Friday, April 3, 2020

Start Where You Are

Hello dear blogging friends! I am wondering how you all are doing. You may know that I have been scarce here on the blog in recent months. It has been a couple of worrisome years for me, and I find that the worry part of my brain uses up all the creative space.

I went through the motions yesterday of finally finding my new camera wherever it had last been laid. (These are the simple tasks that are more challenging these stress filled days.) When I finally got to where I felt I could put together a post, I turned on the camera and it said "change battery pack." The manual shows that my Canon loses its charge even when not in use. Sounds about right in my case too!

So for today, in the spirit of, Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can, I am using older photos.


I brought my computer, magazines, books, and stuff out under the trees. It's seventy degrees today and no wind. And I am tired of being inside so much. It's soft and green now out here, and I can hear a few cheery goldfinches and feel a lovely breeze even if it is still a tad chilly. I can already feel my blood pressure dropping.

No sooner did I start writing than my computer started talking to me too and politely informed me, "Your battery is running low. You might want to plug in your PC." 

So that's where I am for now. Trying to recharge. I still quite enjoy the pretty images on blogs and Pinterest, but I find I am looking more to seeing how you all are doing in these stressful times. I have spent a lot of time online, purging old broken links and sometimes wondering where so many former bloggers have gone. I am ten years into blogging now and still enjoy looking over the old comments and posts. And of course, I am that many years older now too.

So I will start where I am and use what I have. I am already finding that easier. I need blogging therapy more than ever at this stage and hope that I can be more regular. Because I really do want to do all I can to keep level.

Like many of you, I have loved ones all over the country. And I pray for all of us, and hope we are all doing all we can to stay safe at home.

So glad you came by!


I'm joining Pink Saturday today!
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  1. Hello, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your blog. Stay well,

  2. Jacqueline,
    Oh, my goodness. . .these photos are absolutely lovely!
    Yes, I , too am using what I have to make our home
    a place of comfort in these very trying days.
    Not being an out~of~doors person, I have to make plans
    to get out of the house and into the Gardens.
    Thank you for continuing to check in on us!
    Glad to have you continuing in The Land of Blog!

  3. Good Morning sweet friend. So happy to see you posting this morning. All your pictures are gorgeous as always.
    Let's pray as we navigate this new norm for the month of April that this too will pass and renewal and getting back to some sense of normal will be on the horizon. I know a lot of bloggers have gone to IG but I have been blogging for 10 years too and I just like the interaction better on my blog. So I am still here. Have a great weekend. Stay safe and well.

  4. Your photos are so soft and gorgeous, it was like visiting a cloud...and I know what you mean about blood pressure dropping. We spent three days outside this week, cleaning the yard, filling the greenhouse, watching some branches burn. Nothing more settling than staring into a fire. Hugs, and be safe!

  5. I finally think I am able to post again. I have been posting since 2013 and could not reply to comments on my own blog. Very frustrating. I hope this works!

  6. I do not post as much these days for a variety of reasons. But lately I find myself doing projects and I'm motivated to get back to blogging.

    I always love looking at your beautiful pics.

  7. WOW!!!What enchanting vignettes!!!Your tea set made me swoooon!Hugs and blessings!

  8. I, too, need blogging therapy these days. Reading and writing. Whatever it takes to get through our uncertain times. I;m grateful you are here, sharing all you do, and I trust the recharging will help not only your computer and camera but your body, mind and soul. Sending wishes for wellness.

  9. So nice to see you here, Jacqueline...I always love seeing your lovely photos. I am having a harder time blogging now, too...we have mostly moved to the other house, and I have little here at the old place for new blogging. We've been doing this so long now, that we do have lots of past content to share. You have years of such beautiful content that many people probably haven't seen. It does help to be creative and keep in touch. Praying that you and your family are well in the days ahead! xoxo

  10. Hi,

    You might have posted old photos but they are still amazingly lovely images. So pretty as always.

    I too am saddened by the loss of so many wonderful blogs I used to follow, I think it is a combination of things and so many former bloggers have gone over to Instagram. As for me I will probably continued blogging as long as I can come up with something worth posting, that is the most difficult part.(-:

    Take care and stay well.

  11. Hello there. I love your beautiful photos and your blog entries. I must tell you that you also look sooo much like a dear friend of mine. Seriously you could be twins! I'm beginning to feel more stressed as time goes on during this awful time. We in Michigan are, like many states, sheltering in. I don't mind so much, and things are beginning to bud out, so checking on my gardens every day is comforting. Be safe and good luck with your camera! Look forward to more lovely photos!

  12. I love when your posts pop up in my email...I always look forward to seeing what’s inside. Old photos or new, your post is always so lovely 💕 I feel like many bloggers have gone the Instagram way...which is nice...but just not quite the same. Maybe more bloggers will get back to blogging now that they are staying home.

  13. Greetings from BC Canada. Thank you for this lovely post. I also have a lot of trouble leaving comments, so hope this reaches you.
    Your displays are always so lovely. A page out of the earlier Victoria Magazine.

    I feel so grateful that the Spring has arrived and the garden is providing us with so many lovely surprises each day. We are staying home and hope we are helping turn the tide by our behaviour.
    Regards Janine

  14. The Super Moon is making everything poco loco these few days.

    Seriously. It affects us (esp gals) so much more than we realize.

    I love your attitude.

    I too haven't been blogging - think about it pretty much all day and night - and have a ton I could share - but I haven't been able to find the energy.

    Bless you, J - sending prayers your way. Big hugs.

  15. So glad to hear from you. I've not been to your new shop yet but I follow it on Facebook. I can tell which items are probably yours😊 Your posts are amazing.

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, Jacqueline. You made my day. I have missed you, and so many others. I am thrilled that you joined us, and hope you will be back every week.

    I understand how hard times are. My mother passed away in November. She lived with us for 26 years. Her last almost four years were in a skilled nursing home. She battled dementia for over fifteen years. I am so thankful that she has already gone to be with God, and that she isn't suffering through this current crisis.♥

  17. Such a beautiful post! I love your tea pieces. I am in Colorado and love seeing my neighbors who are close to me. HPS! Have a beautiful Easter and stay safe and healthy. HUGS across the state line.


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