturday Jacqueline
    Oh what a beautiful post. Who would have thought my old stinky phone book could look so glorious. It might make me want to use it more often. I have gotten lazy in that I tend to google everything. I know lazy girl that I am. But it would look prettier sitting on the shelf. I will keep you posted.

    Thanks for the creative and beautiful share today sweet friend. I so enjoyed my visit. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  23. Awesome idea and it looks so beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Diane (I am #21)

  24. Found your lovely blog via Pink Saturday. Now following and looking forward to visiting often.

  25. Your PINK is very pretty!
    thanks for sharing...and HAppy PINk SatURday!

    ciao bella.
    Creative Carmelina

  26. So pretty! I may just have to copy that.

  27. I sort wish they would stop printing the phone book. It a huge waist as most people just google numbers anymore. I can't remember teh last time I used one.

  28. Now this is the best idea ever. Yes the jaundiced eye for sure as it goes with nothing! I am so getting mine covered tomorrow. why didn't i think of this! xo marlis

  29. What a wonderful attention to detail! I'd much rather pull out your wonderful covered books that the see the original. Great idea thanks for sharing, Laura

  30. Now this is a happy phone book!
    Linda at BeautifulIdeas

  31. Oh, I love it! I never ever use my phone book, but if I did, it would definitely be getting a makeover ;-) I found your blog via BNOTP, and I will be back!


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