Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meditations on RUST

Why would you bother to buy shakers unless they had a set of wonderful rusted lids like these?
(from White Up Close and Personal)

You can't find legs like these just anywhere!
(More of this chair-- Corridors of Time)

Without the rust this is just one more cast iron garden ornament!
(See original post Lacy Whites)

The rust on this cast iron urn begs the question--Where has it been?
(More urn views--Nesting)

To some, this old fishing tackle box has had it's day. To others, it's story is just beginning!
(more at New Shop Views)

How did we live before rusty buckets?
(See more-- New Shop Views)

Hope you're having some fun this weekend!
Ciao! for now! Thanks for popping by!
I'm joining
Funky Junk Interiors for their Saturday Nite Special on RUST! For more rusty thoughts, drop by and see what else is rusting!


Tina Eudora said...

Mornin' Jacqueline;
Love the photos of the rusty things..I too love rust on older items as it seems to tell their story more eloquently than words. I have some tarnished silver that I have just left that way and a few collections of old utensils that have some rust and tarnish and I just love them the way they are.
Tina xo

Nancy's Notes said...

Rusty things have such character, don't they? Great post! Thanks for sharing!


Kay said...

What a pleasure on this Sunday morning, to browse your post on rust AND to go back through to your previous gorgeous posts that you linked to. Great idea! I loved seeing them again and often just browse back through older posts--they're all so beautiful!

Victorian1885 said...

What a nice post ..I too love the rusty iron look! So far I have just been using it in the garden but am thinking I better start bringing the look inside as well. Thanks for sharing!


Cindy said...

Hi - I do love your blog and I loved being in your store last week. I keep meaning to leave a comment, but your blog is so addictive, I keep hitting all the 'you might also light' links and then find a half hour gone as if in a dream! But a great half hour it was.....

Bella said...

Hi Again... I am catching up today! This was such a well laid out post, great back linking, I love to go backand explore your posts. I am lusting on that rusty urn!

Jill said...

"meditation on rust" love that!! and I love rust--nice collection of photos!

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