Saturday, April 11, 2020

NY Tough~ An Easter Message

It is an Easter without all the trappings. I wonder if there was even the grocery aisle with the candy and decor as usual? I haven't been to the store for a couple of weeks. And I haven't colored eggs for years.

It seems that many of us are reflecting on the way things used to be instead. (The Saturday before Easter used to be so busy when all the kids were still at home!) And some are having a hard time with Easter celebrations being so different this time.

We naturally turn to our own small worlds and worries in our isolation. To our own thoughts. Our families. Our future.

I find that I am profoundly thankful more than ever each day for this small place on the earth that I call home. The rooms that hold us safe. The little patch of green that surrounds us. And all that being home contains.

So much to celebrate this Easter Day! And yet so much more to do as we bear one another's burdens and mourn with those who mourn. 

I am thinking today of people that are so hard hit. Of news so very bad that we have to turn away. But we cannot turn away.

I am thinking today of what the Governor of NY calls "New York tough."  He broadcasts a message each morning to the citizens of that ravaged city to inform and to console and to encourage. And though I live far from there I am always left inspired to be NY tough as he defines it. Being Smart, Resourceful, Loving, and United during these awful days.

I am thinking today of all of you. Your 
thoughtfulness, kindness, and all
 your sharing.

Wishing you a beautiful Easter Day!
Hoping you keep safe and well.


  1. thankyou for that link J, I watch the Governor each morning when he's on. He has become the calming, caring, and strong voice this country needs to hear. thankyou for saying the things that I cannot articulate right now. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Happy Easter Jacqueline! We are having a sunny Easter Day here in New York but things are surely different this year. Church will be on Zoom as we practice social distancing and do our part by staying home. Thank you for your lovely post today and may you have a wonderful Easter Day!

  3. Happy Easter, Jacqueline. I know that many of us are New York Tough even though we live in different areas. It is a scary time for all of us-but especially for those of you in the NY area. Stay safe- xo Diana

  4. Happy Easter Jacqueline. First I love all your sweet pics in the post. Swooning. I pray each day we all will come through this pandemic in the coming weeks and the number of lives affected will be less and less. It is a different kind of Easter this year for all of us. Renewal is coming at the end of this. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Jacqueline,
    Thank you for such a caring, compassionate post. . .
    not only for ourselves, but the New Yorkers, and others, as well.
    May you continue to be safe.
    Easter Blessings!
    P.S. The photography is eggceptional!

  6. Sending love and all good wishes on this Easter Sunday to you. Thank you for a lovely and thought provoking post.

  7. It has been a difficult Easter, so much sadness amongst a day of hope. Perhaps we will have better news in the near future. Here is Southern California the national dismay seemed to be heightened by a day of rain and gloomy weather, very unusual for this time of year, but somehow fitting. May we all be seeing sunshine in our future.

    Take care and stay well.

  8. Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful blog post - and for the link.

    Happy Easter to you - stay brave, safe, healthy and strong.

    We will get through this.

    Hugs. ♥

    Michele M (Finch Rest)

  9. Lovely post, Jacqueline...thank you for sharing the video link, too! xoxo

  10. I am slow to stop by. I was so thankful to have shopped early for my grandson for Easter and was able to leave a basket of goodies for his mother to give him on Easter, as she didn't have anything for him.


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