Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lilac Therapy

Lilacs are considered a harbinger of spring. Ours came on more than a week ago and will suffer a freeze overnight after a day of wet snow that didn't stick around.

The boys went out to cover the rose buds, but the recently planted annuals will have to figure it out on their own. It's not a deep freeze, but is supposed to stick around for two nights in a row.

The cherry blossoms are mostly spent. We often get an Easter snow and it can be hit or miss whether we get much fruit eventually or not. Nature does what it will.

Blooms are such a good lesson in how to enjoy the fleeting moments in life. There could never be enough of them, and they never last long enough! I'm always torn between cutting stems for a vase or leaving them where they are for as long as they will last. Especially if there are only a few.

Little rituals are especially important now. Spreading out a pretty cloth. Using our favorite bits of china. 

I have selected a spot in the yard, just outside the door, for a table to spread things on. A meal, books, the computer. Nearby, along the stucco wall, is a newly planted garden spot (very small) to watch unfolding, and with a few small potted plants to admire. Flowers in pots make it so easy to refresh a little corner. Especially when you are not a real gardener!

On the lawn, under a tree, with a long view of green, I can hear all of the neighborhood birds and marvel at how quiet the world has become.

I never saw the old NY musical called Stop The World- I Want To Get Off, but I have certainly expressed the sentiment myself often enough. Who knew we would someday get a chance to do just that!? 

I know there are plenty of folks who desperately need to get on with things. But even with the hardships, I am finding that many of the people I talk to are settling in. Finding pleasure in the new routines. Waking up to the possibilities.

Nobody I know is bored. My son temporarily home from work says, "One day I putter in the yard, the next in the garage." And the new bonds formed or refreshed in families over these days may last for a lifetime.

I am reminded of a time in the 80's when our seven children were young. For a time we lived in a remote town in a small mobile home and there was absolutely no money. There was no phone, no internet, and no cable in those days of course, and the nearest neighbor a quarter mile away. During school days my daily bright spot was a drive to the post office about a mile away. 

The nearest "convenience" store was eight miles down the road. The grocery much farther still. There were few trips to the market, and lots of stocking up for a family of nine. Isolation was for a  completely different reason, yet feels so familar now. You learn what the conveniences in life really are.

And there are still plenty of trying times ahead. We're still preparing for the long haul. Bags and boxes of supplies are tucked everywhere like Badgers house in a page from The Wind in the Willows. (That just might be my wish to escape into youthful fantasy for awhile showing!) 

But these hard weeks to come could prove to be a blooming. Never meant to last forever, but perhaps the spring of something treasured as roses and lilacs. An interlude of loveliness amid the harshest of climates.

"The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater."
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Wishing you roses and lilacs,
 and many good days to come.

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  1. Too early for lilacs here so I'm extra grateful you shared these beauties with us. We'll see them late May or early June. Till then, I may return to this post often!

  2. So so lovely, as your posts and photos are. Our lilacs in Michigan are still buds and it's lightly snowing again, but I can just remember and anticipate the fragrance they will bring. Thank you.

  3. Amazing vignettes with lilacs!Blessings!

  4. What a lovely series of photographs...the only thing they don't express is the gorgeous scent. I could live in a bed of lilacs all year long, I can't wait for ours to bloom which will be a while, it was 32 here at noon today...LOL. Hugs and such a pretty post, Thank you, Sandi

  5. A post as calming as the scent of lilacs--thank you!

  6. Jacqueline, your post is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Love and hugs, from Ontario Canada. Please stay safe.

  7. Such a pleasure to read your beautiful post. I love lilacs. Ours blossom the end of June. Thanks for a preview.

  8. Such a pleasure to read your lovely post during these trying times. Your photos are just wonderful and such a joy to see as we are just starting to green up where I live.

  9. Always love to swoon through your pictures. Lilac's are my faves and yours are just beautiful. The weather everywhere is so crazy. We are getting snow yesterday and today into Friday and then the weekend it is going to warm up and stay warm next week. Hoping this is true. All our Spring flowers will then have a chance to recover from the snow. Happy Thursday. Have a great day.

  10. The lilacs are beautiful, I can just smell them now ! Mine have bloomed as well. I live in NC. I also love your China, it's lovely. It's nice to see something so pretty and cheerful. Thanks for sharing. Susan C. ❤

  11. All I can say which I think covers it all is, BEAUTIFUL.

  12. Beautiful post, thank you for that..... I can smell the lilacs from here, so lovely!! Yes, we have snow....more to come tomorrow.... We have crocus and daffodils, yet, no blooming trees. Stay safe and healthy....xoxoxo

  13. Such beautiful pictures!!! I adore lilacs! It’s still too early for them here, but I did find some at Trader Joe’s to keep my lilac blooming heart happy until they actually bloom. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. Your post was such a treat Jacqueline~
    So beautifully said and presented <3
    Lilacs are my favorite and I'm waiting for them to bud; here in N/W MT.
    It was nice to see your beautiful place, and also to read some of your story I had not heard! Isolation in a dif way~ TFS
    I hope this will be the last of your 'freezes' for the year; and that warm days are just around the corner. Hugs, karen o

  15. I took my time to enjoy each photo that you shared, Jacqueline. You are right, lilacs fade away so quickly. The fragrance is so intoxicating, I just cannot get enough in the short time they are here in Michigan.
    Being isolated has been kind of nice, in a way...I'm getting many things done that I would have otherwise not tended to.
    Your table setting is so beautiful. It brought a smile to my face, and gives me hope of warmer weather and outside dining here soon.

  16. What pretty post Jacqueline... I love lilacs and their perfume is intoxicating. Thank goodness the beauty arounds us can keep us smiling.
    Stay safe and healthy...

  17. Absolutely lovely - and much needed. Thank you.

    My best to you always. Hugs.

  18. What a lovely post in so many ways. I cannot even imagine being isolated with a large family in the country. You watering cans are just gorgeous with the lilacs. I usually leave them in the garden as they don't last long inside, but a do get tempted to pick just a few. Ahh, the fragrance is amazing. Love the teacup too.

  19. so pretty, I haven't been out of the house for a month so I don't know what's blooming around town. We don't have lilacs at this house so it's on my list of plantings. stay well, J.

  20. I found you through another blogger that I follow and I'm so glad I did. Your photos are breathtaking and your words so uplifting! I truly needed both on this cloudy rainy day! Thank you for sharing your lovely blooms and wonderful wisdom! Blessings, Christine

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