Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Small Moments

These are my Lichfield Angel, David Austin roses. They are just coming on again after a late freeze. Fortunately they are a repeat-flowering variety. The tea roses have not fared as well.

We have been spending hours under the cottonwood trees with our recent turn to warmer days. When the days grow hotter it will be a challenge to keep things fresh and green in our desert heat, and less pleasant in the afternoon. But all is suspended in time for now.

I have flashbacks in the empty hours, like in a movie, where I hear the crack of croquet balls on the lawn, and see lace hangings flowing in the breeze as little girls chatter and squeal under the canopy at Granny Camp. 

Springs here have seen a long succession of weddings, graduation parties, picnics, holidays and summer vacations under the trees. So a flowered cloth and a bouquet of roses begs for a celebration, even if a small one.

Small moments can hold so much after all. A touch of beauty. Expressions of love. A memory.

A few days ago I sent out a fist full of birthday cards. You wouldn't believe how many! Lots of our family were born in the month of April. A few of the greetings were long belated. And a couple were hilariously early. (Remembering birthdays on time is always a challenge for me.) But I think I may have hit on something. One card session a month seems about right! 

So a month of birthdays is as good a reason to celebrate as any as April drifts away on the breeze again. A little cake would be nice. Perhaps a few candles.

But there are occasions when simply remembering is enough while we wait for the repeat-flowering of our days.

My parting gift at the end of this National Poetry Month is a page of poems about waiting at Hello Poetry. The link is here. It may fill you up, or give you a lift. One of my favorites is by Mike Essig called 'Lawrence Ferlinghetti.' Mike is a monk with a witty and soulful page of his own on Hello Poetry too. You might enjoy it.

Thinking of you in the small moments too.

So nice that you stopped by!



Louca por porcelana said...

Wonderful Tea time!Gorgeous roses!Blessings!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Flowers and vintage china just go so well together. Lovely!

Rose L said...

I LOVE the last pictured cup with the rose inside of it!! Perfect to go with my name! Rose! I also love the roses from your garden. I have a lot of flowers but no roses have blossomed yet. You can see 2 visits in my massive gardens in the last 2 blog posts. Still waiting on my orange and black and yellow irises to bloom. But many other irises are blooming!

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh Jacqueline your pictures just make me swoon. Your roses are beautiful. Love your sweet table cloth too.
Everything is so pretty. We are finally going to have a nice weekend and I hope to get outside and decorate in the she shed and start to paint the door and set a few things up. A little too early for planting just yet but soon. Happy Thursday.

Barbara said...

Thank you for the link to Hello Poetry! Barbara in MN

Cheryl said...

It looks so lovely in New Mexico right now. Here in the northeast we have had a month of cold, dreary, rainy days. But at least things are finally starting to green up!

Jeanie said...

Oh, how lovely. What a pretty setting with those pinks and whites and a hint of blue. So mellow and so relaxing. I will look forward to checking the poetry link. It sounds lovely. Happy May Day!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Exquisite. Austin rose I did not know and now completely desire. Thank you.

Marilyn Miller said...

Birthday cards once a month sounds like a good plan. March seems to be my busiest month for birthdays.
Love, love the beautiful teacups and flower table cloth.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh dear Jacqueline what a lovely scene you've created here; With your beautiful soft linens and gorgeous roses! Thank you for sharing with us~ Hugs, karen o

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