Monday, February 27, 2012

afternoon roses

Late winter. Late afternoon. Fading roses. There is something about that convergence that requires a backlit window, a few old books, and an empty pitcher to add to the romantic nostalgia.

I always want to take pictures of a rose bouquet at its end for some reason. A sort of final gesture of thanks for the brief pleasure it gave. A way to extend the rose conversation. There will be more in time. But I don't buy roses so often that I ever take them for granted. And I don't have an abundant supply even when a few bloom in the garden. (A long way off.)

The calendar will turn soon, and an unpredictable winter will pass along with it. An odd and uncertain winter, in odd and uncertain times.

More than ever we need the comfort of old roses and old books and old vessels. Not because we're sad or in pain (though some of us indeed are), but because beauty and wisdom always seem in such short supply. . . .

Beauty to you. . .


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  1. Simply beautiful composition of color and form. My grandmother's dishes are Limoges with tiny roses so the little pitcher is particularly charming to me. Thanks

  2. Your pictures are always so beautiful, Jacqueline! I love coming to your blog to see the pretties you have for us now!


  3. Such true sentiments. I love roses and china with roses on them.

  4. Pretty photos of the fading roses against the window.

  5. Hello Jacqueline

    There is an added beauty when time and age shows on the tip of the roses and your display is most pleasing
    Helen xx

  6. Beautiful roses, Jaqueline. And your words as well. Lovely post : )

    Happy Monday!

    Danielle xo

  7. so pretty. I grew up in Alb. BTW.

  8. To quote Jan Karon "Beauty is important in this fragile life." I try to dry my roses when possible but these photos make me think I should not.

  9. That was so beautiful, put tears in my eyes.

    Wow. Well done, my friend!

  10. Jaqueline: Your beauty and wisdom really shines! I'm a new follower and am catching up on your older posts. Just wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing...Judy at GoldCountryCottage

  11. And to you too Jaqueline,lovely pics:0) jeanetteann

  12. I love it and your roses are beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous roses.Love how the petals curl.That pitcher is lovely too.

  14. Oh, the roses are so very very beautiful. All my favorite colors with the pinks and peaches and hints of butter yellow mixed in there. SO pretty. Sigh!


  15. Beautiful pictures. Love them all.

    Hugs Bente

  16. VERY pretty! That little pitcher is precious, especially displayed with that white quilt. Beautiful photographs!!

    Happy Tuesday to you!


  17. Merci for this beautiful gift....:)

  18. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous post with those peace roses! Perfect tranquil ending to a hetic day!

  19. There's a French expression: "More is seldom enough" and when it comes to beauty, that is certainly true! I agree that when flowers begin to fade, they are at their most fragile and beautiful. Beauty to you, too, Jacqueline!


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